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Reporting live from the New Latverian boarder

" The Supreme Commander of the Iron army, has issued a challenge to Ultron, I don't know what exactly is going on here but Ultron has flown up to meet the commander. They don't seem to be doing anythin.......Oh my god the side of a mountain just hit Ultron. Every loose object in the vicinity just flew off and is now crashing into the machine.....................We seem to have lost our live feed.

Excerpt from the Book of Doom

The Chairman certainly knows how to put on an Impressive show, when he volunteered to be our distraction I was a bit surprised, but it makes sense now. If we succeeded he would be hailed as a conquering hero and solidify his rule. If not for his behavior during this incident I would firmly believe he'd planned the whole thing. As I oversaw the configuring of my new weapon, he flew off sending idle threats and bravado through loud speakers until the hateful machine came to shut him up. Without hesitation the Chairman attacked with several hundred tons of mountain side and everything else that happened to be around. As we prepared to fire Ultron fought back by attempting to blast him out of the air but he managed deflect the energy beam, then the battalion of Iron soldiers in armor designed to fight the hulk and engaged him in combat. Ultron destroyed the first with ease but the rest attacked all at once firing everything they had and then the Chairman caught him in his telekinetic grasp and slammed it repeatedly into the ground until it managed to shake him, The machine then resorted to a physical attack knocking him to the ground and pommeling him then we fired. I had hoped I'd get the Chairman with the shot as well but he managed to avoid it, but fortunately Ultron took the full force of the blast and then Ferrum turned on their machine.

Excerpt from the memoirs of Lord Stryfe

We had worked out every detail, I goaded him into conflict and used my power to it's fullest extent. I threw everything I could at him before he attacked, I deflected the attack and it distracted him enough for my Hulkbuster battalion to come in behind him unnoticed. They gave him everything they had some dying in the process but it bought my time to get a grip on him and brought him crashing down. I pressed on for several minutes before he countered, attacking with his fists. He brought me down and ripped my helmet off and was about to deliver the killing blow Doom finally fired his weapon ripping a large hole in his chest and I suspect Doom meant to kill me as well but I dodged it just in time. Then they turned on my machine. It opened a gateway to the negative zone, I threw a few punches, though I must admit it was more for show, then I hurled him in.

Doom and I declared a temporary truce afterward and signed an agreement to cease all research into the negative zone and put severe limits on what was allowed in the fields of robotics and A.I., I returned home a conquering hero and ordered the President to go on national television and name the Iron Army and myself the protector of the United states and all it's allies and now the public is in my power as well as their leaders. This couldn't have worked out better If I had planned it.

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He threw a mountain at him....a freaking mountain. I gotta say maybe Stryfe deserves to rule the world.

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@PrinceIMC: I wanted to show how powerful he had become, and put in the fact that Ultron still beat the sh*t out of him to show there is still a bigger threat

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Awesome, Stryfe's gonna whoop my team.

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@AweSam: I needed to give a good reason why no one in his army would be too eager to start a coup

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I figured he just pays them well. I'm sure the entire army could take him, no?

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@AweSam: Actually no because every suit of armor is programmed to self destruct if they attempt to use it against him and going at him without it would be suicidal

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That is one paranoid guy. Makes sense, I guess. There should probably some sort of resistance under his command though.

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@AweSam: There are many who don't like him but most of them are terrified of him, and eventually Sinister will become a serious problem for him

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Sinister's a cliche just waiting to happen.

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@AweSam: No Sinister won't try to take over the world or anything like that he has no interest in ruling anything but he does have plans that Stryfe may get in the way of

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A mountain eh? I guess his appearance in Warbird is sort of underwhelming I suppose.

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@Time_Phantom: No it was great, he just didn't go all out because he underestimated her

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I'm beginning to love Stryfe. HE THREW A MOUNTAIN ON HIM, HAD HULKBUSTERS SHOOT AT HIM, AND ARRANGED A ONE WAY TRIP TO THE NEGATIVE ZONE! That's actually kind of funny when you think about it....

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Well done!

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Stryfe threw a mountain, well part of a mountain at Ultron! That is some serious TK work right there. I like that Doom was trying to trap them both in the Negative Zone, I wonder how Annihilus & Blastaar feel about an indestructable nihilist warmachine in their dimensoin...there's a story for you right there :)