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This is continued from Parts 1 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-fantastic-force-1/665038/ & 2 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-fantastic-force-2/666487/ and is probably rated MA. Drop a comment, let me know what you liked (or didn't)

Warforce One, American airspace, two weeks ago

“I’ve made two additions to your team Scalphunter” The Supreme Commander smiled broadly, as did Iron Claw.

“Look I’ve got a team, a division if you will!” protested Scalphunter, crossing his arms and sitting on the floor in a huff “You’ll disturb the mojo, the vibe, the flow if you will”

“Are you questioning the Commander’s decision?” snarled Iron Claw looking for an excuse to gut, quarter and skin the uppity mutant for his master.

“Oh if you’re coming that’s a different story you mechanical freakazoid!” Scalphunter stood up “We can braid each other’s hair, stick knives in each other’s back and see who has the brownest tongue…which to be fair, you’re GOING to win!”

Iron Claw strode across the plane, his claws extended and rotating. The Supreme Commander got comfortable in his chair. Scalphunter drew his sword.

“Still acting like a child” the voice shot across the plane.

Iron Claw and Scalphunter glanced towards the voice, standing in the doorway was Bishop Cain aka Cut-Throat; the head of the American Assassination Division. Beside him stood John; Scalphunter & Bishop’s former mentor puffing away on a cigarette.

“Johnny boy!” Scalphunter swung at Iron Claw’s head “Be with you in a sec. Gotta teach this metal mongo a lesson”

“Take your time” said John through a cloud of cigarette smoke. He and the Supreme commander shared a glance.

Scalphunter & Iron Claw traded swipes, feints and lunges. Each testing the others defences. The Supreme Commander grew bored and separated them telekinetically.

“Cut-Throat and John will be joining the E.A.D to eliminate Danvers’ rats” said The Supreme Commander

“That’s starked!” yelled Scalphunter “Seriously you want the second worse assassin in the world and the man who you thought was a werewolf on my team! I want to speak to your boss!”

The Supreme Commander slammed Scalphunter into the floor “Any more objections?’

‘Who vacuums the carpet on your plane? They’re doing a terrible job” mumbled Scalphunter from the ground.

“Is there any other way that…”

“I’d suggest you shut your mouth Bishop!” yelled the Supreme Commander turning and walking towards him “You failed to kill Ares! You are responsible for the destruction of the Rig! I have had people killed for much less…Mortimer”

“Who’s Mortimer?” asked Scalphunter. Cut-Throat went really quiet and John stifled a laugh “Your name is MORTIMER?!? This is so starking good! Mortimer!”

“You three have work to do” said The Supreme Commander “You will protect my treasures or you will all die”

Iron Claw smiled at them like a shark would.


Thrud conjured a two-headed black snake into her hand. It twisted and squirmed around her wrist. Thrud waved her other hand and the snake burst into flames, but the flames didn’t burn the snake.

“You’ve been in my books” Loki’s voice startled her as she fumbled her spell and it dissipated. She turned and faced her uncle.

“No” she said defiantly. Loki glared at her. Their eyes met and soon Thrud cracked under the gaze of the god of mischief. “You said you’d teach me!” she snapped

“I did,” Loki stepped towards his niece causing her to shuffle backwards “But it seems you’ve taken it upon yourself to skip ahead”

“When you die who will guard the realm mystically?” she yelled “If you won’t teach me the ways of magic and you die; then Asgard is undefended from magical attack!”

“So you stole and lied…in defence of the realm”

“…yes” she said softly

“You sound like myself, a long time ago” Loki smiled placing a hand on her shoulder “Show me what you’ve learnt”


“Don’t make me repeat myself Thrud” he cautioned

Al-Mar Food Court, New York City

Darius Stane, Nicholas Rogers, Kaine Reilley, Daniel Warstar and Magni sat a table in their civvies amongst the sea of people. On the table was a map and several cups of coffee.

“What is muck?” asked Magni as his face screwed up and he tipped his coffee onto the floor “It tastes worse than frost giant beer!”

Darius chuckled “It’s low quality coffee”

“Isn’t it great!” said Daniel Warstar, oblivious to how bad it really was.

Nicholas looked around the table, wondering if he’d made a bad choice. He took a sip of his coffee and went back to his stratagem “According to the intel that Danvers has given us, the Supreme Commander’s base is actually on the moon, over in what she called the Blue Area”

“The moon” said Kaine adjusting his hoodie “We’re going to the moon?”

“Yes!” Nicholas had tone in his voice as he stared at the spider “Once we get there, all we know is what we’re looking for. No idea on guards, defences or anything”

“And what are we looking for?” asked Daniel

“These things” Nicholas pulled up some images on his data-pad. A green crown of snakes, a large white rectangle, a red gem and a golden bracelet.

