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Magni hurtled towards the glass spires of Miami. As he closed in on the city he saw a lone figure heading towards him, flying with some sort of rocket belt. Magni gripped Mjolnir and readied for another fight. As they drew closer towards each other, Magni could see she was a stunning curvaceous woman with long brown hair. She stopped about 20ft from him and put her hand out indicating him to stop. Magni obliged

“My name is Jessica Mongoose” she said confidently “I am authorised by the Supreme Commander to take you too him and to prevent any more damage”

“A pleasure milady. I am Magni, son of Thor, son of Odin, son of Bor” recited Magni as he bowed

“A pleasure to meet you” she smiled, Magni couldn’t help but stare at her “If you will follow me down I shall escort you to The Supreme Commander”

“Why does he not meet me himself?” said Magni “Why send a woman?”

She stopped mid-flight and turned to Magni “Is there something wrong with me?”

“No, I meant no offence I was...”

“Being patronising and misogynistic” Jessica snapped “This isn’t the 20 Century anymore!”

“Milady Jessica I am truly sorry if my words offended you. I meant no disrespect”

Jessica blushed at the heartfelt apology “With an apology like that, you’re forgiven. Let’s try this again, if you’d like to follow me Magni I shall take you to the Supreme Commander”

“Lead on” replied Magni his eyes amazed at her shape and beauty

Jessica smiled as she flew along, her pheromones invisibly wafting behind her and into the face of the Asgardian. She coyly looked over her shoulder and caught him checking her out. He tried to avert his gaze. The pair flew through Miami and its glass spires. The city looked like a giant piece of crystal coral and at its heart the Great Eastern Iron Hall. Magni noticed several Sentinels heading there way

“Don’t worry Magni; they’re just going to escort us in. Its protocol and you are going to see the Supreme Commander” said Jessica

“I am not worried milady” said Magni “Merely cautious”

The Sentinels formed an honour guard and they all flew into the hangar bay of the Great Eastern Iron Hall. Two lines of Iron Soldiers twenty five in each line stood at attention as the glided in and landed. Jessica flipped her hair coating Magni in another layer of pheromones. He smiled and looked away. A technician in a lab coat holding a scanning device approached Magni and began to wave it near him

“What pray tell are you doing?” said Magni as he grabbed the man by the collar and held him four feet off the ground

“He’s checking for explosives” said Jessica

“I have no need for explosives” said Magni dropping the man heavily onto the ground

“Would you allow a stranger into your home?” asked Jessica as she helped the technician to his feet

“You know my name, I am not a stranger” quipped Magni trying to suave

Jessica smiled, it was working. She walked over to the lift and pressed down

“This way please Magni”

Magni entered the lift and they exchanged high school like glances between them until they reached level 26. Jessica led him down a long corridor and up to door being guarded by two Hunters. She flashed her card and they let her into a large dining hall set with an exquisite meal set on a large ebony table that could seat thirty and at the end, sitting The Supreme Commander

“My Lord” stated Jessica “May I present Magni, son of Thor”

“Greetings Magni, welcome to my humble abode”

“Thank you Commander, but I have business with you” Magni walked forward “I am here to end your tyranny!”

“Is that so?” said The Supreme Commander as he stood up

“You have exiled my kin to Asgard, you cut us off from our charges, and you have crushed this world under your heel. If you believe in a higher power then may I suggest prayer” Magni gave Mjolnir a two-handed spin and charged forward “Have at thee!”

“Silly boy” said the Supreme Commander as he winked away in a flash. Magni turned to see the Supreme Commander standing behind Jessica, gun to her head “You are no match for me”

“Let her go!” roared Magni as he thundered towards them at the other end of the room

“Not another step” Supreme Commander pulled the hammer back on the ornate looking device. Jessica ‘struggled’ in his grip and bathed the room in more pheromones

“Release her or...”

“Or you’ll kill me? And if I do release her you’ll kill me. Not many options except you killing me” chuckled the Supreme Commander “No, how about I kill you. GUARDS!”

