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Marvel Iron Age: Sinister Six #3

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Doomstadt, New Latveria – 2194AD

Lady Clarissa Von Bardas of Latveria disrobed and walked over to the antique bathtub her maid servant had filled for her. Displeased at the results she turned and glowered at the peasant girl dressed in a blouse and long skirt, her cheeks tattooed with the sigil of the Von Bardas family and her neck decorated by the trademark double puncture mark of those serving Latveria’s ‘Red Lady’.

“Serf do you know why I am angry with you?” Clarissa asked as she gently lowered herself into the bath.

“No your ladyship.” The servant stammered as she rocked back and forth nervously.

“This bath is only half full.” Clarissa told her as the red liquid sloshed over her. “How am I meant to keep my youth if you only fill my bath half full with virgin blood?”

“But…your ladyship there wasn't enough in the ‘volunteers’ you picked out.” The servant stuttered.

“Then Jenna I expect you to fill it.” Clarissa hissed. Jena gulped, the lady saying her name was akin to a termination contract. Unswervingly she removed the dagger strapped to her leg and slashed her own wrists and throat before collapsing into the bath, the blood seeping out as Clarissa submerged under the surface before kicking the dying woman out onto the floor. “Claudio please remove the Serf from my bath chamber.” She called as a hulking man servant walked through the door. “And find me a new girl.”


Catacombs under Doomstadt, New Latveria – 2120AD

Blood Wing double tapped the ear-piece she wore before receiving instructions. Silently she climbed up out of the ancient sewage pipe before coming to a high tech automated door complete with key-pad.

“Machinesmith I am at the entrance to the Vault.” She purred. “Send me the access code, biometric data and the audio file.” She stated.

“Information sent.” Machinesmith announced, “By the way Phase 1 has just been completed. We are in need of Phase 2 activating as soon as possible.”

“Get me through the door and I will do the rest.” Blood Wing told him before entering the twenty digit pass code. Waiting a few seconds a palm scanner popped out of the wall followed by a retinal reader. Taking a deep breath Blood Wing put her hand on the scanner before lining up her left eye with the retinal readers’ optical laser. After a few tense moments both devices popped back into the wall and a screen appeared displaying the level of ambient noise and matching it to a pre-recorded file. Double tapping her ear-piece Blood Wing listened as the file Machinesmith had stored was played for the door.

“Greeting Doctor Victor Von Doom.” The automated speaker announced. “Security has been deactivated for the duration of your visit.”

“I’m in.” Blood Wing hissed as she stepped into the airlock, the door closing behind her as the air was filtered through. Emerging into a massive hall she didn't notice the coldness nor the sterile smell maintained by the antiquated servo-guards that shuffled around the room keeping the are pristine for their dread lord. “Got you.” Blood Wing whispered as she spied one of the vaults mounted on the wall. “Phase 2 ready for initiation. Send the codes to open the cryogenic container and we can begin Phase 3.”


Farmhouse Outside Doomstadt, New Latveria – 2194AD

Strapped to the gurney the peasant girl stirred in her sleep as Machinesmith checked the levels of the formula injected via UV into her body. “Master we are almost ready to begin the regenerative process.” He announced not turning to look at the cryogenic tube that stood behind him. “As soon as she’s mobile we can get back to the Devil Squid.”

“Begin.” A hollow sounding voice announced from the cryogenic tube. Machinesmith nodded before shocking the woman, her body jerking upwards at the first jolt. Looking around with fear in her eyes she began to thrash around before pulling the UV drib from her hand.

“Where…Where am I?” She gasped.

“Fear not child.” The Master told her. “Dr Saxon and I saved your life, rebuilt you using an enhanced serum developed by Dr Michael Morbius. In essence you have been elevated, become something new dear Jena.”

“It hurts so much.” Jena snarled. “Why?”

“Because you are hungry.” Machinesmith announced before pulling a sheet of another woman strapped to a board. “We brought you the Lady Clarissa Von Bardas for you to feed on.” He added as he stalked past the hulking form of Claudio, his body seemingly turned to stone. “Feast.”

Jenna shook her head but as she did the desire for blood rose inside her. Taking three deep breaths she walked over to Clarissa and made a small incision along the neck with her fingernails before watching as the blood leaked out. Closing her eyes she sank her opened her mouth and began to lap up the blood, euphoria taking over her. “Pledge allegiance to me and you’ll never feel hunger again.” The Master stated as he and Machinesmith watched as Jena feasted.

“I am yours to command.” Jenna gasped in ecstasy her face stained with blood before diving back into her meal.


