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The only problem with world domination is every other super villain wants to do it. So as I began implementing my plan I started taking out the ones who could ruin my plans, potential threats.

The first to go was Mesmero; a man with so much raw talent but no ambition. Then The Purple Man. Jason Wyngarde and his daughter. Red Ghost. When it came to getting rid of the Leader, he’d worked out what I was doing and wanted to join in me, but I couldn’t trust that mutant avocado! His giant green head cracked open easily, surprisingly his brain was riddled with tumours...I actually did him a favour

I hired The Serpent Squad and The Wrecking Crew to take out Psylocke, better to have too many than not enough and there was always the threat of her calling in the X-Men. But when she died it worked in my favour. Wolverine was furious and I’d never seen Captain Britain so angry. They went out for blood and got it. I was almost too easy weaving the tapestry. Push the right buttons, get the right results

Nothing ever runs smoothly though, if it did everyone would do it. What surprised me was the spanner in the works was a human reporter named Ben Urich. He connected dots and worked out there was something bigger. I had The Shocker, Boomerang, Tombstone, Tiger Shark and Whirlwind individually go after him, each I’d implanted mentally that Urich knew their greatest secrets & shames and co-ordinate the attack so they all went after him together, none of this ludicrous one by one super villain madness

Urich’s death led directly to the government cracking down on super villains, my plan rolling along nicely. I just had to work out how to infect Xavier with Sinister's cancer virus...

Excerpt from Lord Stryfe's personal Journal



New York City, Night

“Allr faðir! Heyra minn bœn. Frjáls annask illr járnsmiðr. Ykkarr hollr skósveinn”

Sarah opened her eyes and looked out the broken window to the heavens

“You may as well talk to the wall?” scoffed Corey, he was thirteen and didn’t believe in Asgard or Thor

“They’ll come” said Sarah with all her eleven years of knowledge and bravado ‘One day they’ll come”

“If we don’t get home we’ll get shot...by mom!” Corey grabbed her by the collar and dragged her to her feet

The siblings had been playing in the old, broken Bloomberg Tower when Sarah had spotted a laminated poster of Thor on the back of the door. She dropped to one knee and recited her prayers.

Corey shoved his sister back onto the ground roughly

“Hey!” she cried

Corey stood still and waved his right hand at her to shut up. A large metal sphere floated past the window of the 32 floor. A tac-sphere!

Sarah’s eyes welled up and Corey shot her a look that said volumes

The tac-sphere stopped, rotated and hovered up in line with Corey

“Run” mouthed Corey, sliding his flicknife into his palm. Sarah was on the verge of hysterics and shook her head in the negative, tears streaming down her face

The tac-sphere bathed the floor in a green beam; reading and scanning all within it. “Halt! You are in breach of curfew! Lie on the floor. You have five seconds to comply!” The inhuman voice echoed through the abandoned tower

“Sarah...you need to run” muttered Corey through gritted teeth gripping his knife

“Frjáls annask illr járnsmiðr” prayed Sarah “Frjáls annask illr járnsmiðr”

“Hit the deck kid!” came a loud voice from behind him. Corey dropped like a sack to see a black shape fly over him and hit the tac-sphere. It was a wet blanket!?!

“Time to go kids” said the man in a blue and red jumpsuit in a voice that inspired confidence and trust. He grabbed Corey by his arm and Sarah by her hood and dragged them back towards the centre of the building

“That paint blanket won’t hold the tac-sphere long, but nothing short of a plasma ejector is going to hurt it. At least it’ll confuse it” he said

“Who are you?” said Corey

“I’m Thor” he winked at Sarah. He tucked the kids under each arm and dove into the open elevator, their screams of terror slowly turning to joy as the freefall became a glide and he hit the ground floor with a light bump

“Everybody okay?” he asked

“Yeah” said Corey trying to hide his admiration for the stranger

“Mister Thor?” Sarah tugged his arm

“What is it sweetheart?” he crouched down to be at her eye level

“I knew you’d come back” Sarah whispered as she kissed him on the cheek

“You kids run home” he said “I’ll cover you”

Corey and Sarah bolted across the street and down into the drain. He watched them go and as soon as they were out of sight the smile evaporated from his face, time to deal with the floating mechanical ball of death. He stepped out into the street and looked up, the tac-sphere had shaken off the blanket and was darting from floor to floor, window to window searching like an angry hornet

‘Hello!” he yelled up at it “I think you're looking for me!”

The tac-sphere whirled in his direction and dove down towards him “! You have assaulted this unit! You will be terminated!”

He reached behind him and pulled out a pair of vibranium knives and spun them in his hands “You can try”

For more on this mystery guy: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-warstar/651486/#2

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Great stuff! I don't think I've read the Warstar story. But I'll be definitely reading it. :)

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This also links into the April Incident, at least the lead up two when Psylocke got killed

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