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The Iron Age has returned! This picks up several months after the Battle of Asgard. All previous stories are cannon and in the break several deaths, events, changes and plots occurred to be discussed/written about as we continue. We’re glad to be back.

A basic guide is here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/a-guide-to-the-marvel-iron-age-724317/

Battle For Asgard: Part 1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-battle-of-asgard/750643/#3

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Part 6: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-iron-age-battle-for-asgard-part-6-753149/


Ferrum HQ, Chicago

“Nine months!” remarked Scalphunter as he crossed the roof towards the figure “It’s been nine months! Can you believe that Asgard was that long ago?”

John lit up a cigarette “Time flies Gerald. What have been up to?”

“Small talk from the wolf? Did you get a sword through the head or…wait that was me!” Scalphunter rubbed his head “Y’know starking, killing, rinse, lather, repeat. You?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Just watching the world sink deeper and deeper.” John exhaled “Hear about Asgardia?”

“It’s all he ever talks about!” moaned Scalphunter “Whether he’s Supreme Commander or Chairman, he just talks about going in and wiping the rest of the Asgardians who set up that little country in the New Latverian backyard! That and reclaiming the DMZ”

“It’s a wasteland!” stated John “Let’em have it!”

“You tell him that then?” scoffed Scalphunter as he twirled his sword around like a baton “It didn’t help that those X-Faction punks activated a century old fish man clone to kill him either! Then Distain dropping a massive ball of space junk into Chicago bay to flood the city, the Avengers doing their hit and run raids and that spider cell who took over Minneapolis.”

“My heart breaks for him!” sneered John “You hear about the bounty on your head?”

“Really? Cool! How much? I might just chop my own head off!” laughed Scalphunter.

“Well that’s why I’m here Gerald” John glared at his former pupil.

Scalphunter stopped mid sword spin “You trying to collect?”

“No, not today. But if the price keeps going up.” John flicked the cigarette off the roof “Any idea what fearless leader wants?”

“Probably just wants to hold me up with his telekinesis and snap my neck for some perceived grudge!” groaned Scalphunter “If the pay wasn’t so good I’d go present myself to Queen Cow Face of New Latveria and get a job! Just coz I heal doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt!”

“Aww poor little Gerald!” mocked John as he grabbed him by the back of the neck “You need to lighten up!”

Scalphunter winced under the vice-like grip of his former instructor “Get your paws off me pooch before I cut them off!” John pushed the head of the European Assassination Division away and pulled out another cigarette.


The Supreme Commander sat at the Chairman of Ferrum’s desk, his helmet sitting proudly in the centre. To his left stood Iron Claw; right General Falcon Helfitta. In the corner stood a strange little girl with blonde hair, starring out the window. Scalphunter and John approached the desk.

“Where have you been?” said Stryfe coldly.

“On the roof smoking” replied John as his eyes caught Stryfe’s. The room went eerily silent. Stryfe smiled a hollow smile.

“Are you firing me??” asked Scalphunter “Coz I’d rather you just broke up with me like a man an…” A telekinetic wave slammed the assassin to the floor like an ant under an anvil.

“BE. QUIET!” roared Stryfe as he shot up from the desk, face red, veins pulsing. “YOU WILL SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TOO!”

Scalphunter feebly gave a thumbs up as the invisible force pushed him into the floor.


“He’s in one of his moods” muttered Scalphunter “Starking great!”


Doomstadt, New Latveria

Queen Carol looked tired as she sat in the throne room. Running a country was much harder than running a resistance. Doom knew that which is why he chose her to take over upon his death to stop Thanos. The seemingly endless requests and interruptions, the protocols that she tried to ban but two hundred years of ingrained servitude takes a lot longer to dissolve.

The Chechyen DMZ was now wholly New Latverian. Ares brokered a deal with the mutant tribes and after three months it joined the collective after pushing the Iron Army out entirely. But as one entered the new nation of Asgardia emerged run by Loki. On the site of the former country of Estonia, Asgardia was a magic infused place inhabited by the last remaining members of the Norse and Greek gods. Carol didn’t trust Loki but had no real choice in the matter. Nobody had the strength nor the stomach for another conflict.

Carol sighed, time seemingly flew by. Another year was nearly over and though much had changed it was all very similar, as if she’d merely changed one problem for another bigger problem.

“Your majesty”

Carol rolled her eyes as the man bowed before her.


Mt Everest

Magni sat upon the peak. He hadn’t moved since his uncle had banished him. The son of Thor aimlessly ended up here and sat, unsure of what to do or where to go. The ice and snow had overgrown his lower half and frozen his facial hair, but he didn’t care. The fires of rage burning inside him kept him warm. He wanted to smash so many things.


