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Warforce One, American airspace, two weeks ago

“Nice plane!” whistled Scalphunter as he looked around the Supreme Commander’s flying fortress “But I can ride in a plane any old time, what the stark do you want man?!? I was this close to getting that silver cow”

The Supreme Commander sat quietly in his chair, monitors flickering around him. Behind him on the left stood Iron Claw, his killing machine, staring at the gibbering idiot.

“This takes precedence” said the Supreme Commander “Now we know where Silver Sable hangs her hat when she isn’t meddling in my affairs, I can deal with her at my leisure”

“Don’t you give this job to that idiot Bishop or I’ll kill you myself!” protested Scalphunter, Iron Claw snarling at the veiled threat.

“Watch your tongue!” The Supreme Commander telekinetically slapped Scalphunter to his knees.

“Stark me!” yelped Scalphunter “Can’t you take a joke”

“I haven’t given away your kill” said the Supreme Commander “I have called you to execute a plan I have set in motion months ago”

“Operation Misdirection” said Iron Claw

“Did you let the Chechyen monkey name it?” asked Scalphunter as he tried to get up “Because that is the worst name I’ve EVER heard for a mission. Why not call it Operation Make Stuff Go Boom!”

Iron Claw fired up his hands, blades rotating. The Supreme Commander snapped his fingers and Iron Claw stepped back into line. He threw Scalphunter to his feet.

“I’ve been feeding misinformation via several sources to S.H.I.E.L.D about a secret location of where I keep my most powerful objects”

“Rocket launcher, anthrax…”

“Serpent Crown”

Scalphunter’s jaw dropped “Shut up!”

“And Danvers is sending her cavalry to relieve them from my grasp” The Supreme Commander stood up.

New York City

Kaine Reilley walked down the street with Daniel Warstar. He looked at the striking young man walking beside him.

“So you had a dream about me?” said Kaine cautiously

“Yeah” he replied with a smile “And judging by your question you’re a little creeped out”

“Well its a little starking crazy! One minute I’m trying to avenge my parents who starked me over to the Iron Army. Next I’m fighting for my life and crawling through a sewer” Kaine looked up at a screen to see a wanted ad for an Anthony Salazar then Kaine’s face appeared straight after it “And then there’s that!”

“I can fix that” Daniel waved his hand and out of nowhere appeared a sombrero and a pair of plastic glasses with a large plastic nose and moustache on Kaine’s head “See; disguise!” Daniel burst into laughter, Kaine couldn’t help but smile.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Kaine adjusting his new hat

“I’m not really sure. I have these visions that kinda lead me to places. And now that I got given this” Daniel pointed to the Eye of Agamotto around his neck “It’s even crazier! I saw blue, a decapitation, you in a sewer, an eagle with two machineguns, a man with a garbage lid, a blonde guy with a hammer, an angry tin can and some other stuff that is more feelings that I can’t explain. All I can tell you is that we just keep walking and something happens”

“That’s kinda vague”

“Yeah but it’s how I roll” said Daniel

Turkish airspace

“You call yourself contempt?” asked Magni as he flew beside Distain

“No, Distain” replied Darius “It’s a play on words. My name is Darius Stane. It works on two levels”

“You are disdain or have disdain?” asked Magni

“At the moment…I have” said Darius “You’re lucky Danvers vouched for you, I would’ve happily left you on the floor of that bar with your father”

“HE’S NOT MY FATHER!” the sky responded to Magni’s words getting darker

“Sorry I asked” said Darius as his eyes locked onto an incoming message “What is it Danvers?”

“New Latveria is under attack!”

Distain screeched to a halt in the air, Magni did a loop to come back to his partner.

“What is it?” asked Magni

“We’re going back to New Latveria”

“No!” Carol’s voice roared down the comms “This is the perfect opportunity to hit Stryfe while he’s concentrating on Doom”

“Good plan” complimented Darius “Where to?”

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Nicholas Rogers stood next to Master Izo as two figures flew into view.

“You are a terrible student!” said Master Izo raising a glass to him “A slow learner and a sloppy fighter!”