From secret compartments in the walls fourteen Hunter’s stepped out along the room, each training weapons on the young thunder god. Magni slammed his hammer down calling lightning into the room, but the Hunters armour was shielded from his attacks. The Hunter’s opened fire: electro blasts, repulsor rays, chlorine sprays, bullets, lasers, nerve agents. Magni blocked some but was being hit due to him being nearly surrounded. Magni up ended the table and smashed Mjolnir into the nearest Hunter which sent him through the wall with a mighty crash. But he then caught a face full of chlorine

“You fight like witches and cowards!” spat Magni as his eyes swelled with redness. He hurled Mjolnir at the Hunter and it collected him and two others and shot them across the room. A Hunter fired an electro-net over Magni who roared in pain as it contracted and shocked him. Mjolnir returned to his hand and he freed himself from the net

“You dare attack the son of Thor!” Magni was livid. He brought Mjolnir down on the Hunter’s head and flattened it level with his shoulders! Blood seeped from the joints and keeled over. A volley of repulsor rays slammed into Magni’s legs making him wobble

“HAVE AT THEE!” he cried launching at the nearest Hunter smashing his fist through the visor, grabbing his face and throwing him into a wall. A laser pierced Magni’s shoulder. He turned to the attacker when two Hunter’s tackled him and fired point blank repulsor blasts into him. Magni yelled as he grabbed the two guards and smashed their heads together then tossed them like rags only to cop another blast of chlorine in the face and full volley of bullets to the chest

“ENOUGH!” Magni slammed Mjolnir into the ground shaking the room and putting all who stood off their feet. Jessica screamed. Magni saw her being dragged from the room by the Supreme Commander who took aim at Magni with his weapon. Magni brought Mjolnir up to block and parried the energy burst into a Hunter. Magni ran towards them put was tackled to the ground by another Hunter

“We’re not finished!” said The Hunter smashing Magni in the mouth

Magni replied by head butting, cracking the Hunter’s visor

“Nap time!” the guard sprayed a sleeping agent into Magni’s face

Magni smashed Mjolnir across the Hunter’s face, caving it in and sending him off into the wall. Magni was angry! Another Hunter fired a repulsor blast at him; Magni rolled towards him and smashed his attacker’s foot flat with his hammer. Magni got to his feet, eyes swollen and red, mouth bleeding. He saw the last glimpse of Jessica being hauled from the room. He held the Hunter aloft and then drove him into the floor like a tent peg! The barrage kept coming from the remaining five Hunters. Magni spun Mjolnir to create a windstorm pushing them back but one slipped around the side flying kicked him in the head at about 60mph

Magni was staggered and the Hunter pressed his attacked kicking him again, waiting for his buddies to recover to join the stomp. The Hunter raised his foot and Magni caught it and used it to steady himself and stand up. The Hunter fired a repulsor blast but Magni ducked and drove his elbow into the knee bending his leg in half the wrong way. Bone and steel squealed as the Hunter screamed, his leg at right angles

Magni hurled Mjolnir at another crushing his chest and charged the remaining two. They both let rip with flame throwers but Magni took the pain and crash tackled them both through the wall and out into corridor.

“Magni! Help me!”

Jessica’s sweet voice echoed from the end of the corridor. His vision hazy he could see the Commander dragging her

“Base villain, have at the thee!” He hurled Mjolnir down the corridor. The Commander shrieked as Jessica leapt away and he caught the ancient mallet in the chest and it pinned him to the wall. Magni staggered down the corridor when the last Hunter tackled him from behind. The two wrestled on the floor trading blows before Magni buried the man’s head; helmet and all, into the concrete floor. He painfully got to his feet. Jessica stood next to the Supreme Commander who was stuck like a butterfly under a pin. She placed a small device on the handle and turned to Magni

“My hero!” she leapt at him and kissed him passionately

Though weary from battle Magni was drawn in by this earthly goddess. His lips locked with hers, his arms embraced her “Today is a good day” said Magni as Jessica parted from his embrace

“Not for you” she said wiping her mouth “Watch”

Magni saw a bright light envelope Mjolnir and disappear and the body of The Supreme Commander hit the floor with a thud

“What trickery is this?”

