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Other Tales From The Empire Parts 1-22:

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Months ago

Major Beyonce Hwjang stood before the tribunal, her uniform immaculate. The five generals sat looking down at her from their podium.

“Anything else to add Major?”

“No sir!” she snapped to attention.

“Do you expect us to believe your tales of yaoguai, oni and motorcycles?”

“It’s all in my report sir!”

The generals muttered amongst themselves, Beyonce wondered if today was her last few moments on earth, being judged by stupid fat men.

“Is it dead?”

“I hope so general,” said Major Hwjang “I brought the mountain down on top of it!”

“Killing General Stephen Kojo-Chin of the Wuhan Iron Hall” grumbled the end general in a haze of hookah smoke “Is that an acceptable loss to you Major?”

“Sir, I was in a firefight with some demonic skeleton! General Kojo-Chin froze like a schoolgirl and for his cowardice, paid the ultimate price. So did my men! Using the dead general’s armour I jury-rigged it to blow, which collapsed the illegal bio-lab in on itself, bringing down part of the mountain burying all within! If that is your issue then I accept full responsibility!”

The generals muttered amongst themselves, Beyonce’s hand instinctively went to her hip where her service blaster usually rested before clasping her other hand firmly behind her back. After several tense minutes of silence, the lead General spoke.

“Major Beyonce Hwjang. You are hereby cleared of any and all wrong doing, that blame falls squarely upon the shoulders of Stephen Kojo-Chin. You have been promoted to the rank of General, with all privileges and responsibilities that entails.”

Beyonce breathed an audible sigh of relief “You also have been moved…” She looked at the generals, her eyes trying to read them “You are the new general of the Sari Iron Hall on the border of China and the Chechyen DMZ”

General Hwjang’s hands balled up into fists, the starking bastards were ‘rewarding’ her; rewarding her out of the way “Thank you generals” she tried to sound pleased

“You’re welcome General”


Now: Sari, China

General Beyonce Hwjang looked out across the Caspian Sea into New Latveria and the Chechyen DMZ. She’d been here five months in what could qualify as one of the worst places on earth, a veritable crossroads. It was hard enough dealing with the Iron Army politics let alone the smuggling across the sea from both sides and add that to the feral peoples from the DMZ. The benefits of her own command was autonomy, the drawbacks were if it went wrong then she’d lose her head! She always wondered why her general in Lanzhou drank heavily, now she knew why.

She downed her straight vodka and threw the glass out towards the sea, drew her blaster and blew it to pieces. A smile crept across her face as she turned to her computer flashing with several alerts. She clicked on the first ‘Outpost inside Chechyen DMZ attacked’


She wasn’t too worried; outposts and relay stations go under all the time in the DMZ for both sides. She clicked the next alert.

‘Outpost raided inside Chechyen DMZ’

General Beyonce Hwjang opened up a map on her holo-pad and looked at the two attacks, five miles from the New Latverian border plus the other alerts.

“This is General Beyonce Hwjang of the Sari Iron Hall! All troops on red alert! If what I’m reading is correct, that New Latverian scum is taking back the Chechyen DMZ!”


(Notes: yaoguai is Chinese for demon, oni is Japanese for demons. Sari is on the map, but the map is way small...in the southeast corner of the Chechyen DMZ is where China, Afghanistan & New America kinda meet, Sari's there))

Links into Ares DMZ Parts 1-4

Which itself leads from Lady Deathstrike #16


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@batkevin74: Cool Ares needs a good rival to fight

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@joshmightbe: Well that's if he makes it that far! :) The Chechyen DMZ is full of, well yuck! Plus it shares borders with Persia, New America & China, so three fronts of Iron Army. But seeing that General Beyonce Hwjang is probably the smartest, tactically sound general in the region more than likely she'll be banging heads with the war god! :)

That's where Sari is, just so you've got an idea :)

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@batkevin74: Ares will be acquiring some allies that will be a huge help in making it through

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@joshmightbe: Well the new general in Sari will be making a phone call soon to a certain Dr Prince...