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Outside The Great Eastern Iron Hall, Miami Florida

Leann looked up from her holo-pad and saw a contingent of Iron Sentinels flying formation around a woman and a young man in a blue cape. She raised the holo-pad and zoomed in on them with her x32 zoom and took a series of shots before running a sort program on them. She got two hits; one expected and the other annoying. The young man was the supposed Asgardian. The woman was Mongoose, one of the Supreme Commander’s elite pains in the rear

This was going to be tough, especially since it was broad daylight. She mentally noted to charge Carol double for this as she packed up her gear and ran out into the traffic, right in front of a hover-truck! The truck’s airbrakes squealed as she fired up her fist and cut a hole with the dark energy in the air and vanished into it leaving a confused driver wondering what had happened and an inevitable fender-bender as cars behind smashed into the suddenly stopping vehicle

Sub-Basement 1, Great Eastern Iron Hall, Miami Florida

All Magni could feel was pain. Constant fluctuating levels of pain from all over his body. His fingers throbbed, his wrists felt like there were spikes through them, he couldn’t move, couldn’t see, his mouth was full of some sort of cold-narcotic foam which paralysed his mouth

“Starting to come around” he heard Jessica’s dulcet tones coming from his left. He tried to break free but was unable to “Don’t struggle you only make in worse if you do. You’re locked into an Essex Chair, a state of the art torture device. More you struggle the worse it responds but not struggling is also painful, so I’ve been told.”

Magni tried to flex but electricity ran through his body and a needle jabbed into his arm pumping a cold liquid into his veins “I told you so. Just sit tight big boy, I’ve got to check on the status of the Hunter Division you decimated with your heroics. When I come back hopefully I’ll have my orders and put you out of my misery” Magni felt a pair of lips on his cheek. He tried to head butt but all he got was another jolt

He tried to make a fist but to no avail. He tried to call Mjolnir with his mind but his thoughts were cloudy and erratic. Even though he got told struggling would make it worse, he struggled. More electricity, more injections, more searing pain and discomfort.


Loki peered into the scrying mists to see his nephew bolted to a chair. There were needles through every section of his finger. He was manacled; he also had a spike driven through each wrist. A row of needles and saline bags hung above him randomly injecting fluids into his body. A device was clamped about his neck and mouth that pumped a foam into his open mouth. Any spare flesh seemed to have either a clamp, cuff, chain, spike or point restraining the young god to this chair

Loki gritted his teeth in disgust. Loki had done some hideous things in the past but this was barbaric! Loki raced to his tomes and began searching for a spell

The Darkforce, nowhere/everywhere?

Leann stood in pitch black, not the kind of black where you close your eyes but more like the bottom of a mine shaft filled with liquid darkness. It was in here she became Silver Sable and Leann virtually disappeared. Sable fired up her fist again and cut a line through the dark, light shot in. Sable peered through gap and saw Mongoose reading a data pad

“Get ready for some payback bitch” muttered Sable as she readied herself

Sub-Basement 1, Great Eastern Iron Hall, Miami Florida

Magni was barely conscious. Everything hurt. Every thought was fractured and short. Magni flexed again and another wave of pain ripped through him. Tears dripped from his eyes


Loki flung the book open on the table and flipped through the pages like a man possessed. Thor entered the room

“Brother...I have come...”

“Not now you idiot!’ snapped Loki as he scoured the pages

“Do not take that tone with me!” growled Thor

“I am trying to save your son!” Loki stopped his search and glared at his half-brother, pointing to the scrying mists

“Magni!” cried Thor

“Save your apologies and leave me be” said Loki returning to his tome. Thor gripped his beard, tears well in his eyes at his impotence, inability to do anything for his son but watch

Sub-Basement 1, Great Eastern Iron Hall, Miami Florida

Mongoose read the message ‘Proceed with execution’ and smiled. She was always fascinated by the old days where they’d allow a prisoner to be nursed back to full health before execution, a waste of resources in her opinion. She loaded a single bullet into her antique .500 Linebaugh handgun, spun the chamber and snapped it shut. She walked back towards the cell where Magni was being kept.

Silently, emerging from her hidden position Silver Sable stepped through the hole in the air and dropped in behind Mongoose. She resisted the urge to drive her dark spike through the back of her head and silently shadowed her as she walked down the corridor.


