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The Wrecking Crew surrounded Magni with coordinated military precision. Magni watched them as the easily contained him, he planned his strategy

“I reckon we just smash this mongrel” said Crowbar

“Done deal mate” said Hacksaw

“Focus you wombats!” snarled Wreckingball

Magni looked at the strange mechanised men who seemed to be living cybernetic metal as they gibbered around him

“I have no idea what any of you chattering monkeys has said” stated Magni

“She’ll be right mate” laughed Hammer with a nod and a butchers wink

Magni looked right at him “What did you say?”

“Sheel bee write” he repeated slower

“Who is she?”

“I reckon he’s having a hard time with our Aussie accents” chuckled Rivet

Magni shook his head and suddenly dropped to one knee “I am Magni. The son of Thor, the son of Odin, the son of Bor. As the ambassador of Asgard in the service of All father Balder, I surrender”

The group was confused at the sight of this big strapping lad, kneeling before them, surrendering

“What do we do Wreckingball?” asked Welder

The Wrecking Crew looked towards their leader Wreckingball as he carefully looked at their soon to be prisoner

“Stone the crows!” snapped Wreckingball “If this bogan aint fair dinkum then drop him, I’ll put a call through to the Commander”

Magni watched the other five fire up an array of weapons. Hacksaw extended two large chainsaw blades from his forearms; Welder’s hands engulfed in blue flames; Rivet’s arms turned into guns; Crowbar’s arms extended into two hard pry bars bristling with energy; whilst Hammer just stood there

“It’s Wreckingball darlin’. Patch me through to the Supreme Commander...I am speaking Seppo you galah! Just patch me through or I’m gonna come down the line and smack you in the gob!” Magni watched as the others laughed as Wreckingball prattled down his inbuilt radio

“Bloody holo-mail, g’day Supreme Commander; Wreckingball of the Wrecking Crew. We got that Magni fella and he’s surrendering to us. Just wanted to check if you want him dead or just broken? Give us a bell back willya!”

“What’d he say?” asked Hacksaw

“Holo-mail ya drongo”

“Only askin coz you yabbered on”

Magni looked confused at what was happening, it had all the hallmarks of English but the shrill accent turned it into the screeching of birds

“Have you women finished swapping recipes?” asked Magni

“What’d you say dropkick?” said Crowbar advancing forward

“Are you talking to me?” asked Magni “Can anyone translate what he’s saying?”

“You speak pain?” growled as Crowbar took a swing at him

“No you idiot!” yelled Wreckingball as Magni ducked under the strike and then wrapped Crowbar up in a neat package, twisting his arms and Magni choking him

“Since you declined my surrender I feel this is my only course of action” said Magni as he tightened his grip

“Smash’n’grab” ordered Wreckingball as the Crew began their attack


Thrud stood on the walls of Asgard looking aimlessly into the fog. Her father Thor barely knew how to talk to her. Always engaging with her brothers Modi & Magni in combat or conversation; with her it was awkward almost like strangers, no worse acquaintances

“What troubles you little one?” asked Heimdall as he arrived beside her

“Frost giants” she said coldly

“Even without my senses I know that is a half truth”

“Why can you see but my father cannot?” she snapped

“It may because you are the spitting image of your mother” said Heimdall kindly

“Well that thrills me no end”

“How goes your magical studies?” asked Heimdall changing the subject

“Slowly” she said as she cast a small cantrip of bubbles from her fingers “Mainly because uncle keeps his tomes and archives locked”

“Well I think you’ll think of something dear Thrud” said Heimdall as he walked off to continue his patrol “What’s the world without magic and mischief?” Unbeknownst to Thrud as she continued to stare off, Heimdall slowly morphed in Hela who had a smile across her face


Wreckingball swung his massive ball at head height, making Magni duck. Crowbar struggled to no avail but was the perfect shield as Magni used him to block Welder’s flame burst

“Ah you flamin mongrel!” screamed Crowbar at his team mate "Him not me!"

“Sorry mate” said Welder as he aimed his blasts at his feet. Magni forced Crowbar to the floor but then Hacksaw waded in swinging causing Magni to release his prisoner and duck away and as he did, Wreckingball’s return swing smashed into his shoulder knocking him aside. Rivet pinned his cape to the ground but Magni tore out of it only to get a blow to the head from Crowbar

“Gonna whack your noggin off mate!” cried Crowbar raining down another blow

Magni grabbed the bar and bent it around the other causing Crowbar to scream

“You and the metal are one?” stated Magni as he twisted it more

Hacksaw’s blades skimmed across Magni’s throat causing him to once again release Crowbar “We’re org-borgs ya dingbat!” cried Hacksaw

Rivet fired three rounds into Magni’s thigh as Wreckingball hit him with another shot knocking him over again as Welder leapt in to scorch the young god. Magni grabbed Welder’s hands and forced them away from his face, turning the asphalt into slag

“So then you should feel this!” Magni rammed his knee into Welder’s groin, Welder’s eye’s rolled and he rolled off Magni

The heavy ball of Wreckingball came down to squash him but Magni caught it and yanked the leader to him then punched so hard it sounded like thunder as Wreckingball flew. Rivet fired but Magni blocked the shots with the severed wrecking ball then hurled the ball at him catching him in the chest. Hacksaw slashed open Magni’s back and went to drive his other blade into his chest when Magni head butted him several times, denting his face. Hacksaw dropped to the ground. Magni looked around, watching the fray was Hammer

“Pretty good mate” he said “But you’re about to face the Hammer!”

“Let me tell you about hammers” said Magni as his eye caught a speck in the sky “Better than that let me show you; MJOLNIR!”

(Hopefully people understand the Australian slang & saying I've heavily dropped into this, if not ask me and I can clarify. BTW this is also my disclaimer that this the Marvel playground though I have created some elements here)

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I like your wrecking crew

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@joshmightbe: Thanks

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Well that was the most over the top Australian I've read...EVER! And I live in Australia! Ha ha ha sheel bee write mate! GOld!

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@tomdickharry1984: Reckon! Ha ha ha