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Kaine slung and swung across the city, his eyes red and teary. His parents had turned the Iron Army on him and the Army had killed his d\ad whilst aiming at him! He was angry and confused and betrayed and furious, a cocktail of emotion and headed in no particular direction. He was also angry at the Spiders and himself since he was a spider and if hadn’t moved his dad would be alive, but he turned him in!

He spotted a tac-sphere hovering over the city and he took his frustration out on it. Kaine landed on top of it and smashed his fist into it. He then screamed as he pumped half a dozen spider stings into it. The tac-sphere exploded before it even knew what hit it. Kaine then dropped towards the ground like a stone, almost wanting to die before he fired off a web and swung lo across the night

Kaine then spotted it, the New York Iron Hall. Kaine landed atop a nearby building and ripped open his duffel bag. He dressed in his costume and stood looking at the nearest source of his pain

“You want a war you Iron bastards?” yelled Kaine “Get ready for the Scarlet Spider!”


Natalee Toomes’ Hunter armour hung in its cubby hole and she sat in a towel in the locker room as the other members of her division showered after a night on the hunt.

“Enjoying the show” said Krandel, her team mate and all round idiot, parading about with only a towel on his head

“Not really; too short” she mocked as dropped her towel and walked confidentially off to her locker “Whereas mine is one everyone’s talking about”

Ramirez and Teller gave her a round of applause as Krandel went red and covered up

“What the Stark is this?” she called from the locker room. Ramirez, Teller and Krandel joined her to see a large wooden box sitting in the middle of their locker room

“Junk from Ferrum Tech Research & Development” said Teller as he snatched the invoice off the box “Seems some egg-pencil made a suit and it didn’t fly with the brass”

“Why put it here?” asked Krandel

“We’re flying it out tomorrow to the warehouse” read Teller “Easy day tomorrow whoo hoo”

“We have a loading bay for a reason” snapped Natalee as she dressed into a simple black tracksuit and grabbed her bag “See you in a few hours”

Natalee left and headed towards the hanger to get a hover shuttle when she caught sight of what initially looked like a training exercise. A man in a blue and red costume was beating up three Iron Soldiers in the hanger bay. Then she realised it wasn’t an exercise when she spotted a clump of silver thread jamming up the klaxon alarm. She turned to run when a yellow blast hit near her head. She ducked and watched as the man, with a spider emblazoned on his chest tossed a soldier out of the hanger and to their deaths

“Ooh you’re dead you Starking Spider” said Natalee as she ran back but a silver strand shot past her and blocked of the door to the Hunter armour. She spun around to see the Spider taking out the other two soldiers and bounding his way to her

“Incoming!” she yelled as she hit the locker room, ducking the blasts

“What’s going on?” yelled Krandel

“Someone’s infiltrated the Hall and is on a rampage!” cried Natalee looking around for a weapon

“What do you want us to do?” asked Ramirez

Natalee took charge, just like she did in the field “You and Krandel guard the door. If he comes in you end him! Teller I need a holo-phone or a comms to alert the Hall”

“And you?” asked Teller

Natalee ripped the front off the box to reveal an impressive metal suit “I gotta get dressed!’


Kaine followed after the woman and saw that she was trapped in a locker room; he could deal with her in a moment. The hanger had too many entry points, if they came on mass he’d be done for but at the very least he’s go out swinging. Kaine fired a web net to protect his back and went towards the locker room and kicked the door in!

Krandel leapt at Kaine who easily dodged due to his spider sense. Ramirez swung a series of punches Kaine parried and bobbed away before blasting him in the groin with a spider sting sending him to the floor. Krandel wrapped his arms around Kaine’s legs trying to pin him

“Get off me you idiot!” yelled Kaine as he fired a blast into Krandel’s back shattering his spine and cooking his flesh

CRACK! Teller smashed a board across his face, his spider sense warned him but he wasn’t quick enough. Kaine webbed Teller’s feet to the floor then punched him right in the sternum, breaking his ribs, Teller collapsed like an imploded building

“No use hiding lady, I’ll find you” said Kaine chillingly

Kaine’s spider sense screamed as the metal suit in front of him exploded to life and wrapped him in a blue electric tendril sending voltage through his body

“I’m right here you disease!” yelled Natalee as she stormed forward and landed a punch into Kaine’s face rattling his teeth “You dare come here you spider freak! Into the Iron Hall!” She slapped him again, Kaine felt his eardrum rupture

“Its The Scarlet Spider you cow!” he roared in reply as he shot his spider sting into the tendril generator shorting it out

Natalee grabbed him by the throat and lifted him upwards, the servo-motors increasing her strength even more than the Hunter suit did and body slammed him onto his back. Kaine fired webbing into her face and scrambled out from under her and up to his feet

“You’re dead spider!’ she spat clawing the webs from her face

“Really?” said Kaine as he smashed her in face “You killed my dad!”

“I didn’t!” replied Natalee as she fired up the other tendril and tried to slash him in half, but Kaine easily leapt over it “But I sure to Stark wish I did!”

Kaine fired a spider sting into her chest but the armour absorbed and dispersed the blow and converted the bio-energy into her tendril “Oh you’re that Reilley kid aren’t you?” Kaine leapt out the way as the fight spilled back into the hanger where he was hemmed in by his own web net. “Want to know something funny? Your mom’s dead too!”

Kaine paused at the shocking statement and the energy whip cut him across the gut and knocked him into his webbing, covering him in sticky strands “I was part of the reinforcements that went to clean up your filthy spider nest. You killed four members of my division!’

“I’m gonna kill you all” growled Kaine as he struggled

“If I had a credit for every time I heard that from you spiders, muties and freaks I’d buy an island” laughed Natalee as she cracked the whip

Kaine rolled aside and burst from his webbing and fired a double burst of webbing at her, catching her in it like a fly

“Not so cocky now” he said as he stalked towards her, his hands bristling with his spider sting

“Don’t need to be” said Natalee calmly “Reinforcements just arrived”

His spider sense echoed what she said as about fourteen Hunters flew into the hanger bay with three Iron Sentinels

“Oh Stark me!” muttered Scarlet Spider

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I'm eager to see how he gets out of this, great chapter

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@joshmightbe: So am I! Gotta work how now

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Awesome chapter! Has me looking forward to the next!

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks man, hanging to see some DD action!

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@batkevin74: maybe a guest star or some good old fashioned Spider dumb luck

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@joshmightbe: Hmmmmm curiousier & curiouser, should make a guest star called Dumb Luck :)

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Mice work man!

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@tomdickharry1984 said:

Mice work man!

Mice? Ha ha ha

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@batkevin74: I give credit to Spiderman for his power and skill but over the years there have been several occasions when he came out on top based on sheer blind luck

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@joshmightbe: Very true (which at times is just plain bad writing ala Mephisto wiping out continuity)

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Nice work, it was supposed to say nice work...I don't think mice have jobs?

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this mouse begs to differ @tomdickharry1984:

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@joshmightbe@tomdickharry1984: Mickey Mouse, Biker Mice From Mars, Pinky & The Brain, Nancy Wake (go on google her) and the guy from the Matrix