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This links into: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-april-incident-broken/660093/#11

http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-tales-from-the-empire-parts-3-4/651485/#1 go read them before this so it makes a little bit more sense, but this does work as a stand alone reading


Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Dining Hall, Team 1

All the chairs and tables had been pushed up against the windows as extra barricades. The floor had been flooded with water and wet towels to prevent fires and good for washing faces off from tear gas.

“I think I’ve wet my pants” mumbled Arik Wisdom, the son of Peter Wisdom and his fairy bride Tink.

“I should’ve gone to the World with Timmy” added Danielle Cage, the daughter of Luke Cage and his estranged wife Jessica. The duo inadvertently held hands to stop their worrying.

“Focus!” Anole’s voice was sharp and direct.

“Yessir” they said sheepishly in unison.

“You had the option to leave!” Anole looked at his two students and then realised that he was being overly harsh in a situation that needed guidance and camaraderie “Look I’m not going to rag on you guys. You two bravely stepped up so the others had time to get away. Did I ever tell you about the time I was a vigilante in San Fran?”

“Really?” said Danielle “You?”

“Oh yeah” he smiled

“What happened?”

“Well, when we get out of this, I’ll tell you the whole tale” smiled Anole catching glimpses of shadows of Iron Soldiers outside “Now when this goes down it’s just like the Danger Room when headmaster Logan disconnects the safeties”

“Awesome!” cheered Arik, his eyes lighting up with orange mystical sparks

Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Roof of the Main Hall, Team 2

Gladiator looked out into the dark at the assembled mass of soldiers, Sentinels, tanks and artillery that ringed the school. Beside him stood Professor Theodore Altman, Broo and Tito; all silently.

“Just us aliens on the roof huh?” remarked Tito as he shimmered his insectoid wings

The trio looked at him in disbelief.

“You are not an alien!” stated Gladiator

“Your dad is Mr. Bohusk the janitor” said Broo

“Tito” said Professor Altman gently “Don’t be ashamed of your lineage, especially not today”

“Sorry Professor” he said nervously “Just scared is all”

“Gallows humour” he placed a reassuring green hand on Tito’s shoulder “Perfectly normal and greatly appreciated”

Gladiator floated over to Tito and extended his hand “I Kubark, son of Gladiator from the Shi’ar Empire welcome you into the service of the Empire”

Tito smiled and took Gladiator’s hand. Broo placed his long brown fingers on top of their hands “I would welcome you to the Brood but my race is a parasitic hive mind, but you are welcome friend”

Professor Altman placed his hand other hand onto the pile “Today my students we are not Shi’ar nor Brood. We are not Kree Skrull hybrids nor even mutants” Great green wings popped from his back “Today we are X-Men!”

Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Sean Cassidy Memorial Library, Team 3

Captain Britain hovered in the air, his eyes red, his face shaggy from weeks of not shaving. He looked out the window at the horde just beyond the gates. His hands were clenched into trembling fists. David Rasputin looked at the man in the tattered Union Jack uniform.

“Is he okay mom?”

Headmistress Katherine Pryde looked at her son, so much like his father “He’s angry David, justifiably so” A tear rolled down her cheek as her thoughts drifted to her late husband “I wish you’d have gone with Remy”

“If weren’t going to leave, then I wasn’t going to leave”

Katherine hugged her son tightly “I love you David”

“I love you too mom”

“Stick by me okay” she scolded

“Mom!” David flexed his arms and they turned into large metallic cylinders “Maybe you should stick by me”

“What’s your name?” Brian’s voice cut the air like a knife

“David, Captain Britain…sir”

“Your codename?”


“Battleship” a wry smile cracked across his lips “Didn’t you take your mother’s class on how to choose your code name?”

Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Hangar, Team 4

Shatterstar sat quietly in the lotus position, his swords laid neatly before him and a picture of Rictor. Marrow stood nearby picking her fingernails with a piece of bone from her back. Blindfold hung her head, tears dripping from her red eye sash as she leant heavily on her staff like an old woman, not a thirty six year old.

“What are you crying for?” asked Marrow

“We don’t win” says Blindfold ominously


(All characters owned by Marvel {Peter Wisdom, Tink, Anole, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danielle Cage, Wolverine, Theodore Altman aka Hulkling, Gladiator (Kid Gladiator), Broo, Tito Bohusk, Barnell Bohusk, Captain Britain, Kitty/Katherine Pryde, Shatterstar, Rictor, Marrow, Blindfold} I technically own Arik Wisdom & David Rasputin aka Battleship but this is Marvel's sandpit in which I play, sculpt and have fun. It's their sand, their pit, I just play in it)

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I like it, sets up the battle nicely

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Still leaves the trio of Deadpool, X-23 and Wolverine somewhere on the grounds as stated by Time_Phantom in Broken, when the floodgates open it's going to EXPLODE!

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Questions: WHo is TinK? Is there any more on Battleship, coz he sounds coolio!?? Good stuf btw

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Wowser! This stuff is good? How does one join your Iron Age?

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PM @joshmightbe he's in charge

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So what do you think?

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i have not read it but will tomorrow

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Okay, thanks man

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@tomdickharry1984: A fairy queen from Excalibur

@TheCannon: Glad you liked it