“And you’re old, rude and a drunk” replied Nicholas

“Very true” Izo downed his wine and walked off.

Distain and Magni touched down in front of Nicholas

“Corporal America” said Distain

Nicholas looked at the known terrorist Darius Stane in his Distain armour. Beside stood Magni, an obvious Thor worshipper. His skin crawled.

“Distain. Magni” Nicholas extended his hand “Where are the others?”

“New York” replied Distain “Did you get the briefing?”

“It’s the reason I’m suited up”

“Then let us shake the Iron Army to the ground!” stated Magni, thrusting his hammer into the air



(just a bit of spruiking)

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I don't read much Iron Age, I read the first 3 chapters of the Superman story but that's it, so I don't know what's going on. All I know is that this is very well written

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@BlackArmor: Well I thank you for your time and for reading my story anyways

@TheCannon: Thanks

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Amazing, I will be looking forward to more!

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I've been looking forward to this and you did not disappoint

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So excited! Danvers is going to be pissed when or if this goes south. I was kinda looking forward to the Silver Sable/ Scalpehunter fight... looks like we're gonna have to wait. I finished wide awake part 7, dunno if you wanted to see it early and possibly edit it?

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VEry cool.

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah Scalphunter Vs Silver Sable is going to happen after this. As for Wide-Awake, I'm happy to wait but if you want me to edit/spell check it send it along, be happy too

@PrinceIMC: Thanks! Hanging to see some Spider-Man :)

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Sweet Job Kev! This is pretty damn good!

I liked how you managed to fit everyone in this.

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@BlackArmor said:

I don't read much Iron Age, I read the first 3 chapters of the Superman story but that's it, so I don't know what's going on. All I know is that this is very well written

this. Though I always wonder how Stryfe managed to come into power and hold onto it for all these years despite all these losses/superhumans popping up lately :P:P

All jokes aside, it was a great chapter!

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@primepower53: Read the beginning chapters (that's the actual title) they explain how he came to power, how he lived so long and why the other villains and heroes didn't stop him before it was too late

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@joshmightbe: Oh I read all that, I just don't understand how he STAYED in power while taking so many losses from these new superheroes...without (to my knowledge) doing anything about it.

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@primepower53: Because so far everyone who's directly attacked him has been thrashed, along with his longevity he's had a major power boost and nearly 2 centuries to completely master it, making him close to god like abilities and the only people who've actually been able to stand up to him have all been put down prior to 2200 him and his army being defeated is a new Phenomenon in this time

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@primepower53: Well like most super-b@$tards he got in early and cemented his power. Plus being a top notch psychic and killing most of his competition early he's been the top dog for 200yrs. Recently his nice world has been rocked by some incidents but having 90% of the world's resources & population in your war machine and a network of fear, terror and harsh reprisals (sorta like Nazi Germany before the war) puts him in the top spot. His only real threat was Mr Sinister who was/is/maybe happy to tinker with genetics while Stryfe played dictator

Hope that helps, thanks for reading

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@batkevin74: Sinister and Stryfe will be butting heads a lot more for the time being

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All yours guys are getting to gether to party! Nice man, real nice

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@tomdickharry1984: Thanks

@joshmightbe: Yes, yes they are. Waiting to see them actually go head-to-head, that'll be well grand!

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@batkevin74: We did see Stryfe's first actual attempt to arrest Sinister already

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@joshmightbe: Yeah Sinister effed his S up! :) But maybe that vial could change all that

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Bumped because part 3 is coming soon :)

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@joshmightbe: Yeah bumping! :)

have you read this? Could you read this?

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@batkevin74: I shall start soon :)

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@batkevin74: I'm slowly going down the list in the archive

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Wait, what?

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: @DickGrayson said:

Wait, what?

Confused? I was just letting you know this was here...hopefully I didn't confused you too much

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@Epicbeast3000: They pop up in the latest chapter of Son of Thor, then Magni joins up with Hardy & Creed

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An Iron Age story I can catch up on! Really goodman.