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A letter from Sam Guthrie,

I saw Apocalypse die today, any other time in my life this would've been something to celebrate, this man whose destroyed countless lives rendered powerless. But it came at too high a price. The people of this nation hailed the Iron army as heroes for bringing in the mutant terrorist En Sabba Nur, he was fitted with a power nullifyer that rendered him vulnerable. He was dragged away in chains, Cable was suspicious of this and gathered a few people he trusted to infiltrate the facility where Apocalypse was being held to see what they were going to do with him. Cable was old then, probably too old to be doing this kind of thing. We thought we knew what we were getting into, we were dead wrong.

The Iron soldiers somehow knew we were coming. Cable and I were the only ones to survive the assault, I was dragged off to a cell but for some reason Cable was taken else where. After an hour or so I managed to escape my cell, the guards weren't paying much attention to me, I guess they figured that restraint collar made me useless. I began searching the place, and within a few minutes I found a room where they had taken Apocalypse. What was left of his body was laying on a table. They had forcibly removed all the Celestial Technology from his body. From the look on his face I assume he was still alive when they did this. It looked like he died screaming. When I finally found where they were keeping Cable, I could see what they were doing to him but I couldn't get in the room from where I was. He was being tortured, at first I thought they were interrogating him but then I noticed no one was asking any questions. A man was standing in front of him in a unique Iron soldier armor, his face plate was off but he was looking away from me so I couldn't see who it was but it was obvious that Cable knew him.

I wanted to help him but I was recaptured before I could do anything. That was a long time ago, I've been locked in this room ever since. I know I'm going to die here. All I have now are my memories, it wasn't a bad life I fought the good fight. I wish it had ended differently but I can't do anything about that now. I hope that someone finds this letter some day and I hope it helps in some way. Maybe you all know this already or maybe not, it took me a long time to figure out who the guy in the armor was ................................................( the rest of the letter is missing, decayed from age)

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Argh your clues are evil ;)

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If I knew how to put up one of those spoiler things I'd name who I think the armoured guy is! I shall bite my tounge but all I'll say in 1984!

This is really good! By the way is Cannonball still alive because he may be immortal aka an External

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If you figure it out keep it to yourself, I tried not to make it too obvious, tho I also didn't want it to seem too out of left field

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You have any theories, you bring them to me. I'm not a big Marvel fanatic, so I stand no chance.

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@batkevin74: Yes Cannonball is still alive, and I'll just go ahead and apologize to any Cannonball fans who don't want to see him suffer in advance but I will make up for it at some point

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@batkevin74: if you think you know PM me and I'll let you know if you're right

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Professor X?

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I wonder who's the guy in the armor. This chapter is really great. Keep it coming. :)

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Ahh the humble begininngs :)

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Thank you

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