Loki looked at the page and scanned the words. This should work, this had to work. He cocked his hands and began the ancient Norn spell, energy swirling about his hands. Thor watched on anxiously. Loki roared the last words and fired the spell into the scrying mists

Sub-Basement 1, Great Eastern Iron Hall, Miami Florida

Mongoose entered Magni’s cell and saw the beaten young god, a twinge of guilt passed through her but it passed.

“Your time is up” she said “I have my orders from the Supreme Commander and you are to be executed. Magni, you have been declared an enemy of the state” Mongoose placed the barrel near Magni’s temple ‘And by the power given to me by the Supreme Commander the sentence is death” She pulled the trigger and there was a sickening hollow click. Magni shuddered and struggled, the chair washing him in another wave of pain.

“Well maybe its luck” she laughed as she went to pull the trigger again

“Maybe coz you’re a sadistic bitch!” whispered Silver Sable as she drove her dark spike into Jessica’s kidney, throwing her across the room

Jessica skidded across the room and rolled up into a crouching position, holding her bleeding side

“Silver Sable” she hissed

“Jessica Mongoose”

“Been a while”

“Constantinople, two years three months and six days ago”

Jessica flicked open her razor blade fingers “Obsess much?”

Sable didn’t bother responding with words, she leapt forward and swung a kick. Jessica parried with her palms and ran her blades across Sable’s calf as she swept low with her own kick. Sable back flipped away and landed next to the chair. She casually tapped the chair with her fist and miraculously the chair disengaged all the devices and Magni was dumped like a sack onto the floor.

“How the hell did you do that!?!” shrieked Jessica as she unhooked her chain

“Magic” replied Sable, unsure of how she’d done it but taking all the credit

The two warrior women traded blows, kicks and insults. Each time one got the upper hand the other countered

“You’ve been practicing” said Sable as she cracked in the mouth with a sidekick

“You got fat” retorted Jessica as she used the blows momentum to reply with a spinning back fist

Silver Sable fired up her dark spike again and drove it deep into Jessica’s thigh

“Why a mongoose?” asked Sable as she twisted it in ‘Always wondered that?”

“Ahhhhh it’s my surname you idiot” screamed Jessica as she blasted Sable in the face with her weaponised chloroform

Sable flailed about cursing herself for her rookie mistake, especially against her. She could feel the chemicals taking over her. Sable grabbed a small vial from her belt and jammed it into her thigh; it contained a combination of synthesized adrenaline and Guarana. It wouldn’t stop her from going under but it would give her at least time to clean Jessica’s clock. Sable grabbed Jessica’s left wrist and snapped her thumb and then smashed her forehead into her open mouth, cracking calcium. Jessica stumbled back and Sable pressed her attack, driving her dark spike into her stomach. Jessica collapsed on the floor holding her insides that were trying to come outside as Sable knee’d her in the face

Magni wobbled to his feet and ripped off the neck device, vomiting as it emerged from his throat.

“Wakey wakel bib boy” slurred Sable “Gonna kneed your helf soon”

Jessica clambered to her feet and Sable drove her spike threw her right shoulder blade “Stay down!” Jessica fell flat on the ground. Sable staggered over to Magni

“I’m her to wescue you” she mumbled and fell into his arms “Whaddya you got to stay bout thard?”

Magni held the exotic silver haired woman in his arms, one word barely audible rippled across his quivering lips


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(claps) Great, Sable was perfect! Does "Moll-near" work as a call for his hammer? Or is he going to have to say it the right way? I am very interested in what this "Dark Force" is by the way, Now I can't wait for more Son of Thor!

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@Time_Phantom: I like her too, she's cool

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Awesome Job!

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks man!

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Heh, really good chapter. I love dark force wielding Silver Sable.

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@PrinceIMC: Well when Silver Sable was given to me she had this black energy radiating from her fist. Didn't want her to be a Psylocke rip-off so I went with the underused and misunderstood Darkforce

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@batkevin74: I'm whipping up a Darkforce character too. Though he'll be very very different so no worries. Heh.
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@PrinceIMC: Nice! Maybe they'll cross paths in the darkness :)

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SIlver Sable kicks a$$! Boom! Greta fight between her and Mongose

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@tomdickharry1984: Thanks man

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