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This takes place two weeks before this story http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-beginning-part-3/650645/#7

The Vault, Colorado

Corporal Seth Caulkin slowly walked along the catwalk above the cages looking for signs of trouble. There was very rarely trouble here at the Vault but when it happened, it was as if a meteor packed with explosives ran headlong into a tanker containing rocket full and ball bearings. The guards had nicknamed this section the Hall of Pain because of what it was and who was in here...often trouble started from the Hall.

Caulkin looked down on the cell known as the Jigsaw cell. In five separate; hydrogen filled glass cases were two legs, two arms, a torso and a head. The head had a faded green ponytail coming from a topknot. Caulkin clicked open his data-pad; Prisoner Gideon: secure

Caulkin looked down on the cell opposite from Gideon’s. A woman sat drooling, cross legged on the floor. A collar around her neck gave the welcome and reassuring blue pulse to signify it was on. Prisoner Candra: secure

Caulkin walked to the next cell. Floating in a null field was a head. Prisoner Hodge, Cameron: secure

Caulkin looked at the next cell. It hummed. In the centre of the room was a plexi-glass tube that combined a centrifuge and molecular disruptor. Every so often a green, ghostly hand would form to attempt trying to smash the glass, sometimes it was a foot. Prisoner Aman, John aka Prince of Orphans: secure

Caulkin raised his air filter mask as he approached the next cell. He’d been here six years and still the smell wasn’t something one got use to. Lying on the floor was an old man. The floor and the walls were an oven, constantly cooking the blue man. The smell of burnt fish and hair wafted constantly from this cell. The old man looked up at Caulkin, eyes crusty and withered but full of hate. Prisoner Attuma: secure

The last cell before Seth headed to the other wing was one that always creeped him out. The floor was carved with runic symbols and crosses. It reeked of garlic; combined with the fish smell it was vomit inducing. Deep scratches were etched into the glass. Caulkin looked at the cell. Huddled in the corner was a wizened old man on a small perch that didn’t have symbols on it.

“I’m hungry” came the eerie call from the corner

“Well that’s too bad. You get fed once a day”

“FEED ME!” he screamed and slammed himself into the glass, his bare feet smouldering from the runic symbols. His mouth full of mouldy razor sharp fangs.

“You need to shut the stark up!” Caulkin’s hand went for his panic alarm “You yell at me again and I turn the hose on you”

The prisoner and the guard starred at each other before the prisoner broke and returned to its perch in the corner.

Caulkin clicked his data pad. Prisoner Falsworth, Jonathan aka Baron Blood: secure

Caulkin walked off the catwalk and into the watch tower. He loaded his data pad into the cradle to down & upload all relevant details.


“Sir yes sir!” replied Caulkin snapping to attention as Captain Davis entered the room

“At ease” Beside Captain Davis stood a young man in a nicely pressed uniform “This is Corporal Harker. He’s been sent here as watch lead for K-wing. You’ll have today to show him the ropes. Dismissed”

The Captain left the room. Seth extended his hand “Corporal Harker; Corporal Caulkin”

“Nice to meet you”

“K-wing huh?” Caulkin whistled “Nice posting”

“Why is that?”

“Celebrity wing! And star of the show is prisoner Bennet Du Paris. Been here at least eighty five years. Try not to look him in the eyes”

Harker shrugged off Caulkin’s warning “So you going to show me around?”

“Sure” Caulkin grabbed his data pad and headed back towards the catwalk, Harker in tow “This is called the Hall of Pain…”

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Love it, I wasn't expecting a Baron Blood cameo

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@joshmightbe:Got the idea from your Morbius. I figure the reason they keep these guys in the Vault is because they CAN'T kill them. They've tried but they just won't stay dead so that's why they have it. And I thought why just have a prisoner for one guy (he's not Rudolph Hess in Spandau Prison) there's got to be some old guys and probably a heap of new guys in this secure facility

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@batkevin74: I liked the bit at the end with Exodus and Harker, the new guy should've listened

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@joshmightbe: Thanks, just went looking through all of what we've written to search for some inspiration and viola!

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Ahhhh right, right, right once again too quik to comment and it makes sense with the linking and the cros-referencing :) Nice work

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@tomdickharry1984: Ha ha ha its a vast, intertwining tapestry I weave..well not that vast. Thanks for reading

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