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Magni spent a few hours in Espania before he could take his leave. He threw Mjolnir into the air which carried him away from the ever growing tears, cheers and cries of the crowd. He waved them goodbye and headed west. He then cruised over the Atlantic enjoying the wind and the waves. Magni was enjoying feeling Midgard, being enveloped in it.

After a few hours he spotted land. Massive glass spires shot into the sky. It was impressive. Magni was about to increase his speed when he spotted a gun boat bouncing across the waves towards him. Magni hovered to a stop and waited for them to draw close

“Greetings mortals” he said “I am...”

“You are violating US airspace!” came the interruption from a bull horn “You will turn back!”

“I am not here to fight you little men” said Magni “I am here to deal with your superior”

“If you do not comply we will take you down. Tac-spheres are on route. Turn back!”

“You shall not speak to the son of Thor like a child” Magni could feel his anger growing which in turn was channelling into Mjolnir which was bringing in storm clouds

“I repeat you are violating US airspace! You will turn back”

Magni looked at the men assembling on the bow of the boat. He had no wish to hurt them but they were trying his patience. He raised Mjolnir aloft and called down a bolt of lightning to strike close to the ship

“We are under attack! Fire”

The men pointed a cannon device at Magni and fired. Magni easily brought Mjolnir up to parry it and was shocked, then insulted by the attack. They were spraying him with sea water from a high powered cannon, designed to push back smaller ships.

“You would hose the son of Thor like some kind of ANIMAL!” Magni flew up and above the bow whirling Mjolnir “Have at thee!”

Mjolnir raced down and slammed into the deck, through it and through the hull and deep into the water. Magni hovered towards the stern of the ship and recalled his father’s weapon to his hand. It smashed up through the hull again and out the back. The gun boat began listing as it took on water. The sailors dove into the water and lowered life rafts. Magni looked at them; they were not his true enemy. He lowered himself and grabbed a hold of the stern

“Captain!” he roared “Make sure all your men are accounted for”

Magni lifted the ship from the water and titled it so men and water slid off towards the safety of the life rafts. Magni held the ship and gave it a shake to hurry any stragglers off.

“Do you have everyone?”

“I think so” came the reply

“Well count you son of a rock troll!” yelled Magni, his face strained, veins engorged on every muscle as he held the boat aloft

“All present and accounted for” yelled the Captain

Magni slowly spun around, gaining momentum on each spin until he was almost a blur and then shot the gunboat up and into space! The stunned sailors watched in disbelief as their craft flew into the heavens

“I have spared you all” said Magni “My quarrel is with your commander, not with you. Do not make me change my mind”

Bbrrattt! Bbrratt!

Bullets pinged of his Asgardian armour as Magni turned to see two metal spheres firing at him. Magni spun Mjolnir to make a shield and the spheres split into two directions, circling him. Magni was about to call down lighting when he saw the crew in the water below, he could electrocute them.

Bbrrattt! Bbrratt!

The hail of bullets continued. None had penetrated his armour nor his skin but if the barrage continued it could. Magni hurled Mjolnir at one and dove after the other. He caught the sphere in his hands but the other easily ducked the hammer throw. Magni’s fingers gripped deep into the outer shell of the tac-sphere and he turned the ball against its partner, firing bullets at it. The other tac-sphere dodged the bullets, but not the returning hammer that burst through it. Magni brought his palms together, squeezing the tac-sphere like an accordion then in a mighty heave pulling them apart leaving two halves in each of his hands as circuitry fell out like a piñata. The sailors watched on dumbstruck.

“Good day” said Magni as he head off to the city

Miami Florida, The Great Eastern Iron Hall

“We’re Starked!” said General Benson Sharapova “Did you see what he did to the tac-spheres?”

“Yes General I did”

“Those things are near impossible to break and he crushed one with his bare hands!”

“I was standing right here when you saw the footage sir”

“Don’t get smart with me Mongoose!” snapped the General

“The Supreme Commander sent me here for two reasons General Sharapova” her voice was firm “Reason one; to wipe out a suspected spider cell that was right under your nose in Coconut Grove. I’ve achieved that. Reason two; this was one of the possible calculated sites on where the Asgardian might end up after he left Espania. It seems the commander was right, so effective immediately I am in charge”

“You can’t...”

His words stopped in his throat “Well you best take that up with The Supreme Commander General Sharapova. Because under his decree, I’m here and my job is to take him out. Your job is to do as I say! Your first job is to protect the power plant; we can’t have another Vegas on our hands. Second I need the Miami Hunter Division recalled to here and I need you to organise a banquet”

“A banquet?”

“Yes General, we’re having the Asgardian for dinner” She smiled and General Sharpova felt nauseated

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"Well count you son of a rock troll!" Nice

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Great chapter, Magni seems like he'll be a force to be reckoned with

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General Sharapova...any relation to a tennis player? :)

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@primepower53: Thanks dude, Magni's your whenever you want him back

@tomdickharry1984: Maybe, its 200yrs in the future, anything is possible

@joshmightbe: Yeah he's tough, strong but like his dad in the early days, he's a bit arrogant and next chapter we'll see a humbling I think

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Keep it up.

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@Epicbeast3000: Oh I'm up to chapter 11 if you're keen, thanks for reading :)

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How powerful is Magni, is he like superman level or iron man lvl.