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Inside the Iron Hall,an Iron Soldier wafted some smelling salts under Natalee’s nose, and in several seconds the foul air snapped her back to reality

“WHERE IS HE?” cursed Natalee as she burst out of the webbing

“Carlton’s squad nailed him outside” replied the Soldier

“Show me!”

From his position, Kaine watched the Hunter’s as the hovered around “his” corpse like vultures around carrion. He wanted to burst out of the sewer and kill them but doing that whilst wearing ill fitting underwear proved that it really wasn’t the time. Kaine adhered to the ceiling and slowly made his way through the underground labyrinth.

** Natalee landed next to Carlton’s squad outside the Iron Hall. They were all looking pretty pleased with themselves. The mangled body of the Scarlet Spider lay on the ground.

“Take his mask off!” said Natalee sternly

“I don’t take orders from you Toomes!” sneered Carlton Judd, a cocky sarcastic smile across his face “Especially when you’re out of uniform”

Natalee crouched down and ripped the mask off the body and then rolled it over. “Does that look like Kaine Reilley?”

“I don’t know!” remarked Carlton as he turned away to get a series high fives “I just kill’em!”

Natalee shot an energy tendril from her wrist that wrapped around Carlton’s forearm and she spun him around to face her “Turn your back on me again Sergeant First Class Judd, I’ll tear your arm off! Do you get me?”

“Yes Master Sergeant Toomes!” barked Judd, snapping to attention

“If you had checked your holo updates from the other day you’d see that whoever THAT lying on the ground is, ISN’T Kaine Reilley!” She jerked Carlton’s arm forward and brought up the projection of Kaine’s face from the raid on his parents apartment “There’s a reason my squad runs rings around yours and the reason I outrank you! Fan out! I want you in the air, on the ground searching high and low for that Spider freak in a nine block radius!” Natalee saw the sewer grate slightly ajar “Belay that order!”


“He’s gone under! Pull up sewer grids we’re going down!”

**Kaine vomited again, his stomach hurting as all he was brining up was bile and stomach lining due to the rank, putrid smells of New York City. Then he heard the sounds of jets, echoing through the tunnels. Kaine broke into a run across the roof of the tunnel, trying to put some distance between him and them. He stopped at a T-junction and webbed up the left and right and then front then the back in a mass of webbing hoping to slow them down and confuse them. He took off again only to come face to face with a massive dirty portcullis. Kaine got a grip and tried to lift it, but even with his prodigious strength it wouldn’t budge. Kaine fired a blast into the metal but barely scuffed it.

“Stark me!” his spider sense began flaring ‘What now?”

An energy tendril sliced through the webbing. Natalee Toomes hovered through the hole and smiled

“Spider! This is Master Ser…” webbing smacked her in the face, filling her mouth and stopping her from radioing in help. Kaine bounced off the wall and came at her with a flying kick. She ducked under it and lashed out her other tendril catching the fleeing Kaine’s ankle

“Get off me!” yelled Kaine as he fired a double venom blast at her that got absorbed. Natalee yanked the tendril hauling Kaine towards her and then she smashed him in the gut with her fist. Kaine responded, kneeing her in the face and then grappling with her up close

“Lady you’re a Starking pain in butt!” cried Kaine

Natalee tore the webbing from her mouth “Stop touching me you filthy insect!”

“Spiders are arachnid’s idiot!” Kaine uppercut Natalee sending her flying into the portcullis. Kaine fired webbing, trussing her up to it “I so want to kill you but the odds are slightly in your favour!”

Natalee’s eyes told the story of her response, Kaine turned and ran back to the junction and webbed it up like before when he noticed an access panel above him

“Up, up and outta here!” Kaine climbed up the narrow shaft for about forty feet when it changed to a horizontal tunnel. He crawled on his belly for another thirty feet when he got to a door. Kaine turned the handle and sunlight flooded in. He squinted and clambered out

“You may need these?” said a surprisingly friendly voice

Kaine’s spider sense hadn’t gone off which kinda shocked him. Kaine’s eyes adjusted to see a man, deep tan almost red skin, black hair wearing jeans and a T-shirt holding a bundle of clothes, backpack over his shoulder.

“Ummm thanks” said Kaine

“You really stink!”

“I’ve been crawling through a sewer, what did you expect jasmine?”

“Hmmm that’d be nice” the man waved his hands and suddenly Kaine was clean and smelling like jasmine.

“What did you just do?” asked Kaine suspiciously putting on a t-shirt that read “Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters”

“Magic. Oh how rude of me, my name is Daniel Warstar” he extended his hand

“Kaine Reilley”

“I think my friend you and I are going on an adventure” Daniel smiled broadly, Kaine quizzically looked at him strangely as he pulled on a pair of oversized jeans.

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Woah! Warstar and Reilley team up? Sweet!

Awesome Job!

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I like how you're tying this all together

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Yeah, hitting New York for a par-tay! :) That's why I was thinking of a brief team up with Warstar, Scarlet Spider and Daredevil

@joshmightbe: Thanks. Slowly moving the pieces together

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Le mr guess all your 'guys' are going in a mission toegether? Nice!

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@tomdickharry1984: Yup! Stay tuned

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Bumped so I can reference it

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All wraped up togewther in Fantastic Force...don't forgt to come back to this :P

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@TheWholeDamnShow said:

Woah! Warstar and Reilley team up? Sweet!

Awesome Job!