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{Rated MA just to be safe, owned by Marvel but it fell out of my brain. Have a read and please drop a comment. Thanks}

The Blue Area, The Moon, 1 day ago

“…son of Nicodemus; son of Sa…”

“Nearly” said Scalphunter as he stopped the holo-vid of Darius Stane at USA/Guatemala border from a few months ago “But he’s got this weird Rivne rhythm, you know how them crazy New Latverian’s keep their regional accents”

Chameleon watched the footage again “I am Distain. I have declared war on the Iron Army”

Cut-Throat stood up the back of the room, scowling at all who met his gaze. John sat surrounded by a cloud of cigarette smoke.

“So what do you want me to do?” asked John “Because I don’t want to tread on your teams toes”

“Well Big J” said Scalphunter “Glad you asked! You get to dance with MC Hammer when the time comes”

A smile erupted across John’s face “You’ve made my day. Shame it’s not his father”

“Ahh kill the kid, wear his skin and daddy will probably come down from up on high to kick your teeth in!” laughed Scalphunter. He opened a black case and tossed a metal canister with a hand grip on one end to John “Present for you”

John eyed Scalphunter suspiciously as he tossed it back “You’ll have to forgive me Gerald but I know you. Tell me what it is before you throw things at me”

“You’re still sore about Germany!” jeered Scalphunter as he spun the device in his hand like a baton “It’s a power dampener. Hit the god kid with it and BOOM; half his strength and Asgardianess gone-ski! Dr Essex whipped it up when the BiFrost Cannon first went on the fritz and god kid showed up. I got it made in portable form as to say GRAFTING IT TO MY NECK!” Scalphunter looked straight at Cut-Throat “You, you starking freak would’ve got it hardwired into your body wouldn’t you like the jigsaw puzzle you are!”

Cut-Throat visibly shook with rage, his teeth made an audible grinding sound as he held his temper in check as all eyes turned on him.

“Nothing to say Mortimer?” goaded Scalphunter “Or just an itching, burning sensation”

“What do you want ME to do?” snarled Cut-Throat

“Leading question but honestly I’d like you to step into the airlock and jettison yourself into the sun!” chuckled Scalphunter “I’d love you to have a stroke right now or even spontaneously combust” Almost on cue Skyfire coated her hands in flames “Your job is not to stark me off! Actually; Killpower?”

“Orders?” the cybernetic man-machine responded

“Kill Cut-Throat!”

The repulsors whirred to life in the former Iron Soldier’s arms. Cut-Throat fired up his shields and extended all his claws. Anaconda and Skyfire stepped away to watch the fight as John calmly stood up between Killpower and Cut-Throat dump trucked his cigarette onto his tongue.

“Belay that order!” barked Scalphunter. He looked at John quizzically, “You’re protecting him? Seriously? HIM!”

“No, I’m just making sure I have enough cannon fodder” said John lighting up another cigarette.

“Stark you very much” grunted Cut-Throat.

“Works for me!” agreed Scalphunter turning back to the holo-vid “Right where were we…”

The Darkforce, nowhere/everywhere?

“Whoa! It’s starking dark” said Kaine into the kind of black that was more like the bottom of a mine shaft filled with liquid darkness.

“It’s called the Darkforce for a reason” replied Silver Sable from somewhere on his right “Now don’t wander off”

The Blue Area, The Moon

The sky split with a black crack and the ‘Fantastic Force’ stepped out into a large room dominated by a massive window that looked out into space. Daniel Warstar grabbed his stomach and promptly vomited onto the tiled floor.

“What ails you Daniel?” asked Magni.

“Too much sugar” spat Daniel “That and the crazy ride through the darkness; I swear someone bumped into me and it wasn’t one of you guys!”

“Have fun storming the castle” sang Silver Sable as she vanished back into the rift leaving them.

“Sit rep” barked Corporal America as he scanned the surroundings.

“Easy little soldier” cautioned Distain “I’m pulling up a schematic of the place. So far my scanners reveal only us in the immediate vicinity but there is…”

“There!” stated Magni as he pointed to a camera on the roof pointing at them. He swung Mjolnir when Scarlet Spider tapped him on the shoulder.

