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I need more power

We can give you that power

At what price? Do you want my soul?

Your soul is as worthless as your word!

Then what do you want that I have?

Your daughter!


You would, without thinking, give us your daughter

If it gets me what I want I’d make more daughters for you to have

You truly are an evil thing Mordo, and we should know, We’re demons!

Save your praise and tell me what you require

Tis simple. You shall consume some of those..


Yes consume! You will take them into you and this will make what is theirs yours

Magical cannibalism?

Of sorts. They are magical, you will be the cannibal


You impress us Mordo with your vileness. And? And? And?

I have dealt with your kind before Haazareth. If I don’t ask there is often some clause, loophole or irregularity that you spring at the last moment. I’ve played demon games and won. I have played Mephisto and Satannish against each other. I have served at the foot of Dormammu.

We understand. Take this list of nine. In order take them, eat them and you shall have their power to add to yours. Fail and you will have nothing, your power will be ours along with your tarnished soul. We shall take your daughter now

Mordo looked down on the list, written in fresh demon’s blood and scanned the names

*Amanda Sefton *Black Talon *Chondu The Mystic *Devil Slayer *Jennifer Kale *Jinx *Magnus the Sorceror *Topaz *Wiccan

He smiled and pushed his bound and gagged daughter Astrid into the portal. Mordo turned to the other open portal

Shuma-Gorath I beseech thee


How do you round up the stragglers? Well you find the most pathetic, most useless and give him a purpose.

I chose Leap-Frog because he fit all these categories and he was the most susceptible to my telepathy. His mind became mine, his will was mine and he would do everything I had planted in his cerebrum.

He assembled a team of losers, people I had paid no mind...people beneath mine and everyone else's notice due to the fact they were useless. Like an individual ant, but together as a swarm they could be trouble. So he assembled them to make a stand after Skull went down. Stilt Man, 8-Ball, Vermin, Walrus, Gibbon, Armadillo, Jigsaw and Chemistro along with their leader Leap-Frog arrived for a "secret" meeting at a warehouse in Queens. They discussed plans, made speeches and when their idiocy became too much to bear I detonated the sarin gas bomb inside the warehouse.

That should've been that, but I underestimated Chemistro's gun and he changed the sarin into oxygen. The team were galvanized, united. It was the best five minutes of their lives as I sent in fourteen Iron Soldiers and a Hulkbuster (I was unsure on the strength of Armadillo) to finish the job.

Chemistro's gun was sent to Ferrum for duplication and reverse engineering and Stilt-Man's adamantium suit was melted down into a cube for me to use later.

I am actually amazed that this technique has worked several times

An excerpt from Lord Stryfe's journal

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Heh. Good idea, mind control a pathetic hero into assembling others to work together but really just lure them into a trap.

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I like these tales they do a great job of filling in some of the blanks

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