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Mangalia, New Latveria

Perun walked through the crowd of people, sloshing beer from the twenty beer steins as he stumbled to the table where Magni sat. Silver Sable had dropped him after he spent a week in the Darkforce mopeing and healing.

“More?” said Magni, his voice sing-songy due to vast quantities catching up to his brain as he spied Perun bringing yet more drinks over.

“MORE!” yelled Perun thumping the beers onto the table proudly. The Slavic god of the storm looked at his thunder brother’s son with a broad smile; it had been too long that he’d spoken only to mortals. Conversations with them at times were fleeting and before you knew it they were seventy and dead! Some of the SHIELD agents had extended lifespans but nothing compared to immortality

“Thor?” grunted Perun as he raised his stein

“Aye” said Magni charging his mug


“Nay” Magni slumped at his grandfather’s name

“What of that scheming peacock?”



“My uncle is a fine man” said Magni

“Your uncle is a snake!” Perun grabbed his mug and hurled it into the Black Sea “He’s like my kin Veles!”

“We speak of two separate people then friend Perun” said Magni as he hurled his mug after Perun’s

“No matter, he is beneath my notice” Perun raised another stein up high “A toast to the glory of Asgard!”

“ASGARD!” shouted Magni and the two gods’ of the storm drank deeply


Thrud stood in the garden practising her spells on the rose bush. Firstly a freeze spell, then flames, then teleporting the bush across the garden. She smiled and clicked her fingers; a burst of wind put the flame out.

“Very good sister” said Modi who entered the garden “Did Uncle Loki teach you that?”

“Yes” she lied as waved a spell of invisibility across her stolen tome “My lessons progress well”

“Have you heard the latest on Magni?”

“He hasn’t freed us from our gilded cage has he” she remarked

“When did you become so cynical Thrud?”

“When did you become such a lackey?” she retorted

“Our brother proudly serves the realm!” Modi stepped towards his sister, his fists clenched

“Are you going to hit me?” laughed Thrud

“We are all equal in Asgard sister” said Modi “But for now I shall not”

“Lucky for you or I’d teleport your head into Vanaheim and your body into Muspelhiem” stated Thrud

The siblings stared at each other, neither giving an inch.

Mangalia, New Latveria

Perun lay on his back on the bar room floor. His axe embedded in a concrete pillar that held up the roof. Magni leant heavily against the wall, drink in one hand; Mjolnir in the other. Magni smiled stupidly as he looked at the unconscious Perun

“I told you!” he laughed “Asgard beats…wherever you’re from!” Magni fumbled his stein and spilt it everywhere “Dammit!” Magni took three steps and collapsed into a drunken heap

Asgard, Loki’s Quarters

Loki stood looking at his bookshelf. Something was missing…but what? Loki waved his hand and created a window into the past and watched Thrud palm the key to his quarters and come back to steal a book on runic magic.

“Clever girl” he smirked, a familiar glint returning to his eye

Mangalia, New Latveria

“Wake up!” the voice was loud, electronically loud and rang through Magni’s head. The godling tried to open his eyes but the sunlight made him squint like a newborn puppy "And your hammer is stuck to the floor?”

“One must be worthy to lift my father’s hammer” Magni’s voice cracked and croaked like an old woman as he slowly got to his feet

“And I thought I was an elitist snob at times”

Magni’s eyes finally focused and saw the ebony armoured man standing before him “Who are you?”

“Normally I’d rattle off a spiel” said the man “But today is a new day. I am Darius but you may call me Distain. Are you ready to go to work?”

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Looking forward to the rest of this story

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Thats why you needed Perun, Magni needed a drinking buddy! Thrud seems to have a bit of a bite to her now... I like it.

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@joshmightbe: Thanks

@Time_Phantom: Yeah just a briefly and he was lonely, immortals tend to like the company of other immortals. I think Perun's going to rush from Mangalia (which is on the coast of the Black Sea in what once was Romania) to Doomstadt, with a hang over to attempt to save the day. Thanks for the lend, I'd like to borrow him again later for a proper adventure but I really needed a father-like figure for Magni to get his cojones back

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Bumped for referencing