“Allow me” and he thwipped webbing across the lens “We’re on a sneaky mission. Hitting a camera with your lightning rod isn’t such a good idea”

“I do not like this sneaky business” said Magni “But you are right”

“Where to Distain?” asked Corporal America

“We’ve definitely not up here alone” said Distain “I am getting some readings”

“Wow!” gasped Warstar as he regained his composure and looked out the massive window down on the Earth “That’s impressive”

Corporal America gave him a shoulder bump as he walked past him “Sightsee after red skin”

“It must be part of your training” stated Daniel “Because each Iron Soldier I’ve met remarks on the fact I’m Native American and my skin has a hue to it! Is the colour of my skin a problem?”

Corporal America stopped and spun on his heels and looked at Daniel Warstar “No…I just want to get this over with okay! You people…”

“What do you mean you people?!?” Daniel stepped up “You don’t like me? Or my people? Or the fact I’m gay? What?”

“Stark!” yelled Corporal America “Shut up! We get the trinkets, we leave and I never have to see you or you or you or especially you again!”

“How about me lycra legs?”

The group turned to see a man standing in a doorway that had slide open from the wall, tapping a sword in his hands.

“Scalphunter” growled Distain who opened fire with his chest omni-beam.

“You remembered!” he cheered as he ducked under the blast which showered sparks and burnt metal smoke into the air “Missed me, missed me”

“He’s mine!” Distain took to the air and rocketed towards him.

“Stay in formation!” yelled Corporal America “Idiot! If we split up they’ll pick us off one by one”


“You speak true” said Magni “But your manners towards your comrades-in-arms are worse than a Jotunheim bog hole!”


“I think he’s you’re being a stark head” said Scarlet Spider, who looked around as his spider sense hummed through his head.

“Bastard got away!” coughed Distain as he emerged from the hole “He hit me with a rocket!”

“All that fancy armour and you’re scared of a little rocket” mocked Corporal America.

“Everyone stop!” yelled Scarlet Spider “Something’s not right!”

“That is correct!”

From out of the smouldering hole floated a massive head in a jet belt towards them.

Asgard, Loki’s Quarters

Loki looked on as his niece poured over his tomes. She’d taken to the mystic arts like a duck to water, progressing in leaps and bounds. She was a natural.

“What are you reading?”

“A Norn spell that might end our exile” replied Thrud

“The Phaslyn Enchantment” said Loki knowingly “Alas it does not work”

“Damn!” Thrud slammed the book shut with a huff.

There was a knock at the door. Loki looked at his niece and gave a nod. She smiled and waved her hands. A spell danced from her fingertips and opened the door via magic. Modi entered brandishing a hammer.

“Uncle Loki! I…” Modi stopped when he saw his sister “You’re busy”

What is that?’ asked Thrud pointing at the hammer.

“Stormcaster” said Loki quite surprised “Where did you get that?”

Father gave it to me”

“What?” cried Thrud “He gave Magni his hammer and now he bequeaths another mallet to the village idiot”

“You got a hammer did you?” snapped Modi.

“My brother…gave you…my hammer” stated Loki, a touch anger crept into his voice.

“Aye” Modi glared at his sister.

“It’s only because you’re a boy” moaned Thrud

“I think the three of us should go see your father” said Loki as he unfurled his cape and headed towards the Asgardian throne room, the two siblings followed elbowing and jostling all the way.

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So the fight begins, good job. I'm sure Thor giving away Loki's hammer without his permission won't end well.

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@joshmightbe: For all Thor's nobility, he can be a bit of a d!ck when it comes to brotherly relations. And yeah it's finally about to kick off, I seem to do a lot of set up, but hang with it folks!

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Nice work.

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@batkevin74: I have the tendency toward long set ups too

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WoW! Modok! Great stuf

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@joshmightbe: But wait until next chapter

@tomdickharry1984: Yup a Modok :)

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I love it! Sorry I got this late, been out of town a lot recently.

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@DickGrayson: Not a prob man, glad you're liking it :)

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Bumped, part 6 coming soon

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