“We need these items to rewrite history” said Darius “The Serpent Crown is mystical telekinetic object that can also manipulate energy from Atlantis. That’s Lord Doom’s time platform. The red gem is the Bloodgem formerly owned by Ulysses Bloodstone that granted immortality and the bracelet is anyone’s guess”

“It’s a Tallus” said Daniel downing another coffee. Everyone looked at the newest member of their group. “What?”

“How do you know what it is?” asked Darius

“I don’t!” said Daniel “But I know it’s called a Tallus because the Eye told me” He tapped the yellow amulet around his neck.

“Anything else?” asked Nicholas.

“Nope, just know what its called”

“What does Carol Danvers hope to achieve with all these items?” asked Magni looking at items.

“She wants to go back in time” said Kaine “That’s what I can work out from why we’re taking this stuff”

“Hmmm maybe the crown and the gem and the bracelet will allow more control of the time platform” surmised Darius “Sounds like an idea from a comic book”

“So we get the items, then what?” asked Nicholas “If they’re that powerful to alter time, why should we hand them to Carol Danvers?”

“We could give them to Lord Doom” smiled Darius

“I rather smash them to pieces” said Nicholas, his fingers gripping the table edge and leaving indents in it.

“Is there a problem little soldier?” asked Darius

“I’ve already warned you once Darius Stane” warned Nicholas “I joined this group to maybe do some good, but more and more you are living up to the low standards I expected of spiders, terrorists and would be gods”

“Do you have a problem with spiders?” said Kaine as he stood up “Because I just took on the New York Iron Hall and haven’t quite gotten over the whole KILLING OF MY PARENTS YOU IRON PLATED STARK!”

“We might want to lower the tone” suggest Daniel noticing everyone seemed to be looking their way.

“Friends” Magni stood up and held his arms up; keeping the two at bay “This isn’t the time”

“When would be a good time?” asked Nicholas “And get your damn hands off me!”

“Methinks Nicholas that if you speak to the son of Thor in that manner again” said Magni carefully “Then you and I will have words”

“Guys we’re attracting a world of attention” added Daniel watching as the crowd’s full attention was drawn to them.

“Out of all the Iron soldiers I’ve killed” smirked Darius “You are the…”

Darius didn’t get his sentence finished as Nicholas backhanded him out of his chair. Kaine fired a venom blast straight into Nicholas’ chest sending him across the room. Magni shoved Kaine back into his chair but he flipped and stuck himself to the roof. Darius stood up, clad head to toe in the ebony protection of the Supremis Techno Organic Armour. Nicholas drew his shield from his back.

“I see that iron still runs through your veins” said Distain calmly as he aimed his weapons at Nicholas

“Ahh guys” insisted Daniel, being drowned out by the screaming crowd and the sudden explosion of lightning as Magni slammed his walking stick to the floor becoming dressed in his battle garb, the mighty Mjolnir in his hands.

“I say to thee enow!” roared Magni, twirling his hammer at speed.

“That almost sounds like put your hands up in the name of the Supreme Commander” came a mechanized female voice. The group looked over to see six Iron Soldiers led by another soldier in specialized armour that had energy tendrils. “Darius Stane, Kaine Reilley, Nicholas Rogers, two unidentified males! Surrender or die”

“Oh it’s her!” snarled Kaine

“Who’s her?” asked Daniel

“She’s a hunter from the New York Iron Hall” said Kaine “She’s one tough stark!”

“Truce?” asked Distain or Nicholas

Nicholas nodded “Truce, but this isn’t over”

“IRON SOLDIERS!” yelled Magni, his hammer building up a massive electrical charge “YOU WILL LEAVE NOW OR YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR FOLLY!”

“Mrs Danvers said I was the brains right” said Daniel to Kaine


“Well this isn’t smart, clever nor practical. Where is somewhere safe close by?”

“My parent’s apartment” said Kaine, a tinge of guilt and sadness washed over him

“Keep that image in your head” said Daniel as he recited “Upon us all a conjurors cone, transplant us to Kaine’s home!”

Reilley Family apartment, Manhattan New York

The quintet all appeared in the living room of Kaine’s former home, the glass of the large window that overlooked the city still smashed, the carpet still stained with blood and burn marks where his parents had been killed.

“What just happened?” asked Nicholas

“I stopped you, and you and you and you” Daniel pointed his finger accusingly at them all “From punching each other for no good reason in a public place. Seriously I thought you people were heroes…not children”

“Daniel Warstar speaks true” said Magni stopping his hammer “But Darius' plan did work?”

