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The Federation of Somalian Pirates

“You’re late with your payment Emir” the words were direct and forceful “The Supreme Commander has sent me here to remind you”

“Why do you not cover your head when you speak to me?” growled the Pirate Emir of The Federation of Somalian Pirates “Why do you even think to address me?”

“We go through this every time I’m sent here” scowled Jessica Mongoose “Do you think I like coming to this backwater cesspit? You OWE money to the Iron Army. You get to rule this dirty country at the leisure of the Supreme Commander”

“Silence woman!” the Pirate Emir shook his hand and the thirty teenagers who flanked her raised their AK-47’s towards her “I will hear you no more. Be gone!”

“Mohammaed Kobe Mustapha Sharif al-Ali” stated Jessica as looked directly at him “It was only seven years ago when you stood where your bodyguards stand now. How soon power makes one forget the past”

Jessica looked at the boys who were now squarely addled by her pheromomnes “Gentlemen I belive the Pirate Emir has blasphemed, blackened the name of Allah”

The boys pointed their weapons at the Pirate Emir, cocking them to life

“You witch! You unclean beast!” he spat “There is a special place in Hell for you”

“I’m already in it” smiled Jessica “Anytime boys”

The teenagers opened fire on the Pirate Emir, cutting him into chunks with the concentrated firepower. Soon the weapons clicked empty. Jessica sprung to life ripping through them like a scythe through wheat. In a few minutes all were dead bar one, who Jessica had pinned to the wall by his throat


“Ah-Ahmed” he croaked

“Full name!” she released her grip

“Ahmed Tyson Muhammed Abdullah Hassan” he said holding his sore throat

“Congratulations you’re the new Pirate Emir of The Federation of Somalian Pirates” she said as she slapped him over the back of the head “Now lets visit your treasury so I can get out of this disgusting place”

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I like seeing the different aspects of the world shown in your tales

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@joshmightbe: The whole world is there to be seen an often in comic books and even in the news everything seems to been American-centric. The world IS bigger than NYC & Hollywood :)

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@batkevin74: Morbius will be leaving America soon and traveling the world so these tales will probably be referenced

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@joshmightbe: Coolio!

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Nice! Didn't even this until I checked the library. Whole country of teenager Mulsim pirates, sounds like a co mic book waiting to happen