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There are many, many things in this life that I hate; none more so than one Dr Nathaniel Essex aka Mr Sinister. I have over three hundred different ways I want to kill him! But being the devious, manipulative bastard he is; he has me over a barrel and powerless against him...which I HATE!

I also hate magic! Magic says it follows rules yet breaks them all even though they claim it’s just unexplained science. But even though I hate it I will use it. And Mordo was a willing pawn to help me in oh so many ways. He took it upon himself to radically improve his powers by contacting demons, selling gifts to devils and other rituals. I don’t care what he did, I only cared that it worked. And all it took was to promise I’d give him a rightful place in my empire when it came to be...a deal he’d regret the wording of

I had Mordo enchant my armour and my bones with spells of protection, wards and glyphs that would prevent magical repercussions. And because I trusted him as far as I could spit, I had a coven of witches & warlocks reinforce the spells separately in case he got ideas and tried to manipulate like Sinister has...

When Stark died I was attacked by one very angry Stephen Strange. If not for my magical counter measures he would’ve killed me! But he failed and I sent him packing when the battle moved from the magical to the telepathic. And he ran...

Mordo came to claim his prize and wasn’t he surprised when the “people” around him were LMD’s I’d pilfered from S.H.I.E.L.D and set upon him like a pack of ravenous dogs, I kept a recording. The LMD’s continually beat him around the clock for about three years until I got control of Roxxon & Rand to make Ferrum. And that’s when they found the journals of Reed Richards and they put the Bifrost cannon together, but it needed an engine. It was serendipity!

Mordo got bolted into the machine to power it, a magical core to amplify Reed’s super science cannon to remove Asgard from interfering with my plans. Mutants are bad enough without gods sticking their noses in. I used a similar concept on Mount Olympus but because Olympus is an actual place in Greece as well as a dimension they built the Providence satellite powered by the Quantum Bands from some blonde idiot whose name escapes me. Asgardians & Olympians out of the way. And then Sinister suggested a plan for the Eternals...I hated him but I couldn’t fault his idea

I’ve kept Mordo alive for over two hundred years. The human body is quite resilient and with constant upkeep & maintenance like a car the lifespan can be prolonged. I have a team of doctors on site in Bismarck to keep him alive at all costs.

An excerpt from Lord Stryfe’s journal

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I love how making a deal with Stryfe is pretty much making a deal with the devil here

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@joshmightbe: He's nasty!

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@batkevin74: All is revealed, that's how Mordo ends up in the cannon (my cannon he he he) Good work

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@tomdickharry1984: Thanks, it links in with Son of Thor & Ares by