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Greenwich Village

Iron Soldiers secured a perimeter around the body of the fallen Abomination. A Ferrum truck pulled up and three techs in biohazard gear emerged. Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes stopped the trio “I-dent cards!”


“Are you deaf? I-dent cards or I blow your head off!” stated Natalee glaring at them. The quickly produced their cards “Can’t be too careful these days. Now why are you here?”

“Ferrum protocols.” replied the technician “It’s an obvious mutant thing. We clean it up and ship it to Dr Ess…”

Natalee looked at him “Dr Essex is a traitor and no longer works for, is neither welcome in nor a part of Ferrum, the Iron Army or anything related to the regime!” The technician gulped, his two compatriots also took a step back.

“Jigsaw is in charge of Ferrum now right?” she asked.

“Yes, Mr Stevenson is in charge” replied the tech warily.

“Well you can tell him that Master Sergeant Natalee Toomes, that’s EN Aye Tee Aye El double E, Toomes Tee Oh Oh Em E Ess told you to incinerate this monstrosity.”


“You’ve got industrial flamethrowers in the truck right?”

The techs nodded in unison.

“I got some phosphorous, we light up this fat green sack, clear the street and get on with the day. Do you get me?”


“This is no way to treat a fallen combatant!”

The techs and Natalee turned to see a man in a black & red uniform carrying a shield walking up towards them as bold as brass. An alert pinged in her armour but she already knew who it was.

“Nicholas Rogers!” she scowled as energy tendrils flowed out of her armour.

“I’m in uniform, it’s Corporal America”

“You are a traitor and sentenced to death, effective immediately. All units converge on my position!” Natalee cracked a tendril which splashed sparks as it hit the shield.

“I am here to collect the green guy for a proper burial” said Nicholas as he hurled the shield away to the left “Not for it to be picked at by you vultures!”

“You threw your garbage lid away idiot!” laughed Natalee as she closed the gap between them and lashed out at him.


The shield had ricocheted off a wall and slammed into the temple of Natalee’s helmet, knocking her sideways. The shield bounced back into Corporal America’s hand.

“You should keep your eyes open.” said Nicholas as he ducked behind the shield as other Iron soldiers opened fire. He rolled and got up close and personal with Natalee deflecting repulsor blasts with his shield, keeping them both semi protected.

“Get off me!” she shrieked as she thrashed, spinning the pair around. Nicholas grabbed a tendril and though it burnt his palm severely he wrapped it quickly around her wrists, binding her with her own armour.

“Stay!” he ordered as he elbowed her in the face and flung his shield bouncing it off three soldiers like it was a pinball machine. Nicholas scanned the area. Eight soldiers, three techs, more soldiers on route, Avengers just left, damaged hand. Corporal America caught the shield and flung it again, staggering another two. The odds were in their favour. He charged at one, caught the shield on the fly and smashed it through the visor breaking the soldiers face.

“Be thankful I’ve had a gutful of killing!”

The hurricane that was Nicholas Rogers leapt about from soldier to soldier; shield flying back and forth like it was magnetically guided as fists & feet smashed visors. Within two minutes the soldiers were out and or disabled. Natalee tried to stand but Corporal America slammed the flat of the shield across her face.

“Stay down!” Nicholas looked at the three terrified Ferrum techs “You three grab his legs!”

And they loaded the Abomination’s corpse into the van.


The Vault, Colorado

The Supreme Commander marched towards the gates, flanked by a contingent of Iron Soldiers. Captain Darren Davis stood at fearful attention, Corporal Seth Caulkin beside him and a dozen other guards in hastily ironed uniforms.

“Is this everyone?” growled the Commander.

“N-no sir!” stammered Davis “W-we have a skeleton crew inside”

The Supreme Commander went to speak when an Iron soldier stepped up and handed him a data-pad. He paused looked at it and turned to the soldier, making a gesture with his hand.

“YOU STUPID BOY!” he yelled as he gripped the air, the soldier grabbing his throat as he choked to death. The soldier collapsed as the Commander released his grip and turned to Davis “AND YOU! INSIDE!”

Davis nearly fainted as he scurried ahead, the Commander one step behind him. Caulkin looked at the soldier on the ground, and swore he saw it breathing but was shoved on by a duo of soldiers.

“Um sir?” started Caulkin.

“Keep walking stark!” grunted the Iron Soldier giving him another shunt.


Ferrum, Lab 7D, Brooklyn Heights

Conway and Ardu looked at the frozen pieces of flesh on the table that basically resembled a person.

“He’s not serious?” asked Conway “He can’t be?”

“He said him put back together, we put him back together” said Ardu “You know better than to question the boss. Besides, I’m more curious what old Jigsaw is going to do with it”

“Nothing normal I assume,” replied Conway as he adjusted his face shield “At least the adamantium claws of Iron Claw cut straight, makes it easy to reattach.”

Ardu picked up the head and giggled it “Look at me! I’m Jack Payden, the Punisher! My wife and kids got killed, boo hoo! Ha ha ha ha!”

“That’s pretty funny!” laughed Conway “Pass it here!”

And for the next ten minutes they threw the frozen head of Jack Payden around like a basketball doing impressions of the former Ferrum employee turned vigilante.


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Thaaat's better. ;)

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@batkevin74: Glad to see Abomination got a proper funeral

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Corporal America! So whats going on with Iron Age Punisher? If you're taking him then I think he's in good hands.

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Corporal America! So whats going on with Iron Age Punisher? If you're taking him then I think he's in good hands.

Well project worm had him initially, I did 4 issues and then decided that in the GAP he was hunted down by Iron Claw and killed. Maybe he's coming back as


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@batkevin74: Maybe we could get a Marvel Monsters series going for Iron Age at some point down the line. We already have Morbius and Ghost Rider and I did make a passing reference to a descendant of Jack Russel a while ago.

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@joshmightbe: I like the idea, not too sure about the execution but who knows. Haven't really decided whether or not too bring Jack "back" to life...well not yet anyways

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@batkevin74: It doesn't necessarily have to be Jack, could be a descendant or just some unrelated character who happens to be a werewolf.

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@joshmightbe: Oh I meant Jack as in Jack Payden the now dead Punny-bunny, you mean Jack Russell (which for years I have giggled coz his name is a dog breed) the Werewolf by Night :)

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