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Marvel Iron Age:

Stealing Fire

Takes Place Before:



"F-1" She whispers as she falls twenty thousand feet above, Genosha from a Shield transport. Hard light wings expanded from her back as she sped toward the island.

"Normally you wait for further orders, Mockingbird."

"Sorry, Colonel." She responded back over her communicator. "Got antsie and that agent Somerset was exceedingly annoying."

"Your entering the dead zone. You'll be out of contact until you get out of the city. A support team will be out of the question once you land."

Mockingbird eyed a nearby building and picked that one as her landing zone. "I'll be fine Ms. Marvel." The thought of calling Carol Danvers by her super hero moniker brought a smile to her face. She remembers the bio's of all the Avengers told to her by Jarvis, the program that had trained her in the Pym Pocket she grew up in. In this time she never thought that she would be actually working with a `real' Avenger. "Mockingbird out."

She sped toward the building, her communicator was useless now. She landed smoothly, the vibranium in her boots not making a single sound. Two guards stood on watch in front of her, completely unaware of her arrival. She stepped carefully behind them and out stretched her arms to their necks. "BW-1" She commanded as an electrical blast knocked the two guards unconscious.

She pressed the sides of her mask, the lens scanned and focused in on the tallest building in the city. It was here any data, Danvers said any data on the facility could be found. Genosha had become a walled off city, that the Iron Army maintains a no fly zone over. Any attempt at infiltration has failed and the Iron Army denies what is going on here. The theory was that this island was being used as a giant lab like the British isles or Ireland. But with no records on it not one person knew.

She lept from the building and flew toward it. Banking left as she flew toward the side of the structure. A tram was headed for the building, a port opened as it drew nearer. She glided on top of the tram and prepared for her approach. The tram stopped inside of the building's opening, a large steel door opened above her. Seeing no other entrance she climbed inside, scaling along the sides of this opening.

She climbed for what seemed like hours in complete darkness. Switching to night-vision mode, her suits lenses provided something in the way of vision. "Where the hell--" The ground beneath her opened into a large chamber. The room was dull and grey, and besides a few work stations and a large moniter at the end of the room the chamber was empty. "am I?"

She got to her feet and walked toward the monitor, and she hoped that it would have the information she was looking for. "I have a bad feeling about this." She mused as she began scanning the controls. She plunged in a snatch-drive into one of it's data-ports and began the down load.

[May I ask who you are?]

"Huh?" Mockingbird gasped as she looked around. The chamber was still empty.

[Your name miss? A spy has never infiltrated the City without setting off my alarms. But once you landed on the tram I knew I had to see your intent.]

"And here we are right?" Mockingbird grunted, growing more anxious as the device sifted through file after file on the moniter. "Come on faster!"

[You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance. Tickling me with your foot steps.]

"Strange fetish you have, disembodied voice." The drive was only reading a twenty percent complete download. Mockingbird scanned the room for exits and then back at the device. Still nothing.

[I'm afraid the device however advanced I'm now equipped to handle. It contained garbage data that I had to assimilate and syncronize to core processes. I'm afraid twenty percent was just me being kind.]

The data port spat out her snatch-drive, leaving Mockingbird confused. "Damn." She picked up the drive, searching for an exit.

[My scans show that Major Laura Kinney has received my alert and has mobilized a team of Reavers. It was nice meeting you mystery woman.]

Mockingbird recognized the name and faced the monitor. "Who?" She noticed her self sinking and looked down. A swirling green portal had opened up around her feet and was swallowing her. Before she could activate a countermeasure she was consumed and before she could take a breath, was dumped hard on the ground.

"Ow..." She moaned.

"Look at this, Major Talon." A deep metallic voice said above her. She looked up, a large man with two enormous cybernetic arms stood before her.

"She can't be AAD, Cut Throat has more sense. One of Gerald's?" Said a woman behind her.

"Scalp Hunter stopped sending his people here when all he kept getting back were bodies." Said another woman. "Brigade."

The man in front of Mockingbird snickered, "On it Major!" Brigade raised his fist and sent it crashing down to the ground, Mockingbird barely dodging the attack.

Brigade whipped around and pointed his fists at her, firing and intense energy beam at her. She was thrown back by the beams in a flash of light, exhaling as her body armor held. Her masks es scanned for weaknesses in his arms and quickly found one. "SR-2!" She fired an electrical blast into Brigade's cyberntic arms. Electricity shot up his arms like snakes slithering on ground.

"The bitch hacked my arms!" Brigade pointed his arms at the other pair of women and fired at them against his will. The one wearing and armor that seemed to be grafted to her skin teleported out of the way, while the other as far as Mockingbird could tell was hit.