“What?” said Nicholas

“You must forgive me” said Distain “But when Danvers said a former Iron soldier was joining our little group I had to see how you’d react to us”

“You played me?” Nicholas marched right up to Distain

“No” he retracted his visor “I tested you. You’re a member of the Iron Army, I don’t trust you”

“And you’re a terrorist and murderer!” said Nicholas

“Which is why friend Nicholas” said Magni “Better test your mettle now than in midst of our mission”

“You think I’m a spy!” yelled Nicholas

“He’s got a point” added Daniel, Nicholas turned and glared at him “Okay shutting up now”

“Wow you can almost taste the testosterone in here” came a soft female voice.

“Milady Sable” said Magni greeting the stunning sliver haired woman who stepped out of seemingly a shadow. Magni bowed and took her hand, gently kissing the back of it.

“Oh Magni” she blushed “I’m here to transport you all or shall I come back after all of you have beaten each other up?”

“Who the hell are you?” snapped Kaine, his hand bristling with bio-energy.

“Watch your tone!” warned Magni

“Guys chill!” Silver Sable looked at all of them “Amazing…I’d rather be back in Wakanda! Look after the crippling of New Latveria, a friend of mine going awol to stark knows where and monsters running about the place you need to stop acting like children! Nicholas is no spy. He’s trying to turn his life around…a bit like you are Darius. You started like a bull in a china shop, I saw your message to Doom…very patriotic” Sable flipped her hair and looked over at Kaine “Mr Reilley, I am sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one isn’t easy…and I don’t believe I know who you are”

“I’m gay” stated Daniel

“Funny name” said Sable “Is that Persian?”

“Sorry” Daniel blushed “I’m Daniel Warstar”

“Nice brooch,” said Sable with a sneer and distasteful look “Does it come in men’s? Now suit up because I have two daughters who need a story and if you boys make me late for that I will hurt you”

Blue Area, The Moon, a week ago

The European Assassination Division stood in a line, along with Cut-Throat and John. Scalphunter paced back and forth. He looked them all up and down

“Anaconda, Killpower, Ripsaw, Skyfire, and Chameleon; the best of the best!” said Scalphunter “And John, the mysterious John. Killed more men than cancer if you believe the hype. And finally…” Scalphunter burst into laughter “Mortimer! Oooo look out its Mortimer Butt-Throat!”

Cut-Throat glared at Scalphunter, spikes slowly emerging from his knuckles.

“Orders?” stated Killpower

“We’re going to set traps Killpower!” laughed Scalphunter “And I’m going to introduce you to ANOTHER new member of our team. He came with this lovely moon base”

A large spherical figure hovered in the doorway.

“What is that?” asked Skyfire

“I haven’t seen one of them for years” said John blowing smoke out his nose

“That my dear spliced up firebug is something Morty longs to be” Scalphunter drew his sword and began waving it like he was conducting an orchestra “An organism designed only for killing. Now let’s go protect the bosses stuff, set up some traps and who likes fondue?”



To be continued....

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Great job, I like the group tension and I'm eager to see how it plays out

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@joshmightbe: Couldn't resist having S.C tell Scalphunter Cut-Throat's real name :) Just means Scalphunter will keep pushing and finally something will give. And yeah just because they're one the same team: Magni, Darius, Nicholas, Kaine & Daniel arn't friends as you can see. There is obvious division mainly because of Nicholas' former status as a IronArmy soldier and also Daniel just happened upon the group. Hope it reads as weel as I'm trying to weave it

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I'm loving how they all might turn on each other as soon at the drop of a hat. Scalphunter and Cutthroat I can tell will be fun. I like Silver Sable's cameo... What happened in Wakanda? This isn't the first time you speak of it. (Wide Awake and Ngumi leaving shield reference!) keep up the great work, dude.

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Still can't over the Stark = swear word bit lol. Good job.

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@AweSam It's l;ike when smurfs talk, imagine that as a swaer "I took smurfette we smurfed all night long!" Takes a while but its work :P

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah I'm writing a story about the mission that Silver Sable, Master Izo and a few others went on to Wakanda years ago

@tomdickharry1984:@AweSam: Yeah smurf speak is probably the best analogy for swearing in the Iron Age. It works so well. eg: You are full of stark! Get starked you starking moron! You're a starkhole! You fat stark!

@Time_Phantom: And yeah Silver Sable is going to get them to where they're going and I think she needs a run as something more than a ferry service (which is very handy but she is much more than that)

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Oh and at the very end... MODOK?

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@Time_Phantom: Nice spotting...but shush, it's a dangerous secret! :)

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