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Continued from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-scarlet-spider-part-4/655763/

“Deep Stark” laughed Natalee as she struggled against the webbing “You’re dead you just don’t know it yet!”

“Oh shut up!” Kaine fired a venom blast into her face, knocking her out.

Right Kaine think!

The Hunter’s touched down and spread out into attack formation as the Sentinels blocked the hangar bay exit. Kaine spotted the elevator shaft and made a break for it. The Hunter’s fired various weapons at him, Kaine flipped, swung, ducked, dived, rolled and avoided the attacks as he got to the elevator door and smashed it open and dropped down the shaft. Kaine freefell down the turbolift shaft; alarms and klaxons echoed. Kaine shot a web net and bounced into it. He sprayed more webbing above him to block the shaft and perched in his web trying to work out his next move

“Well this isn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done!” he muttered “The spectacular Scarlet Spider’s debut ends with him trapped in a lift”

Kaine spotted an air duct and punched the grill in. He stuck his head into the narrow shaft

Oh well, here goes nothing thought Kaine as he shimmied into the shaft. It was a bit of a squeeze but as he slid along he spotted a side grate that showed some offices below. Kaine popped the grill and quietly jumped down

“What the Stark?’ yelped a relay operator as Kaine landed beside him in his cubicle

“Where am I?” seethed Kaine through gritted teeth, grabbing the man roughly by the collar and pinning him onto his desk

“Relay level” wheezed the man

“How do I get out?”

“Stark you, you Starking spider!” the man grabbed a pencil and tried to stab Kaine

“Scarlet Spider idiot” replied Kaine as he webbed weapon hand to the wall. He then snatched the man’s ID card from his chest before roughly knocking the man unconscious

“You better be my size” said Kaine as he quickly got undressed and put the man in his clothes and he squeezed into the man’s. Kaine caught his reflection in the monitor “Oh this is Starking perfect!” he muttered sarcastically at the ill fitting ensemble

KABOOM! The turbolift doors exploded as four Hunters came onto the level

“Fan out!” barked the leader

Kaine webbed the new Scarlet Spider to his back then shot a web into the roof “Help! Help! He’s taken me hostage!” and then shot across the room

The four Hunters trained their weapons at the duo as they swung across the room

“Sir?” asked the point man

“Just a relay jockey, acceptable casualty” said the squad leader “Open fire!”

“Bastards!” muttered Kaine as he spun to put the 'Scarlet Spider' as a shield. Lasers, electric blasts and bullets hit “him” and the pair careened out the window. Kaine shot a web behind him webbing up the window as he acrobatically tumbled down the building side. Kaine ditched the body shooting off a webline for him to swing off as he; ‘fell’ to the ground, landing in some bushes. The four Hunters burst out of the window and opened another barrage upon the dangling Scarlet Spider blasting him to pieces! Kaine watched as ‘he’ was killed. He quickly stripped off to the ill fitting boxers and slipped into a nearby sewer

“This ain’t over!” vowed Kaine as he rose up from the waist deep sewerage “Enjoy your victory”

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Love it.

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wow, excellent! I love your detail, and well, everything you post!

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Here's part 5 and links to all the other parts before it for your viewing pleasure

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