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(This is a brief interlude by me on wonderful work on Iron Age Spider-Man! He's done a great job (go check it out) and I hope this lives up to the tone & level he set. Read, comment, enjoy)

Empire State Technical College, New York

Benjamin sat in class aimlessly drawing on his data-pad. He smiled at the Cobalt Penguin caricature he’d drawn.

“Is that correct Mr Kairos?” Mr Mencer asked.

“Um yes”

“If you’d bother to pay attention the atomic number of Xenon is NOT 45 but 54” Mr Mencer said “Try to pay attention”

“Yessir” muttered Benjamin shrinking into his chair. He was here at the Empire State Technical College because his father Maximilian wanted him to be better, Benjamin was here because if he went to another school they might work out he was smarter than most of the professors and sent to work for Ferrum.

The bell sounded and the class stood up “Read the chapter on krypton!” yelled Mr Mencer

Benjamin filed into the corridor amongst the throng of kids. He wanted to spend all day swinging around the city, stopping Iron Soldiers, teaming up with other heroes like Warstar and Hamster; well Hamster wasn’t a good guy per se but his heart was in the right place…but since the craziness in New Latveria the Iron Army had stepped up operations in New York, combined with these Ferrum guys trying to kill him like Rhino and Chameleon. All this and other factors led to the riot where the city erupted in violence. This coupled with the message that came in from Madam Web to his father, “Benjamin has to stay away from the web for a while. Great danger”

Ben had no idea what that even meant but his father took it to heart and literally banning all computer and data-pads from home and grounding him from being Spider-Man until Madam Web said otherwise. He’d tried to argue but there was no use arguing, it was his father’s way and there were no other options.


Ben turned to see his best friend Enrico Myers heading towards him, in a panic. His psychic spider senses went off like an alarm.

“What is it?”

“Soldiers” said Enrico “They’ve surrounded the school. There are a dozen Ferrum vans outside as well”

“Normally the most excitement we get around here is mystery meat Wednesday” joked Benjamin.

“Blood drive” said a kid passing them in a hurry in the opposite direction.

“¿Qué” said Enrico

“Blood drive” repeated the kid “They turn up and forcibly get blood donations for the war effort. They also check for mutants, spiders and other stuff”

Benjamin gulped “Gotta go” He grabbed Enrico by the arm and bolted down the hall.

“Easy esse” cried Enrico

“Rico!” Benjamin looked at his best friend, his emotions all over his face

“Go” said Enrico

Ferrum Tech Research and Development, New York City

Desmond Fisk sat at the large conference table glaring at the assemble technicians and project managers. He angrily tapped his laser pointer into the marble desk, the crack-crack-crack sound resonating through the office

“Well?” he said, his anger boiling.

“Sir…” the sentence hadn’t finished when he hurled the laser pointer at the speaker clipping them in the mouth.

“The next person who speaks will be sent to China to work in the Zunyi organ farms!” said Desmond regaining his composure. Desmond stood up and looked out the window to the city below “Where did you get…no allow me to rephrase, who thought it would be a good idea to combine dinosaur DNA with Pym Particles”

Cautiously a bespectacled lab technician slowly, painfully raised his hand. Desmond looked at him and shook his head.

“You’re the reason I have a forty foot Stegron running around sub-basement three?” The technician nodded nervously “Well best you head down there and clean up your mess” Desmond watched as the technician slowly walked to the door “Gentlemen let’s leave the gene-splicing to Dr Essex shall we”

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Glad to see Spidey back, had to chuckle about the 40 foot Stegron

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So do we have cars or hovercrafts in this era. I'm still confused about that

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@AweSam: Yes

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@AweSam: Mainly hover stuff but still cars because not everyone can afford hover stuff. There's hover trains, tanks, trucks

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Ha ha ha 40ft stegron! :P

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Anyone else?

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Woo hoo! Third one listed!

Nice work. Sorry, I would of commented earlier, but I keep missing these.

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are these gathered somewhere?

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Note to self: finish this!

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Part 2 is up also

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Very nice

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks

Have you seen this?

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@batkevin74: I have now! It was awesome! Is there a Prologue?

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As requester ere is your bump. Pet Stegron :-). I want one.

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As requester ere is your bump. Pet Stegron :-). I want one.

A 40ft dino-pet, well I'll see what I can do :)

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@batkevin74: I need it fast, he's got an appointment in T-Bolts #21 over on Marvel Mayhem sometime in late January.