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{Continued from Parts 1, 2 & 3 and rated MA just to be safe. Enjoy, please comment. Thank you)

Reilley Family apartment, Manhattan New York

“So are we all clear on the plan?” asked Darius of his compatriots.


"Think so" said Daniel.

“Anything you’ve kept hidden?” said Nicholas snidely.

“No little soldier” Darius’ tone was so patronising.

The hair on Nicholas’ neck stood up as he fought back the urge to hit Darius in the face again like he had in the Al-Mar…but if he did he’d only be stooping to the smug stark’s level.

“Nice to see you boys playing together nicely” smiled Silver Sable as addressed the group “Now a crash course in the Darkforce and extradimensional travel. Stay close. You wander off and you’re on your own. If something brushes past you; don’t freak out! Many people use the Darkforce for travel. Also your eyes are pretty much useless so listen”

“Tis quite relaxing” said Magni

“Tis quite relaxing” mimicked Kaine softly to Daniel who stifled a laugh.

“Magni has a pinger so I can come get you” she fired up her hand and cut a hole in the air into a dark void “But after a trip of this distance with this many people; give it a few hours okay, preferably tomorrow because I have a family and things to do asides from save the world”

“We are eternally in your debt Milady Sable” Magni bowed his head as he kissed her hand “Whence this is all over I shall show you the glorious realm of Asgard”

“Get a room” giggled Daniel to Kaine

“One of these days Alice” Sable glared straight at Daniel “Zap! Pow! Straight to the Moon!”

Corporal America adjusted his shield, Distain’s armour hummed with power, Scarlet Spider’s fingers crackled with energy, Magni tightened his grip on Mjolnir and Warstar prepped a spell as they followed Silver Sable into the void.

Blue Area, The Moon, 3 days ago

Cut-Throat walked into the garden and saw Scalphunter gazing out of the large window at the Earth. He looked around cautiously, quietly extended blades from his hands and walked briskly up behind his hated foe.

“I wouldn’t do that Morty” warned Scalphunter without turning around. Cut-Throat stopped and Scalphunter turned to face him “Because it’ll only end badly for you”

“I’ll smash you out the window into the vacuum of space” snarled Cut-Throat “Watch you explosively decompress”

“Hate to disappoint” said Scalphunter as he morphed into the member of the European Assassination Division; Chameleon “But I am not who you think I am”

“Yoo-hoo! I’ll make you famous!” sang a voice from behind him. Cut-Throat turned to see Scalphunter perched in a tree pointing a high powered rifle at him.

“Don’t…” warned Cut-Throat

“Blam!” laughed Scalphunter as he pulled the trigger. Cut-Throat threw his arms up and extended a shield but the bullet was quicker slamming into his forehead and exploding in yellow fluoro paint! Cut-Throat screamed, then realised he hadn’t been shot properly nor killed and leapt up to Scalphunter and knocked the rifle away.

“I am going to gut you like a fish!” roared Cut-Throat as he swung wildly at his nemesis. Scalphunter swung away and onto the ground, Cut-Throat in hot pursuit. Scalphunter easily, almost comically at times evaded the strikes.

“Stark me!” yelped Scalphunter “If I had been asleep, missing an arm and shackled to the floor; that may of actually connected! No wonder your kill ratio is well below mine”

“Die!” spit and froth shot from Cut-Throat’s mouth.

“Morty!” cried Scalphunter “Not my fault you’re useless! Parry, dodge, duck, twist”

Cut-Throat fired his knuckle spike tazers at him, but he was too fast…and wobbly…and surrounded by butterflies. He realized something was wrong.

“What have you done to me?” he yelled

“Narco-paint!” cried Scalphunter “Weapon grade LSD they use at the Vault mixed with lead paint to combat your healing factor. Non lethal, colourful, annoying as all stark and very amusing!”

“Cut-Throat shook his head and wildly flailed his arms “I will kill you!”

“This from a guy who changed his name TO Bishop Cain” jeered Scalphunter “I need you out of the way until the party gets here and because his super supremeness wants you here, I can’t flat out kill you; which I’m going to do one day”

Cut-Throat wobbled and fell flat onto his face.

“Get his pants off!”

Chameleon, who’d been filming the fight on her data-pad, looked at her boss with a quizzical expression on her face “What?”

