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Empire State Technical College, New York

Benjamin bolted down the corridor to see the exit being blocked by two Iron Soldiers and three Ferrum scientists, herding students back towards the main buildings. Benjamin turned and headed back the way he came, moving with the flow of students before ducking into the stairwell.

“Move down the stairs and into the quad for mandatory blood testing!” The electronic voice boomed from above as several students came down the stairs.

“Starking fascists!” grumbled an overweight Asian student shoving handfuls of Al-Mar fries into his mouth as he ambled past “Someone should teach them a lesson”

Benjamin smirked and looked at his uniform under his shirt. A look rippled across his face, he was conflicted. He wanted to do the right thing, but he was worried about what his father would say…do to him. What would Spider-Man do?

Benjamin waited until all the students had passed before stripping down to his Spider costume. He made a web parcel and stuck his civvies to his back and then webbed up the stairwell.

Spider Man yelled as he swung up the stairs to the approaching soldiers “I’d like to make a complaint!”

Ferrum Tech Research and Development, New York City

Desmond Fisk looked out the window as the technicians, scientists and project managers filed out of the room. Another useless meeting with another round of ideas that bordered on the retarded! Who in their right mind would want to attempt to bring Sergei Kravinoff back to life, spliced with Creed DNA? Dr Menzies had an interesting idea by plagiarising and combining technologies from the Trapster, Shocker and the Fixer. All would need approval from the Chairman to borrow items and schematics from the Warehouse.

Desmond pulled his vibrating data pad from his pocket “Fisk!”

“Sorry to disturb you sir, but you wanted to be informed of an…”

“Do get on with it!” Fisk said abruptly as he lost interest.

“Spider Man”

Desmond Fisk’s eyes widened and he smiled “Where?”

Empire State Technical College, New York

“…nd it’s amazing how someone with such positive blood, can have such a negative outlook!” Spider Man lectured the Ferrum scientist that he’d webbed upside down to the roof and was slapping like an older sibling tortures a younger one “So how many of you vampires are out and about today? Hello? Did you just go unconscious? Hello?” Spider-Man looked at the broken, battered and webbed up Iron Soldiers stuck to the walls “Any of you awake to answer questions?” He looked around; they were all out of it.

Spider-Man swung out onto the main floor, dropped down and casually joined in with the students filing into the auditorium “Hey how you doing? What about that history test? Nice jacket?”

Two Iron Soldiers stared at him at disbelief and slowly raised their weapons. “What? Is it not dress as an Arachnid Day?” Spider-Man crossed his arms in a huff “Seriously the scheduling at this school is worse than my last school” He thwipped webbing, encasing the pair in a great grey glob. He flipped over to them and clunked their helmets together. Several students clapped and cheered.

“What are you doing?” asked Mr Beck, the social studies co-ordinator

“I’m a haemophiliac” replied Spider-Man “Blood giving isn’t good for me?”

“But it’s the law. It helps with the war effort!” Beck retorted

“I always thought this was America, land of the free, home of the…” his spider sense pinged and he pushed Mr Beck away and ducked under the blast that scorched the top of his mask “Duck!” Spider-Man slung up to the roof and saw a man in a red metal suit with large cylinders on his back.

Benjamin couldn’t help it and burst into laughter “I’ve had run ins with a vulture, a rhino and a chameleon…what are you? Propane Man? Smokey the Bear? Firestar?”

“I’m the Scorcher!” he yelled opening up a plume of liquid fire that coated the roof. The students screamed as the ceiling caught fire.

“Man, you Ferrum guys are really terrible at names” he dropped down and twisted away “Is there a committee that pulls bad names out of a hat? Is there even a hat?"

“I need back up!” Scorcher called into his radio

Spider Man smacked the man straight in the face knocking him cold “And fighting lessons”. The armour powered down and the fire extinguishers on the roof kicked into action. Students ran, Spider-Man hauled Mr Beck to his feet as water rained down.

“You okay?”

Mr Beck fumbled his glasses back onto his face “Y-yes”

“Think these blood drives are still a good idea?”

“Um…who are you?”

Spider-Man stared at him “Are you serious? Red & blue onesie, shooting webs, BIG spider on chest…” The door burst open and four Iron Soldiers charged in “I’m Daredevil! Gotta go!”

“In the name of the Supreme Commander…” the soldier yelled as Spider-Man swung away leading them on a merry chase away from the school.

Ferrum Tech Research and Development, New York City

Desmond looked at the data pad and then back at Professor Ivan Prince, whose mouth was a smashed, bruised mess from where Spider-Man had broken his face.

“Would you like to make a series of excuses?” Desmond looked at him. The professor hung his head and stared at his feet “How about I save you the trouble? The blood drive today did yield 149,000 millilitres of blood. With damage done, each millilitre is worth a staggering $147 per mil. Does this sound like a reasonable, adequate price to pay for blood Ivan?”

“No sir…”

“And the Scorcher armour? Who was the architect of that molten bronze droplet of stupidity?”

“…Mine sir”

“How much did it cost?”

“Fourteen million dollars”

Desmond rubbed his forehead “For a glorified flamethrower…it seems I am being surrounded by idiots!” Desmond made a gesture and two Iron Soldiers stepped either side of Professor Prince and grabbed him roughly “You have an appointment in Chicago, Ivan. You’re going to tell the Chairman himself, why you’re such a starking waste of space”

“No, no please!” pleaded Professor Prince as he tried to resist as they dragged him off “PLEASE!”

“Out of my hands Ivan” Desmond turned back to the assembled technicians of Ferrum who had silently watched the whole scene. He took a deep breath to keep from exploding with rage. “I want Spider-Man dead by the end of the month! No excuses, near misses or close calls; dead!”

Kairos family home, evening

Maximilian Kairos stared silently at his son Benjamin, who sat quietly waiting for the fatherly volcano to explode.

Hopefully continued by in Spiderman vs.…Pt 4

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great job as usual

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I'll add to the archive in a bit. Good job.

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@joshmightbe: Thanks

@AweSam: Thank you, whenever you get time, no real rush :)

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@batkevin74:WOAH! IRON AGE IS BACK!

Great story!

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@primepower53: Yeah, it had a nap and is back!

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Nice, very nice! {Maximilian Kairos stared silently at his son Benjamin, who sat quietly waiting for the fatherly volcano to explode} He's in trouble, a lot of trouble methinks :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: He's Spider-Man, of course he's in trouble :P

Or this?

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@batkevin74: Very Nice! I thought we only had a Scarlet Spider. Which I am going to start reading right now.

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@DickGrayson: We've got a Scarlet Spider, a Spider-Man and a Spiders organisation :)

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Awesome! Research time. If this is where you were going I think I have an idea of where to go...

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@batkevin74: I donated blood yesterday and thankfully this didn't happen while I was there.

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@impurestcheese: ....Or did it? How do I know that YOU aren't really the Future Spider-Man from a dystopian future?!

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@tommythehitman: Yes because I'm a time travelling spider person and not a 25 year old ecologist

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@impurestcheese: By the way issue 1 0f my new Marvel IA: Spider-Man is up... in fact it should be right below this on the FF board.

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