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A small room 5 miles below Topeka, Kansas

A man sits beaten, bloodied and far past the point of sanity. A power inhibitor blinks a soft blue light indicating proper function. Heavy shackles hang from his arms and legs. Sinister enters the room with a chair, "Hello Mr. Farouk, how are we enjoying being back in human form?"

The chained man lunged for Sinister but was stopped short by his shackles, "I'll kill you for this indignity."

Sinister chuckled, "If I remember correctly, you got yourself into this by underestimating the clone."

Farouk sat back, "Did he send you here to gloat?"

Sinister shook his head, "We have gone our separate ways and I have come with an offer if you're willing to listen."

Norfolk, Nebraska 2 days later

Exodus stands before a crowd of angry mutants, "My people I have come to you to deliver the word of my lord Magnus, he foresaw that we were meant to be the new dominant race of this world but he knew they would hate and fear us for they would know in their hearts that we were better. He saw that they would hunt us, torment us and even kill us whenever they could in their cowardly attempt to thwart their fates. What he didn't see was that our worst foe would be one of our own. My people I tell you the man ruling your Iron oppressors is himself a mutant, a traitor to his people who hides behind the guise of a mere human."

The crowd stares in stunned silence, not knowing for sure if this man spoke the truth but compelled to believe him. He continued, "I know we have been laid low by this Judas but I am here to tell you that it will be our time soon, he thinks he broke us. I think he tempered us, his genocide has weeded the weakness from our ranks, you who stand before me are stronger than he will ever know. I ask you, my brothers and my sisters, to come with me and remind this world why they fear us."

A chorus of cheers rose from the crowd as Exodus finished and walked down to join the crowd as they worked themselves up into a frenzy.

Sitting behind the stage Sinister and Farouk look out on the crowd, "You still amaze me Farouk."

Farouk glared at Sinister, "Barely even a challenge, they were pissed off before they got here. Even your mad preacher believes his speech was all it took."

Sinister grinned as Farouk continued, "And now your end of the bargain?"

Sinister handed him a small device, "Inject this and it will undo what he did and then you can go attempt your vengeance."

Farouk took the device, "What is your end game? I know you too well to believe you have any vested interest in mutant freedom or my vendetta"

Sinister shrugged, "All you need to know is that you're free and Stryfe has built an empire while you rotted in a box powerless, my goal is not your concern."

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Nice. I like it.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Thanks

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@joshmightbe: Ahhh Shadow King

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@batkevin74: Sinister wants Stryfe on the the defensive and preoccupied

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