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This continues on from 's http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-the-iron-age-scarlet-spider-part-two/653750/#7 Scarlet Spider since he's on hiatus from the Iron Age :(

Manhattan, New York

“You did what?” Kaine dumped his duffel bag and stood in the lounge room of his family’s Manhattan apartment glaring at his father.

“I enrolled you in the Iron Army! Teach you a bit of respect!” yelled his father, the tension in the room rising. His mother sat near the door sipping red wine

“That’s it I’m outta here!” cried Kaine heading for the door

“You stay right where you are young man!” his father grabbed his arm “We’re not finished”

Kaine’s muscles pulsed as his father’s fingers dug into his bicep “Dad...if you don’t take your hands off me I’m going to break your arm” The two locked eyes; each determined as the other and neither willing to back down

“Kaine!” his mother entered the debate “Your father is right!”

Kaine looked at his mother “When did you decide to crawl out of your glass?”


Mr Reilley’s backhand caught Kaine by surprise and knocked him onto the floor. Kaine held his face and looked up at his father who was glancing towards their million dollar view of the city

“I’m tired of your attitude and your insolence” growled Mr Reilley “The Iron Army will beat that out of you”

Kaine kipped up and fired a venom blast from his hand into the coffee table making it explode. His parents were aghast

“Yeah I got powers” said Kaine confidentially “First Reilley in nearly seventy years according to my research” Kaine did a backflip and landed in the corner of the room “How do you like me now dad?”

“Oh my god” sobbed his mom

“Take him any time” said Mr Reilley as he ran to comfort his wife

“Who are you talking to?” asked Kaine as he dropped down to the floor


Three Iron Soldiers smashed through the large window, another two burst through the living room door and another out of the kitchen

“What the Stark?” cried Kaine

“Kaine Reilley. You are to be terminated due to your allegiance to the Spiders. We shall not suffer a spider to live” barked the squad leader

“We shall not suffer a spider to live” repeated the squad as they opened fire. Kaine ducked and flipped and dodged as the rays flew around the room. He fired a web across the window catching the pair near the living room door in a silvery mass.

“You dobbed me in!” yelled Kaine as he smashed an Iron Soldier in the visor, cracking it “Your only son and you sent the Iron Army to kill me!”

“You’re wrecking our life Kaine with this Spider nonsense!” cried his mother

‘Do you think this lifestyle pays for itself?” roared his father

Kaine dodged another blast from the soldier and webbed his feet to the floor before slamming him backwards with a massive right hook “You utter starking bastard!” Kaine flipped over to his father and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and shook him “How could you?”

Kaine’s sixth sense tingled and he leapt away but the blast meant to hit him in the back caught his father square in the chest and blew a hole through it!



“We need backup!” barked the squad leader

Mrs Reilley cradled her husband, Kaine looked on shocked at the horrible act he’d been partial responsible for. His vision went red and he went ballistic! He fired a double venom blast into his father’s killer sending him back into the wall. Kaine cracked another soldier in the legs, crippling his flying units and then tossed him out the open window. Kaine grabbed another soldier as he began firing at him, grabbed the wrist and used it against the squad leader dropping him. Kaine then snapped the man’s arm and drove his fist through the visor and fired a venom blast, exploding his face! He launched the webbed up pair smashed in their visors with similar results. Kaine then focused his attention on his father’s killer who was slowly getting to his feet

“You killed my father!” Kaine’s eyes were bloodshot and streaming tears

“I-I was just following orders” he cried

Kaine wrenched open the visor to reveal the man’s face “YOU KILLED MY FATHER!” And he drove his fist through the man’s nose and forced it almost to the back of his skull. Kaine stood up, his knuckles dripped brain matter and blood, and he turned back to his mother as she rocked with her dead husband

“Mom I...”

“Get out you monster!” her words cut him deep


“This is your entire fault! Why did you have to rock the boat?!?”

Kaine grabbed his bag and dove out the window, slinging his way into the night as reinforcements arrived at the Reilley apartment

“Where is he ma’am?”

“He went out the window. Please, please help my husband”

“Sorry ma’am but under the authority of the Supreme Commander you are sentenced to death for aiding and abetting the Spider cause”

“What? Wait! I know the Chairman of Ferrum! He promised...”

“We shall not suffer a Spider to live” and he blew Mrs Reilley’s head off with his repulsor “Now tear this place apart!”

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Great continuation, I was wondering what was going to happen to this character.

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@Time_Phantom: I asked prime if it was okay to use him coz I had an idea and viola! May have to cross all 5 guys I'm writing together (Magni, Distain, Warstar, Corporal America & now Scarlet Spider...wow 5!)

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@batkevin74: you could form a team, like the defenders or something

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@joshmightbe: Or a band :)

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@batkevin74: Distain and Magni would just argue over who was the front man

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@batkevin74: Speaking of groups My group in Ares just had a bit of a creepy character shift if your interest part 9 is up

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This is cool Mann nice wokr

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@tomdickharry1984: Thanks