Grozny, Chechyen DMZ

Ares looked at his brother Hercules who sat staring at the wall, drool dripping down his lip. This how he’d been since Ares rescued him from the control of the Iron Army cyborg unit Thunderbolts who’d been sent to win back the DMZ.

“Can’t you do something?” Ares asked Daniel Warstar as he paced back and forth at the makeshift hospital.

The young Native American mage, infused with remnants of Asgardian power looked at the war god “I’ve tried Ares, but something’s need time not magic to fix them.”

“That is unacceptable!” Ares shoulder bumped him as he left. Warstar caught Ares by the shoulder and turned him around.


Ares scowled at the boy “What?”

“Bumping into me doesn’t fix the problem” said Daniel “Neither does acting like a stark!”

“Get your hand off me child!” warned Ares through gritted teeth.

Daniel released his grip and stepped back “Just calm down okay”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” snapped Ares.

“Wow!” Daniel shook his head “You just want someone to fight.”

“No…” Ares rubbed his temple in frustration “I need someone to tell me how to explain to my nephew that his father is a vegetable!”


Chicago Greater Iron Hall

General Falcon Helfitta inspected the troops lined up before him. He couldn’t care less but it was what he’d been ordered to do. He was growing more and more dissatisfied and genuinely thought he could be killed at any moment. He’d always served at the will of the Supreme Commander, now it seemed he served at his whim.

“The reports you asked for sir” a young ensign handed the general a data pad.

Falcon took the pad, flipped through a few screens and handed it back “Very good”

The young ensign’s face contorted with confusion as the general walked down the rows of Iron Soldiers, looking through them not at them. He unrolled a small lolly and popped it under his tongue.


Minneapolis Crater

Augustus Holland sat on his quad bike on the craters edge. The scene was horrific even though it was just a large hole. Because of orders he’d issued, Kaine Reilley aka The Scarlet Spider, Anatoly Vanko aka The Crimson Dynamo and White-Tail turned the city of Minneapolis against the Iron Army and actually became free! But because of their open rebellion the Supreme Commander telekinetically threw the entire city into space, some 500,000 people dead and those that escaped the launching were gunned down by the Iron Army battalions.

S.H.I.E.L.D had been in disarray for months. He’d sent a team to run decoy for X-Faction who’d sent a Namor clone to kill the Supreme Commander but they and X-Faction ended up dead. A new Punisher who appeared in New York was tracked down by Iron Claw and flayed alive. USAgent got his head blown off and the “Lethal Legion” got stomped and put into the vault. The Iron Army were taking no stark from anybody anymore! Brutal crackdowns, even executions for failing to present I-dent cards on demand.

There’d been some victories like the Chechyen DMZ and the bombing of Maryland but nothing inspirational since Minneapolis.

“Commander Holland,” Madrox interrupted his day dreaming “Just got word our supply line from New Latveria was cut last night by the Iron Army.”

“How many dead?”

“Seventeen sir” replied Madrox glumly.

Holland kicked the quad bike “Dammit!” He looked into the massive hole “Okay, we need to pool our resources; this cell by cell operation isn’t working. Get them all back!”

“Where’s the rendezvous sir?” asked Madrox as he keyed in an encryption code.

“The last place they’ll look” smiled Holland.


Ferrum, Brooklyn Heights

Desmond Fisk, Dr Imck Prince and Dr Maxwell Warren sat in the office of Dolph Stevenson, their boss. After their list of failures they’d been demoted and reshuffled in a shakeup that usually would’ve ended up with them staring down a repulsor. With scientists of their calibre short on the ground The Chairman busted them down to employees to teach them a lesson and keep them in line, also to streamline the operation of Ferrum.

Dolph marched into the office flanked by two Hunter units. He was an impressive figure; six feet seven, chiselled jaw, perfect bleach blonde flat top, piercing eyes one blue the other green. But what stood out was the nasty scar down his right cheek where former employee Jack Payden aka The Punisher, smashed a glass into it. His was now nickname Jigsaw, though nobody ever said it to his face.

Dolph grinned at the trio “It would be easier to kill you! But I am under orders not too, just yet anyway. You three will be working on a new project, I call Operation Bathroom. It consists of you scrubbing my personal toilet until I’m satisfied” Dolph stood and walked over to the on suite and rolled open the door to reveal a near overflowing toilet. The three former high level scientists reeled in disgust. Dolph pulled three small toothbrushes from his pocket and tossed them on the floor “Get to it!”

The two Hunter units levelled their weapons at them and the slowly they headed towards the bowl full of excrement and urine. Dolph let out a chuckle which soon turned into a full mocking laugh.


There is a library somewhere, we're trying to find it.

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Excellent! Glad to have this back! A new chapter for deathstrike will be up tomorrow night at the latest. Look for warmachine sometime this week.

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@bronze_surfer: We've lost track of it, if you find it please let us know.

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