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continued from here

Bifrost base

Bill looked to the sky as the still functioning soldiers pulled back. Several dozen Iron army flying transports began appearing over head flying toward now visible Bifrost bridge.


Hiemdale stood next to Balder, "There's a problem with the bridge, it seems locked on the cannon's location."

Hiemdale looked over, "And someone seems to be coming from Earth."

Balder gritted his teeth, "Sound the horns."

Bifrost Base

Loki stepped up to 7 and the injured members of the Shield team now gathered by the cannon enclosure. A blanket of arcane energy fell over them healing their wounds. He then knelt before Sam and placing a hand on Molly's shoulder while whispering in her ear, "Allow me."

Sam suddenly sat up confused, "What the hell's going on here?"

Loki looked down on him, "No time to explain we have a war to fight."

Magni and Bill approached with Fry and Jenkins. Bill looked to Loki, "They seem to intend a full attack on Asgard."

Loki nodded, "So it would appear."

Loki then looked to the team, "There's no escape from here so you can either join us or die fighting your way out."

Morton looked down on his formerly broken leg, "Well if we're gonna die anyway, we may as well see something new before we go."

He was given a curious look before Quartermain replied, "He means we're going to Asgard."

He then looked to Fry, "At least you won't have a long trip when you go to Valhalla."



The team arrived and Balder stood waiting. He looked over them, "Where is Thor?"

Magni stomped past uttering, "My Father is gone."

Bill placed a hand on Balder's shoulder, "I shall do my best to aid you in your brother's stead."

Balder was suddenly grief stricken. He then gave a stern look, "We prepare for war."

Loki stood looking down the bridge, "To late the War has arrived."

The Iron army transports began appearing in the sky over Asgard. The team made it into the city in time to see the ships beginning to unload. 7 climbed up the outer wall and looked out on Sentinels and Iron soldiers of every type. Thousands marched toward the walls being lead by the Supreme Commander himself flanked by Hulk Buster battalions.

A large bellied Asgardian stepped beside 7 looking on the Field, "Finally a worthy battle after all these years."

7 looked over to see Volstagg as he stepped to the edge of the wall and shouted, "Come villains, Asgard has need of entertainment."

Down on the field

Stryfe hit his comm calling a cloaked ship that had landed on a roof inside the city unnoticed, "You have your orders."

Iron Claw stood on the ship and nodded. He looked back on Scalphunter and John along with a squadron of Stalker units, "Are you ready for this?"

John chuckled, "You have no idea."

They unloaded from the ship and made off for their mission.

Asgard's army rallied to Blader as he stood near the main gate. On the other side Stryfe marched up ordering the Hulk Busters, "Turn that wall to gravel."

Quartermain's team stood among the ranks of Asgard's army weapons at the ready hoping their luck hadn't run out. 7 and David stood on the wall with Sam, Fry and Molly. Sam sighed, "I miss Kentucky."

David chuckled, "Probably the first time that sentence has ever been uttered."

Fry leaned over the edge, "I'm not sure how I feel about my religion being confirmed here."

7 stared down on Stryfe still carrying the Muramasa blade. He said nothing as he checked his gauntlets and arranged an assortment of bombs and gadgets on a tool belt one of the Asgardians had obtained for him from a blacksmith shop. He gave David a glance with a tinge of guilt for attaching that suit to him without making sure it was safe but he pushed the thought away and focused on the issue at hand.

Magni hadn't spoken a word since telling Balder of Thor's death. He now stood atop a turret and glared on the field. Bill stepped up next to him, "I see your anger, do not allow it to cloud your judgement."

Magni clinched a fist but remained silent. Bill gave him a nod as he saw the Hulk Busters begin to charge the wall. He and Magni flew out to meet them.

(To be continued)


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@joshmightbe said:

Iron Claw stood on the ship and nodded. He looked back on Scalphunter and John along with a squadron of Stalker units, "Are you ready for this?"

John chuckled, "You have no idea."

Welcome back John aka Fenris! This is going to be good!

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