The other woman teleported above, Mockingbird. Blades extended from her arms, swinging them at Mockingbirds head as she came out from her jump. "Your fast!" Mockingbird exclaimed as she rolled out of the way and jumped to her feet.

"Almost faster than my kind of fast." She continued at the bladed woman swung at her, only hitting air as Mockingbird continued to dodge. She slid under her opponents legs as she swung both bladed arms at Mockingbird's head. "TK-1!" She said as her suit produced two pistols.

Mockingbird put two rounds into the woman's chin which came out through the back of her head. "Almost."

Mockingbird got back to her feet. She turned around as she heard the noise of running feet. She couldn't even raise her guns before Two sets of claws jutted out of the hands of the woman she thought was taken care of. She was short, black hair and looked vaguely oriental. She recognized her face at the last minute, it belonged to a woman in one of her programs on former, Avengers. "Shit." In one quick motion the woman cut off her hands with one swing and stuck another set of claws in her chest.

Mockingbird quickly faded from view, the woman's claws jabbed into nothing but the sir. "A hard-light program." She sheathed the claws back into her hands. "She is one of Danvers' then."

She looked up to the sky as what appeared to be a set of wings flew off into the distance. "I will see you again."

Mockingbird's safe house,

a week later:

Mockingbird kicked her feet up on the table as she collapsed onto the couch. "What a day, Edwin can you believe Ms. Marvel set us up with this place? Much better than that Triskelion."

~The accommodations are excellent ma'am. Does this mean we are now apart of S.H.I.E.L.D?~

"Nope. The Colonel says--" She cleared her throat and continued, "You are a freelancer, I don't want that $#%#less idiot Carter or Doom finding out about you. Just screw with the Iron Army anyway you can." She said in mock seriousness.

~Sounds like you got lucky, Nora.~

Nora slouched in her chair and starred at the ceiling. "With a lot of strings attached, Edwin." She exhaled. "A lot of strings."

~It was fortunate Carol Danvers discovered us when she did. You were right out of the pocket and ready to fight the Supreme Commander and take the Iron Army single handed.~

"Good thing I've got somebody pointing me in the right direction."

~Precisely ma'am. Did you ever find out what the data you recovered contained?~

"Something called Wide Awake."

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And BOOM! Nicely done to you both! I so want to write the tale of the guys who Scalphunter sent to Genosha only to be sent back in a box/bottle. Very impressive writing and still wondering :WHAT THE HELL IS PROJECT WIDE AWAKE!!!!!!

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Great job, I had been hoping we'g hear more from Mockingbird. I'm eager to see what your doing with project WideAwake

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I loved this story. Time_Phantom did this all himself and did an excellent job. Anytime he wants to use Mockingbird he's got my blessing.

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Thanks all of you.

I think you'll like what I'm doing with Wide Awake. everychapter in this arc of shield tells us a little more, until the finale.

Thanks for letting me use Mockingbird, she's a great character.

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@Time_Phantom: I am looking forward to it

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@Time_Phantom: Man I've missed truckloads! Btw whats AAD?...Oh and one day i bet Mockingbird says TK-421 :) ha ha ha

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@tomdickharry1984: American Assassination Division

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@tomdickharry1984 said:
@Time_Phantom: Man I've missed truckloads! Btw whats AAD?...Oh and one day i bet Mockingbird says TK-421 :) ha ha ha
All of the codes Mockingbird uses are to call up specific weapons and gadgets in her arsenal. Each one means something. I gave Time_Phantom my cheat sheet I made up so I can remember which is which.
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TK-421 is a code from Star Wars. If she uses that hoepfully she gets a lightsabre, a cape and wicked sick Force powers :) Oh and a death star

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@tomdickharry1984: Oh don't worry, I totally got the Star Wars reference. Heh. She doesn't have a lightsaber but she does have a certain photonic sword she used in her very first chapter aboard the flying airship. Though I think the code for it was BK-1.
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I kinda think I over did it with the verbal commands though. Reading it again I don't think she'd have to do it as much I had her doing it.

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah but it works. Sure some of the things she can trigger physically but others she needs to say.
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@Time_Phantom: Just found this hiding up the back, still an impressive read :)

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SO MANY TYPOS!!! Fixed. Glad you still like it @batkevin74 said:

@Time_Phantom: Just found this hiding up the back, still an impressive read :)

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@impurestcheese: No relation. She was raised in a Pym Pocket by and automated Jarvis and learned the skills and how to use the weapons of every avenger ever. She had her own series.

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@impurestcheese: No relation. She was raised in a Pym Pocket by and automated Jarvis and learned the skills and how to use the weapons of every avenger ever. She had her own series.

Would be nice if we could get @princeimc back...

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