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"Europa Assassination Divortium"

{This is the partial origin story of Scalphunter, Cut Throat, General Falcon Helfitta, the mysterious John and The European Assassination Division. It's a bit of a read but stick with it, sure it's a history lesson but it links in with some upcoming and already up stuff like Morbius, Death Squad and stuff coming up in Distain, Magni & Corporal America...enjoy}

February 2169, Ferrum, Chicago

The Supreme Commander and The Chairman of Ferrum sat side by side in the meeting room. John sat on the desk, completely ignoring and disregarding protocol for the two most powerful people in the world who had granted him a solo audience.

“So what do you want?” asked John as he fired up a cigarette

“To see up close if you’re as good as they say” said the Chairman

“I don’t speak to robots” sneered John blowing smoke from his nose

“What did you say?” The Chairman rose up from his chair and was promptly interrupted by four shuriken whacking into his face; one in each eye, the other two in the carotid arteries in the neck

“How dare you!” snarled the Supreme Commander who then got a large bore bullet through his eye slit, blowing his brains out the back of his helmet

The sound of applause echoed through the room as the wall slid back and the Supreme Commander entered flanked by several soldiers. “Very impressive John” said The Supreme Commander as he headed towards him.

“Any reason for the charade?” growled John as he holstered his gun

“Well if you weren’t as good as your reputation, you’d be dead”

John locked eyes with the Supreme Commander “You trying to peer in my head? Don’t bother. Inside of my skull is laced with anti-tp ceramic”

“Sinister” snarled the Supreme Commander

“Actually no” smiled John “Bahn Ho, Madripoor. Give him a case of beer and a hundred bucks and he’ll do whatever you need. Bit excessive for a haircut, great for as good as the original implants and surgery” John watched the wheels turn in the Supreme Commander’s head “So WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

“I want you to kill Doom”

“Ha ha ha ha no!” John flicked his cigarette away and sparked up another “I’m not crazy or stupid”

“Then you are of no use to me”

“Whoa tin britches” said John “I said I’m not but there’s others out there that are but they’re useless.”

“What do you propose…John”

“Like them fanatics back in early 21 st century they had terrorist training centres. Why don’t I run you one of those? You send me some troops, I mould them into shape and THEY can go kill Doom for you”

“And what do you get?”

“Money” smiled John “And lots of it. I get total autonomy and you don’t get to interfere with my methods or there will be strife”

The Supreme Commander slammed John into the wall with his telekinesis, pinning him like an insect, indenting him into it.

“What did you say?!?”

“I…said…if you…mess…with me…there’ll…be..strife…trouble” wheezed John as the invisible force pressed him tight; blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

The Supreme Commander searched John’s eye, face for an answer. Time seemed to stand still in those tense moments. Finally he dropped him to the floor

“You will have two months to set up. The first wave will be with you the day after. Mess this up John and I’ll break you worse than the Wendigo did” The Supreme Commander strode out

1 st May 2169, Gotland, United Kingdom of Scandinavia

John stood in the knee high snow looking at the twelve shivering men before him.

“Are you the best he had or the best he could find?” groaned John walking along the line “Right ladies strip!”

There was a moment of hesitation from them.

“Um sir?” a recruit put his hand up


“It’s freezing sir”

John pulled out his gun and shot him in the leg “And now you’re bleeding! I said STRIP!”

The other recruits quickly got naked. John gathered up the clothes and put them in a large pile behind him

“First person to kill him gets their clothes back” stated John sucking down a cigarette watching them dog pile onto the bleeding recruit. John looked behind him at the skeleton of what eventually be the headquarters of the European Assassination Division; he turned back to the chaos

“I said kill him not touch him up!” roared John

January 2182, Gotland, United Kingdom of Scandinavia

John looked along another line of meat. In the nearly ten years he’d been running the European Assassination Division there had been no real successes; no stand outs; no inspiration. John had made a lot of money running this camp for the Supreme Commander and it was getting boring; repetitive.

“Alright strip!” he yelled, it’d been his standard opening drill. It worked well, sorted men from boys

They stood there in the snow, naked. This year nobody had whinged or complained

“Right the first person to kill another…” John hadn’t finished his sentence when a recruit smashed a knife hand chop into the man next to his throat followed by a savage twisting of his head with a loud crack. The recruit snapped back to attention as the body dropped into the snow.

“Who are you?” asked John, genuinely surprised and impressed

“Helfitta sir!” the recruit saluted “Falcon Helfitta!”

