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Maryland Medical Institute & Asylum, Annapolis

Dr Maxwell Warren stood in the loading dock looking at the pile of bodies being unloaded by several Ferrum employees in biohazard suits. “What are you doing?”

“Monthly dead drop sir” came the muffled reply as they hauled bodies off the hovertruck

“A what? Stop! STOP!” Dr Warren yelled and grabbed the closest Ferrum operative “What are you doing?”

“Dead drop sir. Every month bodies from around the country are shipped her as per Dr Essex’s orders”


“No idea sir. We just haul’em over here and go back for more”

Dr Warren kicked the charred body of large monster man with red hair and horns “So freaks, monsters and animals”

“Pretty much sir. Mainly muties, freaks and spiders. Sometimes people killed by them kinda things too”

“Why?” Dr Warren tapped his foot over another ‘thing’.

“No idea sir. We just haul’em over here…”

“And go back for more, okay. It stops today!”


“No more dead drops. I’m not some bizarre vivisectionist like Dr Essex, who by the way is an evil starking son of a stark!” yelled Dr Warren.

“So where should we take the bodies?”

“I! DON’T! CARE!” growled Dr Warren “Bury them maybe! This dumping stops today!”


Dr Warren glared at the hooded employee “Leave now. Stop what you’re doing, and leave before I do something you’ll regret!”

The Ferrum employee looked at his three companions and shrugged, then flipped a lever on the back of the hovertruck spilling another forty bodies out onto the loading dock. “All yours now”

Dr Warren looked at the pile of corpses strewn about the place. It was quite a macabre sight. The hovertruck pulled away and he spotted another one waiting to take its place.

“You have got to be starking kidding me!”


Dr Warren sat in his office, looking through papers, notes and files made by Dr Essex. Most of it was gibberish, nonsense even. He found snippets on why every month hundreds of bodies but no clear explanation why. Some went to be autopsied but it just didn’t make sense.

“Excuse me Dr Warren”

He looked up to see a young nurse standing in the doorway “What?”

“You need to see this”


“Sir, I could try to explain, but it’s easier if you come and look”

Dr Warren huffed as he got up “This better be good”


Dr Warren and Nurse Amelia stood on a sub-sub level, something not listed on any schematic. It was a vibranium reinforced vault door and from the other side was a dreadful banging. Nurse Amelia pointed to the viewing port. Dr Warren looked in and was horrified. About forty alien, insectoid creatures slammed into the door like ravenous beasts, the room littered with skeletons.

“What the stark?” exclaimed Dr Warren

“It gets worse Dr Warren” said Nurse Amelia as she flipped on a microphone from inside the vault.


Dr Warren shock in terror “What are they?”

Nurse Amelia handed him a board, Dr Warren looking at it quizzically before realising it wasn’t a holo-pad but a clipboard. Dr Warren scanned the papers seeing Dr Essex’s scribbled, garbled notes.

“You sick, evil, clever bastard!” muttered Dr Warren

“What would you like us to do sir?”

Dr Warren pondered for a while before answering “Resume the dead drops”

“Yes sir” said Nurse Amelia as they headed back up to the lifts


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I love the Brood, Awesome

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@joshmightbe: There's a lot of fun to be had in Maryland! A massive complex with levels and weird stuff from the mind of Mr Sinister. There's the T-Floor as well, the Cage...so much 'goodness' hidden in Annapolis :) Oh can you drop the link to those T-Floor stories here coz they are related to this, plus who else/what else is lurking in a far corner

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@batkevin74: The T-floor was specifically built for the son of Thanos but I doubt Sinister would allow the most secure place in the world go to waste on just one guy. I'll go look up the chapters

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@joshmightbe: Thank you ;)

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@batkevin74: I'm writing the new Avengers right now and will be addressing what caused the rift between the Salazar brothers but I'm keeping it somewhat vauge in case you still wanted to write something about the actual event. Basically it was in China, Alex thought Anthony left him for dead while something hectic was happening but this was actually when Anthony was arrested prior to his 2 years in prison.

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@joshmightbe: Vague is good, but I have no real better idea. I will probably write the two-year stint in Lintong Laboring Prison (just outside Xi'an China) where Master Izo and Anthony hung out, just the prison life not how he got there or anything

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@batkevin74: We can work out the details later on.