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This is an episodic ongoing story that tells tales from around the world of the Iron Age

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Halifax, Nova Scotia

“No! No! No! No!” yelled Hudson Pointer, smashing his glass onto the bar sending the watered down scotch and ice into the air “Who the starking hell does he think he is?”

“The head of SHIELD…sir” replied Carrey as she wiped the liquid of her holo-pad “It’s not an unreasonable request”

“He wants us all to head to stark knows where…”


“It smells like a trap! Worse than a trap, a clusterstark! We’re doing good work here! We swapped out the general of their Iron Hall with one of our guys, we’ve got six moles in the Ferrum plant who are planting communicators in Iron Soldier helmets so we can tap their network…no!” Hudson slurped the remainder of his drink “We’re not going!”

“But sir!” protested Carrey “It’s a direct order from Commander Holland!”

Hudson looked at the patch on his shoulder and tore it free tossing it onto the bar “I don’t work for SHIELD anymore!”

“I’ll have to report this sir” replied Carrey “You’re going off reservation”

“No Carrey, I’m sticking to the plan!” snapped Hudson as he motioned for another drink “Gathering everyone together at the one place, at the onetime…does that sound sensible? Tactically feasible? Smart?”

“No sir, but…”

Hudson held his hand up “Stop talking! You want to go, then go! But I’m staying here as what was ordered. I understand orders change but I also can smell a trap. Now shut up, I really like this group.”

On the small rickety stage of the speakeasy, a trio of girls with ancient guitars and a three armed male drummer took the stage to a small, but appreciative crowd. Carrey looked at her superior, shook her head and took a seat.

“Hello, we’re the Dazzlers!” said the blonde lead singer with a henna spider under each eye “Let’s rock!”


Hideout 5, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Stark!” Hudson kicked a pile of stolen Ferrum food packs over “Really?”

“All the generals were recalled to Chicago and Myers was killed along with two others in front of all the other generals” said Carrey as she flipped through her data-pad “We got this info from SHIELD…”

“Very droll Carrey!” said Hudson as he paced about the room.

“What shall I tell the team sir?”

Hudson looked at his second in command with her red hair and piercing green eyes “Tell them Myers is dead of course.”

She sighed “No sir, I meant about the recall”

Hudson rubbed the back of his neck “Assemble the team”


Hudson stood in front of his SHIELD cell. Like most they were small in number, but effective, possibly the most effective unit in the organisation since Bezull and his crew got killed months ago. The Iron Army danced to their tune here in Halifax. SHIELD wished to change that.

“We have a request from Commander Holland to pack up and go to Colorado,” said Hudson to his twelve person team “He wants ALL of SHIELD assembled in the one spot! I believe this is foolish! Tactically and logistically flawed! So I have resigned my SHIELD post!” He paced up and down letting his words sink in “So as of this moment on, you have a choice. You stay here with me, continuing the effective work we have been doing here. Or you can follow orders by a superior and head to Colorado! But you can’t do both!”

“What’s in Colorado?” asked Jayfox.

“Mountains and a possible trap” said Hudson “But the only thing I’m sure of is mountains!”

“I mean bending the rules is one thing sir,” said Cattral as she pushed up her glasses “But disregarding a direct order.”

“I won’t take it personally if you leave,” said Hudson “But I will be eternally thankful if you stay. I shall go and let you make your minds up. I’ll be back in an hour”

Hudson left the room to leave the twelve SHIELD agents to contemplate their fate.


Hudson rode his quadbike around Halifax. The city was essentially theirs. Sure it wasn’t free like Minneapolis, but look what happened there! Shot into space killing thousands. They knew eighty percent of Iron Soldier movements, up until a few days ago the general in charge of the Halifax Iron Hall was a SHIELD agent. He didn’t understand nor agree with Holland’s recall. Actually he didn’t agree with much of what Holland said mainly due to…

“I-dent card!” Three soldiers landed in front of him causing him to skid the vehicle.

“Hey! Watch it!” he scowled as he got off the bike.

“Hands up!” yelled a soldier, his repulsors humming to life.

“I’m just getting it, you starkin idiots!” snapped Hudson as he reached into his back pocket.

“He’s going for a weapon. FIRE! FIRE!”

Three on one are never good odds, especially one unarmed man versus three thugs in mobile battlesuits. The repulsors blew fist sized holes through him, Hudson was dead before he hit the ground.


“Where is he?” said Jayfox “He’s always on time, always!”

Carrey’s face went ashen and she dropped her data-pad. Cattral ran to her side and saw the news scrolling across the feed.

-A spider subversive has been killed by an Iron Army patrol. The as yet unidentified male attempted to fire upon the patrol and flee from lawful questioning when they replied with deadly force-

“They starking killed him!” screamed Carrey “Those starking bastards!”

“What do we do?” asked Jayfox hoping that one of them knew the answer.


To be continued in Marvel Iron Age: Alpha Flight!

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Sweet, I love Alpha flight

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@batkevin74: True, tho I wasn't fond when they traded out Sasquatch for an actual Sasquatch and no one knew the difference.

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@joshmightbe: Really? I really only read the first two trades, the classic stuff!

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@batkevin74: Yea it was one of the attempts to bring it back that failed. Back on topic are we getting an Iron Age Guardian?

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@batkevin74: I'd have a new chapter up already if my cable company believed in customer service. I'm actually only on now because my neighbor let me leach off his wifi until I get it sorted out

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@batkevin74: Yea it was one of the attempts to bring it back that failed. Back on topic are we getting an Iron Age Guardian?

Well I'm not entirely sure, still working out the details was maybe going to run more like in the vein of @princeimc Exiles and having people codenamed after original Alpha Flight members

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@batkevin74: Well with Sasquatch you could establish a new guy with a link to the Great Beasts. I'm sure they'd still be around. I'm sure Langkowski wasn't the only guy Tanaraq ever merged with.

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@batkevin74: Pretty much the only other one I could see with a clear cut reason to take up the mantle would be Vindicator/Guardian cause they could just find the power suit or maybe an upgraded version.

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