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2035 Colorado John Walker's Stronghold

"Will it work?" John Asked wearing all of his USAgent suit except for the mask. John was pleased with the stronghold's success. It was small and difficult to locate, considering it was built into a mountain.

"I don't see why it wouldn't, the Cyrogenic test runs we did back at Ferrum seemed to work out well." Professor William Baker replied to John with an assuring nod.

"Good. It won't be long until the Iron Soldiers find the stronghold. We have to keep this locked away, only to be opened from the other side." John said with eyes narrowed at William.

"I can move it to the Adamantium Vault." William suggested.

"Perfect." John finished. The power flickered off in the lab section of the stronghold.

"What was that?" William asked John, who's focus was elsewhere.

"Move it! Now! When they arrive to you tell them that we had you hostage in the Vault, and remember don't seal it until you get Jeremy inside!" John tossed a small Hologram Projector. "Leave that outside..." John said before finally leaving the lab and out into battle.


The team fought against the Iron Soldiers, who weren't going down easily. The two mutants stood side by side, brothers, brothers who were born together, and who swore to die together. Iron Soldier's fell one by one, their armor either freezing or melting, the team could thank the brothers for that. Jeremy loaded his Repulser Rifle and pulled the trigger while aimed at an Iron Soldier. The Stronghold was falling apart quickly. More repulser blasts fired at each other, along with the flaming, and Icy blasts. Two armored individuals clashed, one in the standard Iron Soldier armor, the other in a modified version with a red hand print on the right side of his chest which the rest of his team had. At this time Jeremy found himself being concerned, where was his father? Where was John Walker? Where was The USAgent?

It wasn't long after that when a metallic fist launched a brother into a wall, while another Iron Soldier charged a repulser blast to his head. His brother unleashed an inferno upon the Iron Soldier, who was prepared fighting the flame with a repulser blast. Both Brothers fell to their deaths, and Jeremy's rage pumped through his core. He hated the Iron Soldiers... And it would be for many years until he could begin his journey to take down them all.

The X-General of the Iron Army launched his fist at an Iron Soldier. He wore the Red Hand with proud on his chest and hated what he once fought for. Jeremy fought beside him, with five Iron Soldiers closing in on them. Jeremy took cover and looked to his partner who nodded to him after stating, "It was an Honor Jeremy Walker." He sped across the ruins of the stronghold and tackled into an Iron Soldier, releasing full power of an arch reactor blast. He Sacrificed himself to take away two of the Iron Soldiers from John and Jeremy's problem.

An Iron soldier scouted for Jeremy's hidden location, as then did the other remaining two Soldiers. They nodded to each other and approached, breaking through the flipped table he hid behind and grabbed Jeremy by the shoulder, throwing him across the room of the stronghold. "You must have been a real Stark to try and resist the Iron Army." Jeremy closed his eyes in fear, not expecting to be saved.

The Black, White, and Red Shield blocked the three blasts and where sent back at the three soldiers knocking them back. "Jeremy, go to the Lab! Now!" John screamed, then gritted his teeth as The Iron Soldiers charged. John jumped up over a punch from an Iron Soldier and slammed the rim of his shield onto the Red Helmet. "Don't say Tony Stark's name as a curse word you Iron Scum!" John screamed as he brought the face of his shield to the face of the next Iron Soldier, letting USAgent land on the ground with his body. Now it was one on one. Man versus machine.


"Jeremy! Hurry there isn't much time!" William exclaimed as Jeremy sprinted into the Lab.

"What's going on?! I need to get out there and help my dad!" Jeremy asked the Professor.

"You will be helping him by getting in the Cyro chamber, hurry there isn't much time left!" William begged.

"I can't!" Jeremy replied.

"We need this!"

The Battlefield

His shield blocked the blast from the Iron Soldier. The Iron Soldier stared at the Shield which sped towards him. The hit busted off the helmet, revealing a scarred man in the suit. "Took out my Targeting system eh?" The man said blasting and missing as the shield was back in USAgent's hands. The soldier showed fear on his face as he fired again and again, missing and missing. The Rage on Walker's unmasked face was extreme. Walker was getting closer and charged every bit of his strength into a shield bash onto the Iron Soldier's skull.


The sound was loud, and afterwards everything went quiet. The Iron Soldier stood with his fist moving back from the punch in USAgent's gut. John could barely breathe.

"WAM!" Another punch, three broken ribs.

"WAM!" Broken Jaw.

The Iron Soldier countered the attack perfectly. John fell down to his knees looking up to the Iron Soldier's hand, which charged a repulser beam...

One Hour later...

"You saved me." William said, ashamed of every word, but he had to, it is what John Would have wanted. What they did was bound to help in the future. William went back to his work at Ferrum, storing the USAgent suit and Shield there. Many Iron Soldiers investigated the area, and left the vault... Left it unopened... With Jeremy Walker inside, waiting in the Cyro chamber... For many, many years.

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@DickGrayson: Like the chapter but the dude will probably need to find a new suit since Shield "Acquired" it for Corporal America or maybe we can talk into letting Nicholas step up into Cap's old uniform and shield

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@joshmightbe: Yeah the Old USAgent writer had something worked out with him like that. I'll PM him about it. Thanks!

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@DickGrayson: Cool. At the moment my guy Corporal America is wearing a USAgent uniform he got from Mockingbird along with the original USAgent shield (which with the previous writer we had a secret coded message on the inside of the shield for John's son) Our base idea was the new USAgent would find Cap's original shield somewhere and when we crossed path's we'd swap shields. Still happy to do that and quite happy to have Nicholas step into a Cap type uniform soon anyway :)

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@batkevin74: Yeah, Maybe John can head to Ferrum considering he probably remembers the his old (Dead) pal working there, and there could be where he finds Cap's suit, instead of His Fathers.

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@DickGrayson: This seems familiar (though I am in no way up to date on the iron age) but is this a rewrite of the old one?

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@4donkeyjohnson: Well this is kind of a reboot, a while back someone wrote a chapter then dropped out

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@4donkeyjohnson: Yeah, what said.

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I see

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