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General Falcon Helfitta shot up, pulling the black bag off his head. He was wearing a hospital gown in a sterile white room. He looked down at his left arm, puzzled at the fact that he had one. Part of the wall slid open and Dr Nathaniel Essex strode into the room looking a holo-pad.

General Helfitta jumped to his feet and began to speak when Essex grabbed him by the face and pushed him back into bed roughly.

“Please remain in bed General Helfitta” said Essex barely looking up “Or you might open your stitching”

“What have you done to me?”

Essex looked at the General “I have repaired you”

“So I’m now one of your experiments”

Essex tucked the holo-pad under his arm and looked at the Iron Army general as he sat up.

“General, I can understand your apprehension but rest assure I have simply given you back your arm, nothing more”


Nathaniel looked quizzically at the General “I don’t understand”

“Why would you fix me?”

“Because it is your left arm” said Essex


“Sinister, in heraldry means on the left. When I heard of your injury, it piqued my curiosity. And considering the state of the world, good men are hard to find”

Falcon flexed his arm “You’ll have to excuse my total lack of thanks Dr Essex, but I don’t trust you. I’m tempted to chop it off”

“It is your arm, do with it as you please” Dr Essex headed for the exit.

“Where are we?” asked General Helfitta

“We are in one of my sites, hidden from the prying eyes of Ferrum, the Iron Army or your Supreme Commander” Dr Essex stopped “Who, by the way is only in his position because of me. You’re a good man Falcon. When you’re ready, Weapon X will take you Chicago”

“Why Chicago?”

“It seems an army of Creeds is attacking Ferrum Headquarters” Dr Essex smiled cruelly.

General Helfitta stood and stepped towards the doctor and extended his hand “Thank you”

“Don’t thank me just yet Falcon” The wall slid open to reveal a masked man in blue and burnt orange uniform “Make sure he arrives in one piece, X”

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Sinister, always a new plot with him. I love it

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@joshmightbe: Yeah he's bad but he's interesting. Also I thought it might be time to have the 10 clones from The Black Womb (Tales 12) all grown up. Sinister use to have 100,000's of troops. Now he has 10. But those 10 are pretty %$@!king bad@$$! :)

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@batkevin74: I figured you had a plan

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@joshmightbe: Just threading up the 'loose' ends is all :)

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@batkevin74: I'm looking forward to seeing it play out

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@joshmightbe: So am I :)