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(The places mentioned in this are found in my, & stories, located here and links with the Thanos Sanction Aftermath)




The Bar With No Name

Sergei Vleck threw the Goblin upstart into the wall with a sick thump as he looked up at the screen. Images of a woman, a battered woman at that, flanked by a giant of a man with an axe on his back, standing on the balcony of Castle Doom. The pixelated message on the holo-screen ran a headline across the bottom: Doom is dead!

Sergei stared in disbelief. Another Goblin patron staggered up behind him and started to speak and Sergei smashed his elbow into the man’s face, dropping him to the floor. The bar went quiet.

Slightly shellshocked, Sergei shuffled to the bar and poured himself a pint of scotch and slapped a pistol on the bar “Drinks are on the house! Silent reflection is in force” He sculled the pint and poured another.

“To Doom!” he roared

Iron Skirt Bar, Latverian Quarter, NYC

Algirdas stood with the patrons, heads bowed, glasses raised. The door swung open, and in strode two Iron Army officers in full dress regalia.

“Two beers!” cheered the officer.

Algirdas raised his head and glared at the two men “Go find somewhere else to drink”

“Look here starker” the other officer warned “Do you know who I am?” He tapped his shoulder stripes.

Algirdas looked to his bartender Rolandas and subletly nodded “No, and I don’t care. You two idiots have just interrupted a wake for Victor Von Doom” The two officers noticed that the patrons had all turned and moved closer to them, Rolandas had moved to the door and bolted it shut with an ominous click.

"To quote the king" Algirdas cracked his knuckles "Such insolence shall not go unpunished"

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Even Doom's memory causes grief for the Iron Army

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@joshmightbe: Well he was a powerful and to a degree popular person. And when faced with the choice, he was the lesser of two evils :)

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