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(Something short & inspired by a comment hence the 2.5)

Magni soared across the sky looking down on the land. Part of him wished to walk, to be part of Midgard and amongst its peoples, but he had a mission. He had won his first battle convincingly, he couldn’t help but smile.

After two hours of flight he decided to land to check his bearings. He spotted a large metal building near the coast; flags of the Iron Army flew from it as did an unfamiliar red and yellow flag. He chose a spot a few miles from it. Magni landed in the small town square much to the shock and awe of the several dozen people who watching him descend from the sky and land softly on the ground, cape flapping in the breeze.

“Who is this?” said a woman in Spanish

“Another idiot mutant?” said another

“No, no look!” said a young man “The hammer, the helmet, it’s Thor!”

“My god you may be right Juan”

Magni looked at the chattering throng of people who started to swarm around

“Good people” he said in a voice of authority “My name is Magni, son of Thor”

All the local Spaniards could make out was Thor. They began to chatter excitedly, they began to pet and paw at him. Magni felt uncomfortable and was just about to speak when he spotted an Iron Army soldier walk into the square. Magni gripped Mjolnir and readied for battle when the soldier took him completely by surprise

“Allr faðir! Heyra minn bœn” he prayed as he dropped to one knee “Ykkarr hollr skósveinn”

The rest of the group saw the soldier and slowly, like a ripple across the pond followed suit

“No, no get up” pleaded Magni “My father is Thor! I am Magni, son of Thor, son of Odin, son of Bor. Don’t bow to me, please”

The chant began “Thor! Thor! Thor!”

The Iron Army soldier ran towards Magni, stripping off his armour, tears streaming from his eyes “I am sorry my lord” he said in English “I only joined the Iron Army to feed my family. Please forgive me!”

‘Get up, please get up” said Magni trying to help the man up who was collapsing on him “Look you speak English, please tell them I’m not...”


“Forgive me my lord” cried the man “I have strayed from your path. Forgive me! Iðrask minn! Iðrask minn!!”

“I am the son of Thor” said Magni


“I am sorry my lord Thor!” screamed the man, hugging Magni’s leg

“ENOUGH!” yelled Magni hitting Mjolnir on the ground and sending a burst of thunder across the group silencing it. All eyes turned to him, all mouths aghast. Magni was about to speak and stopped, looking blankly at the group. How was he going to explain? Magni looked at the people and smiled. Let them have this he thought

“I am Thor!” he cried holding Mjolnir aloft to the cheer of the crowd. Several people took shots on holo-phones and data cards.


Thor sat on the steps in front of the door to the armoury. The door had bore the brunt of his rage with five fist sized indents when Balder had arrived

“I love my sons” said Thor

“I know brother” replied Balder sitting beside him “Loki has a way of getting under one’s skin, especially yours”


“He is the prince of mischief, the maker of chaos and a master manipulator”

“He’s an ass!”

“Has been since Odin brought him home”

The pair burst into peals of laughter, Loki stood in the alcove nearby listening to every word

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Nice, I especially liked the Iron soldier begging Thor's forgiveness

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"He's an ass!" Nice job! (That part actually made me laugh!)

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I thought after ALL Thor & Loki have been through it's probably the best PC insult I could do. And he's right Loki can be :)

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@batkevin74: exactly!

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HE'S AN ASS, and loki was listening to them. Lol

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@Epicbeast3000 said:

HE'S AN ASS, and loki was listening to them. Lol

True, very true!