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Marvel Iron Age:

S.H.I.E.L.D – Wide Awake Part. 2

Genosha, 2189:

The Chairman of Ferrum was a man with everything. His company owned stakes in nearly every country, its Iron tech used by the most powerful military in history: The Iron Army. Not money or even time was a concern to him; which is why he spent billions in secret to rebuild the fallen country of Genosha. In a few years the entire country was converted into one large city, with the best and brightest inhabiting it. Experimental technology unavailable elsewhere in the world is set to purpose here and its goals are only known to the Chairman.

"As you've seen sir we've made significant progress in our bio-division's weapon program." Said the professor in charge of operations on Genosha.

"Excellent." The chairman replied as he straightened his suit. "And of the other?"

"We have not found a method of counter acting what was done to you by Mister Essex." The professor said as both men walked along the balcony that hung high above the street.

"Is it a matter of money, I have plenty to spare."

"No sir. The technology just doesn't exist here."

The chairman starred daggers at the professor. "Then I suggest you invent it."

New Latverian S.H.I.E.L.D HQ,

Doomstadt now:

Ngumi Takada stood in the lobby of Shield head quarters. Five hundred agents worked here under Adam Carter. The entire building had portraits of Doom bathed in light along the hallway leading to the elevators and hung from the mezzanine. "Can I help you miss?" Asked an old clerk at the front desk.

"Yes actually." She drew a pistol from inside the jacket she was wearing. She put two rounds in the clerk’s chest and one in his head.

"Makkari are you in position?" Ngumi called over her radio.

"Slow down the camera’s when this is over. I was here ten minutes ago."

"Excellent." Ngumi said. "Shadow team report!"

"This is Shadow. Commander Holland has intercepted and Carter and his aid. They are now conversing in the restaurant across from Von Dame financial."

"Then I—"Ngumi looked to the far side of the lobby. An elevator opened and three agents stepped out with weapons drawn. They opened fire. Ngumi slid under the receptionist’s desk. "Damn it their early!"

"I want all teams to begin operations! Burn down the house!" She hailed over her radio.

"On it lieutenant!"

The three agents fired bolts of energy from their wrist mounted lasers, turning the desk into charred rubble. They crept slowly to the remains, flame bursting from the desk. "Sloppy." Before any of them could react three shots echoed throughout the lobby.

The three agents plopped on to the floor, bleeding from their heads. Ngumi phased out of tactical cloak, pressing a button on her shirt collar. She looked back toward the entrance of the building, two dozen teams of Shield agents from the Geofront waited for orders. "Split into teams of six. Everyone pick a floor." She ordered, she pointed at a group at random and said, "You’re with me we’re going to the thirtieth floor."

"Orders ma’am?" An agent asked, the others looking at her for an answer.

Ngumi walked toward the elevator, her team following her. "If they didn’t come here with you shoot on sight."

Feeble Richard’s:

The restaurant was dimly lit by a fire pit in the middle of the room, crystal chandeliers hung on the ceiling and the wooden floor reflected the light that came in through the large glass window in front. Commander Holland took a seat at the table that was hastily prepared by the tense restaurant staff. Director Carter and his aid Elise Gottwald. "You know why they’re so nervous, Augustus? Why the previous patrons left with no questions asked."

"I’ll have my steak medium and if you could bake my potato I’d appreciate it." Holland said to the waitress. She smiled and nodded, and took his order with hast. "Because we scare these people half to death and they know we could have them very publically executed for no reason at all."

"I know it must seem harsh to you. After all you are from a different time." Carter cleared his throat as he looked over to Elise. She nodded and he looked back to, Holland. "But what Doom has allowed us to do with the authority Shield grasps has made it so New Latveria doesn’t end up like the rest of the world. We’re safe within these borders and I will snuff out any threat to these borders."

"In knew an ancestor of yours once. Sharon Carter. She and the other hundred or so agents Old Nick didn’t dose with formula used a campaign of deception and death to help Doom expand these borders. Sharon and the others were ruthless in those days. But she would have realized what you’re doing here while you call yourself a shield agent is wrong."

"I don’t need a history lesson." Carter said under his breath. He looked over to Elise again and once again she nodded. She handed him a data pad and Carter then slid the pad over to Holland. "Explain this for me. Why is Carol moving troops in these areas in Latveria and abroad? Why has she begun increasing chatter with these locations within Lord Doom’s circle of influence?"

Holland skimmed the data. "New Latveria has been hit with several network attacks in the last few days? This is my first time hearing about it."

"Elise thinks Carol is planning something. And with Carol’s involvement with the growing rebellious climate outside the country I’m inclined to believe it. What is she up to Commander Holland?"

Holland set the data pad down and placed his elbows on the table, linking his finger together in front of himself. "Adam." Holland said in a grim voice. "The orders on the data pad weren’t made by, Danvers."

"They’re yours."


City limits:

Major Laura Kinney stood watch outside the city. It took ten years and many lives to bring this day together. Around her were a group of patrol officers, they were quickly dealt with. "Reavers are you in position?" She said, pressing two fingers to her ear.

"Richter here. I'm beneath the city. Lets shake this mother up."

"This is Gate-way I have jump portals on standby."

"Brigade ma’am. That intell really helped us out. They never saw us coming."

"Good. Proceed as planned." She ordered as she got the all clear from the rest of the Reaver teams. She picked up plastic cylinder and pinched the side of it, pulling out a holographic map as she did. It was a map of New Latveria. The solid red dots on the map situated to the west were the locations under her control. Scattered all over however several flashing blue dots were were the forces of New Latveria battled the several squads of, Reavers she brought into the country.

"You did good, short stack." Kimura said smacking Laura on the shoulder. "Once those idiots in Doom’s high command figure out and clear the bases you’re boys took, Doomstadt will be a memory."

"If you touch me again, Kimura I will feed you that hand." The Major said in a cold voice. "This invasion will not be easy. Doom’s only fault is that he’s kept all his eggs in one basket. When we take Doomstadt the rest of his army will become increasingly disorganized. They will regroup and they will outnumber us."

Kimura flipped her dark hair and crossed her arms across her chest. "Wide Awake will be a success by then sweetie."

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I'd space out those paragraphs a bit but other than that great chapter

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Sorry for the ugly wall of text, fixed

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@Time_Phantom: Love the Feeble Richard's restaurant! I bet Doom doesn't ever eat there even though it's the best food ever, mainly because Doom still carries a grudge against his old nemesis! Love the story, no idea where I'm being taken but loving every minute of it! Great work

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The only reason Lord Doom allows it's existance is becuase the drink and song selections bare disparaging remarks against the enemies of Lord Doom. A town favrite is the the Grand Marquis which is a selection of apetisers detailing Doom's triumph over the Marquis of Death. (rumor has it Sue Storm wrote it in song and Namor put it to music)

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@Time_Phantom: Nice! I may create a New Latverian chain of healthy fast food outlets called Mariner's which all they serve are Subs (insert groans....) I like that Doomstadt has some character & wit about it

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@Time_Phantom: Okay going over the roller coaster that is Wide-Awake. Stryfe trying to invent a way out of his predicament with Sinister, hence Genosha...nope I'm lost and loving it :) Looking for clues