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Peruvador, six weeks ago

“You've made a mistake!” he hollered, his voice choked in fear at the sight of this silver haired woman. She took out some of his best men with ease and all his security protocols have failed him.

“You should have thought about that before I got here.” Her voice was cold. She managed to isolate him in his office. Someone in his security detail thought it was safe. Her target was Lieutenant- Commander Fidel Carmona, a Ferrum plant inside the New Latverian military. When suspiscions were raised about his ‘experiments’ he fled to South America.

“Doom, found you out” She followed him as he circled around his desk. As she got closer he froze and cowered in place. “And during your escape to South America, several agents ended up dead.”

He began to sob as she stood over him; falling to his knees. “Please don't do this. It was the only way to save my family. I was just following orders!”

At the last remark she snapkicked him in the face, his head leaving a hole in the dry wall. “I've been at the mercy of men following orders”

The Lieutenant lay on the floor, sobbing louder and pleading to the better nature of this woman. She leaned down and told him to shush as gently as she could stomach. “Now don't beg for mercy,” Her right hand enveloped in black energy and formed a kind of blade. “You never showed any to them.”

Matanzas Cuba, two days ago

Leann Schmidt lived on the beach with her family. They went to school during the day and she often just dug her toes into the sand, watching the waves. Feeling the rest of the world was faraway from the place. As far as she could remember since her last rotation, this was normal.

“Bye mommy!” Her two daughters shouted as they ran toward the school hover tram. She waved back with a wide grin on her face. After they were at least a block away she crept inside. The house itself was lovely, fully furnished and payed for. The permanent housing plan she requested after a time being granted on a conditional basis.

She ran to her lap top at the sound of THE chime. A call she'd been waiting for. She pressed a few buttons on the screen and the caller emerged. She had short blonde hair, and looked to be in her mid forties. Her face had a hard expression on it and if Leann didn't know her so well she'd be intimidated. “The mission was a success, Colonel Danvers..”

“Good. I have a new assignment for you.” Danvers said.

She wanted to protest, but the words didn't come out. Though coming back home after weeks away from her mission would normally be enough for her to stay home; the truth is... “What’s the target?” she enjoyed it.

“I want you to make contact with this boy” An image from some hand held holo-scrrens appeared on her screens “I have reason to believe he came from Asgard.” Carol said in a tone that indicated she was not joking

Asgard. She nearly burst into laughter “What do you want done with him?” Leann asked.

“Make contact, inform him of the planet's plight. Ask him to join our organization. Don’t get caught”

Leann smiled a wry smirk. “Does this have anything to do with your “Ultimate project?”

“Not yet.” Danvers answered. “But I want him apart of it.”

Leann scanned the reports, this boy was a force to be reckoned with taking on an entire Iron Army division by himself! If he really is from Asgard then this could change the war. “Just point me in the right direction, Colonel.”

Danvers nodded. “That's what I like to hear, Silver Sable. I need you in Miami”



Two Iron Soldiers dragged the badly beaten woman across the rocky ground by her elbows. They unceremoniously dumped her at the feet of the Supreme Commander who was staring into the sky at his command post where they’d launched the assault on the Triskelion

“We found her hiding in the remains of the infirmary Commander” stated the one on the left

“She put up a struggle” stated the other

“At what time did I ask for prisoners?” snapped Stryfe, his anger at Carol Danver’s escape still hanging in the air

“I...I...have infor-mation” wheezed the woman, blood seeping from her mouth

“You will NOT address the Supreme Commander!” yelled the first guard clubbing her across the back of the skull with his rifle butt.

“That will do” said Stryfe waving them away. He crouched down and grabbed the woman by the chin. Her face, once moderately attractive was a swollen mess

“I have”

“You’re Falcon’s spy” he stated “Your name is Kylie Martell and you long to see the sky” Stryfe easily peeled through the layers of her mind like he was flipping through a magazine

“The infor...”

“Was useless, often late but I’m glad you thought you were doing your part” said Stryfe dismissively “What I really need from your mind is where Danver’s would go? Like a rat she’d have a bolthole she would run to, to lick her wounds and plot her revenge”

Kylie started to foam at the mouth as he telepathically smashed a sledge hammer through her thoughts and memories to find anything useful. After a few minutes he’d found some things he could use, but as her rank was nowhere near the upper echelons of this Shield structure it was more of general idea that a cold hard fact

“You were right to realize I’d won” said Stryfe “And for that you shall be rewarded” Stryfe clicked his fingers and the guards hauled her away

“Send her to Sinister” he called as he boarded his plane


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I'm loving this. Great read as usual.

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these keep getting better

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Thnak, I like them too. Just side bits that link and expand the world. I'm thinking of doing one about Sergei, the dude who runs your bar

@Time_Phantom: I like how you put her in Cuba coz when I searched for a place in Cuba I found Matanzas which is Spanish for massacre, kinda ironically appropriate :) Thanks for making Silver Sable's origin and giving a framework

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@batkevin74: That's fine by me I introduced the Bar because I wanted it to be something that anyone could use, just remember Sergei has to be a somewhat intimidating figure, he'd have to be to keep his clientele in line

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Nice! A new character and your killing that traitor from SHiELD from your other one. Good job man, these are really good LIKE

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This ties into Distain Part 7 fyi