Biological Weapons Vault under Doomstadt, New Latveria – 2120AD

With a hiss the vault opened and Blood Wing stepped back as a puddle of thick green and brown sludge slipped out. Almost immediately the alarms sounded and the Servo Guards turned and ran towards her. Pulling out her pistols she opened fire, each shot ripping through the guard’s heads and sending their bodies clattering to the floor. “What am I looking at here Machinesmith?” She asked as the ‘pool of sludge’ shivered before slowly flowing towards the nearest downed Servo Guard, a burning trail left in it’s wake.

“What you see is ‘the Rot’ a mutated flatworm created by Doctor Victor Von Doom back in the 21st Century. His plans to unleash a horde of these creatures onto the breadbaskets of Europe were foiled by the rise of Lord Stryfe’s coming to power.” Machinesmith stated. “Now after a long dormancy it will serve us. You see the creature carries several strains of mould and fungi that can quickly destroy an acre of land in only a few days.”

“Huh hunger.” The rot wheezed as it melted down the Servo Guard. “We hunger.”

“Oh and it’s sentient.” Machinesmith added. “Now just fit the teleportation matrix into its back and we have a ready to travel famine.” He announced as Blood Wing walked over to the Rot and removed the backpack sized teleporter, ready to stab it into the foul worms back.

“We serve for food.” The Rot hissed. “Long plans of the Hidden Master come to fruition.” It added as Blood Wing equipped it with the teleportation matrix and set the coordinates for the Great Plains, America’s last true farmland. “We hunger like you, life is ours to destroy.” It added as a slimy tendril reached out and activated the device leaving Blood Wing alone.

“Phase 2 is complete.” She stated. “Ready for Phase 3.”

Good Work my child.” The voice of the Master announced. “Combined with the volcanic winter the famine caused by that creature will begin to weaken the world’s population. But Death and Famine must not ride along. Next we bring forth War from his slumber in the Chechnya DMZ. And once the dust settles the world will be ours for the taking”

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Great job, it's getting very interesting. Are you planning a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse thing?

@cbishop Kudos to you. I ran the old Iron Age library before I got banned and I know it can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

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@awesam: Nope it's just a biblical reference to the calamities being unleashed to create an apocalypse.

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@awesam: Nope it's just a biblical reference to the calamities being unleashed to create an apocalypse.

I kind of figured, but you capitalized the first letters, so I thought you were hinting at something. It is Marvel after all.

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@awesam: Well they are still names even if they aren't characters that appear in the story...

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@awesam: this a shame :-(

(Wait why is that?)

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@impurestcheese: Because I never just want to say "good job" or "nice", but I usually don't have anything else to say.

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@awesam: I don't mind. Criticism is more useful anyways.

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@impurestcheese: Seems useless just to say one or two words, but I can make an effort to comment more. Might as well. People tend to think no comment = no read.

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@awesam: Sometimes that is the case. I killed Spiderman in a mini series and assumed everyone knew. When I casually mentioned it in conversation everyone was surprised. Lots of fun.

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@impurestcheese: Yeah, something similar has happened. Anyway, write for the enjoyment of it.

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@awesam: Yep I do. Just thought it was hilarious. LOL

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I'll give this a read in a bit but a bump for now

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@awesam said:

@cbishop Kudos to you. I ran the old Iron Age library before I got banned and I know it can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

Thanks. People forget callouts sometimes (>.> @impurestcheese <.<) but I usually see them in the forum anyway. I usually add them in my downtime at work, so it's only a pain if I don't get a station with Internet access, or if @batkevin74 and @joshmightbe get on a roll at the same time lol.

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I love the direction you're taking the Sinister Six. You're making them... sinister @impurestcheese . Pre- 23rd century Iron age isn't covered a lot.

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@time_phantom: Giving me that little bit of extra freedom to do what I want.

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Great chapter, can't wait to see what happens when your team runs up on Ares Army in the DMZ. Just a note, the people of the DMZ is now calling it the Chechyen Empire.

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@joshmightbe: You'll get a preview before release. And physical combat isn't going to work, but an argent tongue might.

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@impurestcheese: Well Ares' is pretty much a god-king there now and given the already unstable nature of the place its pretty much just waiting for something to blow up.

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@impurestcheese: One small note tho, the residents of the DMZ are more than likely more difficult to intimidate than many since they pretty much all grew up with all hell constantly breaking loose around them.

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@joshmightbe: Again why use intimidation when you can use a silver tongue

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@impurestcheese: True but they're probably a fairly suspicious people just due to their position in the world so what ever silver tongued devil you send better bring his A game.

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Oh we will