“Science” said Jessica as she unfurled a length of chain and whipped Magni across the face

“Jessica!” Magni was mortified that his love had attacked him

“What you’re feeling is an elevated pheromone level. Plus you kissed me which is like ten times the dosage you’ve been breathing in since we came into contact” She tagged him again “And you’re confused because you think we have something; you possibly think you love me”

Magni stepped back in confusion. Jessica, quick as flash, darted between his legs and was up on his back and jammed her fingers which had razor blades on them, in his mouth

“The Supreme Commander knows Thor had a special connection to his hammer” She ripped her fingers from Magni’s mouth splitting the swollen flesh at the corners like a burst balloon. Magni gripped his face “Something about when it was thrown. So he got the Ferrum boys to make a teleporter to send it just beyond Pluto and theorised if he can’t speak then the hammers just going to float there until he can” She raked her fingers across his throat in a criss-cross motion, blood seeping from the thin lines cut into his flesh. Magni lashed out but she was as quick as her surname and ducked in and wrapped the chain around his neck at blinding speed and pulled ‘We’re guessing the same thing for you”

“One on one I’m outclassed” she said ducking another wild swing “But softening you up and extended pheromone contact and you are mine” She ran her fingers across the back of Magni’s palms. Magni convulsed in pain but lashed out grabbing Jessica by the neck

“Mjo..” Magni started to say the name of his father’s hammer when Jessica popped a thin metal needle from her wrist and drove it up through the bottom of Magni’s chin and pinned his tongue to the roof of his mouth. Magni’s tried to scream but could only spit blood as he let Jessica go

“No touching big boy” said Jessica as she kicked him in the groin and whipped the chain around Magni’s eyes “Now be a dear and JUST FALL DOWN!”

Magni wobbled and clawed the chain from his face. He grabbed the end of the needle and began to pull it out when Jessica was right there in his face and smashed her palm into his hand sending the needle back in! Magni swung but she dodged and drove her knee into his right eye whilst running her fingers across the back of his neck; given enough time she could possibly saw his head off.

Magni tried to speak but as he did Jessica was up in close punched him in the nose, temple and throat in a lightning quick combo

“Magni this is just getting ugly” she said

Magni shook his head and glared at her fuzzy shape through his nearly completely closed eyes, blood pouring from his head, neck and mouth.

“Fine” Jessica sprayed a cloud from her wrist that enveloped the young gods head “That’s weaponised chloroform. If you don’t go down from that after all the hits you’ve taken, I may just have to kill you myself”

Magni only heard up to "if you" before he collapsed in a bloody heap

Jessica Mongoose looked down at him and breathed a sigh of relief. She spoke into her wrist radio “This is Mongoose. The package is out; I repeat the package is out. Please inform The Supreme Commander” She knelt down to the body of the Supreme Commander and removed the face plate “Oh and organise a funereal for General Benson Sharpova”

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Magni seems to be in some trouble. I hope someone saves him. Can't wait for next chapter.

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Loved it, For a second there you had me worried this was going to be too easy for Magni but this chapter proved me wrong

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@Time_Phantom: Thanks

@joshmightbe: Yeah he needed a humbling and a damn good kicking! He needed to be shown that even though he may be a god he can be beaten, and especially now that a woman kiced his ass and possibly a woman is coming to save him he may have to reign in his massive ego

@primepower53: Thanks man, I'm having a lot of fun with your creation. I think later on a crossover with Magni & Scarlet Spider would be cool, that is if Magni survives next chapter bwhahahahaha

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Sucked in by the old flitter the eyelids trick! Nice. Magni can take a lot of punishment including a spike through the moth, I got a lip ring and that made me whice. Good story

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New chapter up this week hopefully