John smiled “Gentlemen; please kick the snot out of Falcon Helfitta”

December 2182,Gotland, United Kingdom of Scandinavia

Out of fifteen recruits who landed in January only six remained: Falcon Helfitta, Bishop Cain, Morten Nguyen, Taylor Bieber, Juan McDonald and Gerald Wimple. John walked into the barracks. “Over the year you are all that’s left. And this year for some reason you are all on the verge of actually becoming something. I have actually told them I don’t want a class for next year because you’ve all graduated to phase two”

“What’s phase two?” asked Juan

John held up a data screen that projected an image: Doctor Victor Von Doom the ruler of New Latveria, sworn enemy of the Iron Army.

“It’s time he died. You’ll be paired up for the mission”

The group looked around at each other

February 2183, Beslan, Ossetia region, New Latveria

Morten tried to suck in air but he couldn’t. The spell had Doom had cast on him prevented it. He was turning blue and panicking as the New Latverian monarch watched him slowly die. At Doom’s feet lay Juan; a hole the size of manhole cover was blown through his chest. Doom looked around the stadium

“You dare attack Doom!”

From a vantage point Bishop and Falcon watched as the ruler of the last ‘free’ country on earth killed the first assassination squad

“What do we do?” asked Bishop

“Nothing!” snapped Falcon “Morten and Juan waded in and they paid the price. We wait and we might just get to see tomorrow”

Doom cast a spell into his hand and gazed into it. He then looked over to where Bishop had just peered over the edge to see. The blast of eldritch energy streaked across the pitch clipping Bishop in the shoulder. It both burnt and tore. Doom hovered in the air and headed towards their position


Doom turned his head to see Taylor Bieber firing an RPG at him. Doom engaged his shields and the blast was harmlessly deflected. Doom fired a blast from his gauntlet that completely incinerated the would-be assassin.

“Now!” ordered Falcon as he and Bishop opened fire with automatic weapons. Doom’s shield held and he turned back to them, chanting an incantation


Doom glanced down to see a man emerging from a camouflaged position underneath him, dressed in green of the pitch

“Were you casting a dizzy spell?” said Gerald as he fired the prototype gun at Doom that caused a mini, localised tornado to envelope him. The former super villain was caught off guard and spun around like a sock in a tumble dryer

“Teleport!” yelled Gerald as he clicked his belt and popped out

“What?” said Bishop

“If we stay we’re dead” said Falcon engaging his own teleporter

“Cowards!” said Bishop as he took another look, Doom got himself right way up and wasn’t looking happy. Bishop reluctantly teleported back to base

Gotland, United Kingdom of Scandinavia

“Juan’s dead! Morten’s dead! Taylor got turned into ash!” yelled Falcon at John “You sent us on a suicide mission!”

“Um huh” agreed John smiling like a Cheshire cat, smoke seeping through his teeth

“You knew?” said Bishop

“I’m surprised ANY of you are still alive at all. Good work with the Gun-nado Gerald”

“So WHAT WAS THE POINT?” asked Falcon sternly

John grabbed Falcon by the throat and clamped his airway shut as he lifted him easily off his feet “Whilst you six idiots ran interference I killed Doom’s operational chief in Prague, nine guards and blew up a school. All you remaining three did was test a prototype weapon and FAIL your objective!” He threw Falcon to the ground “Be thankful you’re alive”

“What’s next boss-a-rino?” asked Gerald

John smiled and put his arm around Gerald and they walked out, leaving Falcon and Bishop alone in the barracks

“What are you doing tonight?” asked Bishop

“Bishop we’re not friends okay” said Falcon as he pushed past him “But if you must know my wife is on base and I’m spending time with her”

End of Part 1....more soon

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great job, I like the relationship you"re setting up here

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Lovely characters. Taylor Beiber? Anyways great chapter, didn't mind the read it was excellent. So... next chapter... is this when Scalphunter... does you know what with Falcon's wife?

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@Time_Phantom: Beiber is a great name for someone who quickly dies a horrible death

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@Time_Phantom: @joshmightbe: There was a Pro-Active ad on when the lo & behold one Bieber popped up as I was writing so I thought why not; I can't kill him in real life...but on paper. And yeah that THING with Falcon's wife goes down next chapter as does the reference to John/Gerald/Bishop in Germany and Gerald turning into Scalphunter :) Should be fun

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Bumped and off to bed..