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Bismarck, North Dakota

Magni and Silver Sable emerged from one of her dark portals on the outskirts of Bismarck, North Dakota. Dominating the landscape was a large dish pointing to the heavens

“Mjolnir!” Magni cried raising his hand to the sky

“Sweetie” said Sable gently “As I told you, by rough calculations if they did send your hammer to Pluto it’s going to be hours until it comes back” Her hand caressed his muscled arm and she quickly pulled away, he’s was a kid...a big, strong, pretty kid

“I feel naked” said Magni gazing to the heavens; Sable had to look away trying to not smile at the thoughts that now crept into her mind

“Okay so what’s your plan?” she asked

“I am going to level the entire building to free my father, my uncle and my lord” stated Magni “Then they shall ride down from Asgard and we shall wipe the stain of the Supreme Commander and Ferrum from the face of Midgard”

“Okay” Sable snuck another feel of his shoulders “But you’re not healed. The Darkforce aides in healing but it’s not a regenerator”

“I thank you Milady Sable but with or without Mjolnir I have to do this” said Magni as he kissed her hand “Being so close to freeing my people how could I wait one more second when I am so close?”

Silver Sable’s eyes fluttered and was quite taken with the heroism of the young god, even if he wasn’t he was certainly the nicest, cutest and well spoken man she’d met in a long time

“Okay. When you’re done smashing, call me” she handed him a small electronic device “I’ll come pick you up. I’ve got my own family to see” What are you doing LeAnn, telling a stranger personal information!?! “Anyways Carol Danvers want to see you, that was the whole point of me rescuing you”

“Milady Sable as I have stated before I Magni, son of Thor, son of Odin, son of Bor am eternally in your debt. I shall go wherever you need once I have done my duty to my lord”

Sable blushed and cut a hole in the sky with her dark energy “Be careful Magni”

“Safe journey”


Thor knelt at the side of Sif’s grave. Her grave was well kept as were the others: Odin, Fandral, Tyr, Hoder.

“Have you come to stab me in the back as I speak with my wife?” asked Thor as Loki approached

“Nay brother, my days of backstabbing are behind me” said Loki as he bowed his head in respect for the dead “If I ever come for you again it will be head on”

“Why do I not believe you?”

“Seven hundred years of lies I suppose” remarked Loki “I wouldn’t believe me either”

“What changed trickster? What caused your improved demeanour?”

“A spider”

2033 AD, Times Square, New York

A tired, overweight, slightly grey and bleeding Peter Parker stood amongst the corpses of his friends and enemies. Shang-Chi lay convulsing from a massive chest wound from a repulsor blast; he was dead but too stubborn to go quietly. Prowler, Black Cat, Daredevil all dead; just he remained against two remaining Iron Soldiers. He glanced up at the massive screen where a live TV feed had been shooting all the graphic footage of the day

“When did I get so fat?” wondered Peter as he watched the two soldiers circle like vultures around carrion “And grey? Man this is why I wore a mask, look at me”

He wheezed, sweating as a man way past his prime doing things only younger, fitter men should do

“I can finish this for you Spider Man”

Peter looked confused as he stood next to Loki all while watching a frozen him and the two soldiers and himself on the big screen

“Just what I need a chat from a Norse drag queen in my final moments?”

“I am here to repay my debt Spider-Man. I do not have much time as I am expending power beyond my means to fulfil the debt I owe you. Unless you shut up I will vanish”

“So if I keep chatting, you’ll just up and vanish? Well did you hear the one about...”

“Peter!” snapped Loki “When you saved my daughter Tessa I owed you a debt, I am here to repay that debt”

“Is my family safe?” demanded Peter staring straight into Loki’s eyes

“They are” it was a lie, Loki had no idea who his family was nor did he care

“Fine then how does this debt repayment work? Monthly instalments?”

“Ask and I shall do it?”

“Put the world back the way it was in 2012!” said Peter “Sure 2012 wasn’t the best year but it sure beats this 2033 nonsense”

“That is beyond my power”

“Well what can you do?”

“Ask Peter and...”

“Oh shut up! It’s hard to take you seriously with that stupid helmet of yours! I mean you must have the most incredible neck muscles to support that thing”

“Time is running out Peter”

“Really? Do ya think Norse code? I’m old, fat and tired and possibly going to die!” Peter pointed at the frozen scene before them “Does this look like I’m having a good time? Is this how one normally spends a Tuesday...well for me it was but seriously this isn’t normal Loki!”

“What do you want!” screamed Loki as he shuddered and blinked in and out of existence

“You okay?” asked Peter putting his hand on Loki

“Take your mortal hands off me!” snarled Loki “Save your false pity”

“Hey man I was genuinely concerned...fine whatever” Peter looked at the scene he was apart from “So my family is fine? Good. You know what I want; I want you to be nicer”


“It seems since I met you you’re a grade A, first class douche bag, so what I want is you from now on in to be nicer. Stop being such a prick to your brother Thor and to everyone. You be nicer and none of that fake nice Machiavellian nice, genuinely nice and we’re even”

“Done” Loki shrugged at the simple bargain, not realising the far reaching consequences

“So what happens now?”

“Time returns and I go back to Asgard” said Loki

“Say hi to your dad for me”

Peter returned to his body and Loki watched as he heroically fought for his life before a soldier hit him with the fatal repulsor blast which genuinely moved the god of mischief as he was forced back to Asgard by the Bifrost cannon with a thump. It would take over a hundred years before Loki could even astrally return


Thor smiled and patted his brother on the shoulder “Peter Parker beat you with an idea. He was smarter than even Richards”

“Ideas can be more powerful than magic” said Loki “Now if you breathe one word of this”

“You have my word brother” and it was the first time Thor had said that word to Loki and actually felt it

Bismarck, North Dakota

Magni walked confidentially down the streets towards the massive dish atop the building sending invisible waves to his home. As he got closer he saw six armoured men flying towards him. They landed about thirty feet from him

“That’ll do mate” said the apparent leader in his distinct Australian accent “I reckon you can stop right there and rack off back home if you know what’s good for you”

“What?” Magni was puzzled at the statement but mainly by the accent

“I said you drongo, you can rack off!”

“You dare swear at the son of Thor you chirping parrot!”

“Righto Wrecking Crew” he said “You heard him, take him out!”

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Love the bit about Loki visiting Spiderman right before his death

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That WAS EPIC!!!!

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@joshmightbe: Thanks man, ran the idea past a while back and was cool with it

@tomdickharry1984: Thanks

So other people who clicked this, what did you think? :)

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So other people who clicked this, what did you think? :)

I loved the fact that Peter's sacrifice affected Loki that much, even more so that Loki kept his promise.

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@zearing: I love that you dug this up to read :) Thanks

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@batkevin74: Thanks, I was actually looking through @joshmightbe's blog when I found parts of the story. It looked interesting, so I've been trying to find all the parts and read them.

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@zearing: Most of them, well my stuff anyways is here http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/batkevin74s-personal-library-of-indulgence-703446/#41