“We’re going to fill his jocks with muscle rub and lock him in the laundry!”

Ferrum HQ, Chicago, 2 days ago

Stryfe sat in the Chairman of Ferrum’s office. He’d flown in as the Supreme Commander for a meeting with essentially himself. This way he got a few moments of peace to relax, plot and plan. He looked down at the purpling, bulging mirror image of himself that he was telekinetically choking and telepathically shutting down its higher brain functions.

“Do you like that Nathan?” he yelled at the dying clone of his clone.

“Coward” it wheezed.

Stryfe stopped dead. He released his telekinetic grip and retreated from its mind “What did you say?”

“Coward” it coughed, blood dripping out his mouth.

Stryfe got up, grabbed the chair and smashed it over the head of the groggy clone. THUD! “Is this,” CRUNCH! “More to,” WHACK! “YOUR LIKING?” SNAP!

The 849 th clone of Nathan Summers looked up from the ground. Skull fractured, jaw smashed, teeth cracked, blood oozing from its ears and eyes. It tried valiantly to get up but didn’t have the strength.


Stryfe screamed and telekinetically tore 849 Nathan’s head from its shoulders showering the room in blood. He stomped on the decapitated torso several times until he regained his composure. He walked over to the large holo-desk and looked down on his world. It felt like it was slipping from his grasp. That Skrullian bastard activating Wide-Awake, the north island of New Zealand vanishing, New York City erupting in violence, Victor Dominic rallying people, Sinister bolting like a coward, the Rig breaking, Iron Claw injured, Exodus’ escape.

But there had been some good. Mordo traded for Ares Damon Hellstorm to power the Bifrost Cannon keeping the Asgardians firmly in their place; same with the Olympians. Dormammu trapped in the body of a human. Danvers had boldly performed a coup during a Wide-Awake on New Latveria during Doom’s absence taking her from annoying resistance leader to a crushable target. She’d also fallen for a clever deception and sent her elite group of ‘heroes’ after smoke and mirror to the Moon. But best of all his ‘Avenger’ cyborgs Thunder, Behemoth & Scarlet were going on a final test run into hills of Turkey before he sent them into battle…won’t Carol be surprised when her old boyfriend breaks her neck!

Strfye put on his helmet and typed in a code onto the table “Get me General Steve Whitlam at the Alice Springs Iron Hall. It’s time for his review” A panel popped open in the desk to reveal the Serpent Crown.

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"Stryfe screamed and telekinetically tore 849 Nathan’s head from its shoulders showering the room in blood." Yeah, my team would definitely die. Nice chapter.

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Stryfe never stops being scary. Silver Sable I get the feeling is going to "assusalt" Magni at any second. Great chapter one of myt favrites in the Iron age.

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@AweSam: X-Faction Vs Stryfe...well they'd have to get him pretty angry to do the telekinetic decapitation like the clone did. Distain got a massive hit in on Supreme Commander but when he started monologging Stryfe got in Darius' head and screwed him over. Stryfe is beatable but usually you need to hit him really hard, fast and by surprise. Give him a chance and he'll end you!

@Time_Phantom: Yeah he's a bad @$$ and been in charge for two hundred years. As for Magni & Silver Sable, I think its just aggressive flirting but who knows maybe they could. I think she's just having fun but Magni could easily fall for her. Thanks for reading

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@batkevin74: Great chapter, About the Avenger cyborgs, Is that happening soon? I'm just curious about the time frame

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@joshmightbe: Well first they've got to pass muster in Turkey. And if Doom gets to Carol first that just means the 'Avenger' cyborgs may go after Doom instead. So far the Avenger borgs (courtesy of ) are all off panel, its just a plan Stryfe has since Carol is now out as opposed to hiding in the shadows, if she gets taken out before that...

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@batkevin74: Well I was planning on their fight being interrupted about half way through so Carol and Doom may be M.I.A. when they get there depending on when they show up

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@batkevin74: I gave this chapter a small mention in Doom chapter 10

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“Coward” it coughed, blood dripping out his mouth. Stryfe got up, grabbed the chair and smashed it over the head of the groggy clone. THUD! “Is this,” CRUNCH! “More to,” WHACK! “YOUR LIKING?” SNAP! AWEsome!!!!!!

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@tomdickharry1984: Thanks

@joshmightbe: Shall check it out

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S'okay :)

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