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Matanzas, Cuba

Kiki Schmidt ran through the house like she was possessed. Her slightly older sister Ky, two minutes older, grabbed her as she ran past.



Ky scoffed “Pfft” and she headed back to her room. Kiki grabbed her and spun her back around.

“{Trouble! We need mommy!}” she said in Japanese, eyes full of tears. Ky looked at her sister; she didn’t speak Japanese unless she was serious.

“Get the box Aunty Gumi left us” ordered Ky as she ran to the kitchen “I’ll call mommy!”

Kiki flew into the games room and dove under the air hockey table. She threw the rug out of the way and punched in some numbers into the time lock. The lock beeped and a sealed section of the floor slid open. Kiki grabbed the katana and the pulse rifle and ran back to the kitchen. Ky paced back and forth with the holo-phone, trying to rein her hysteria in.

“Where are you mommy?” she breathed into the phone

Iquique, United Argentine Peninsular

Jessica Mongoose turned the final dial on the massive vault, it clicked into position and the door swung open. She’d spent the better part of four hours cracking the safe’s code to get inside to see Silver Sable sitting on the podium holding what she’d been sent for; The Staff of One.

“Silver Sable!” she hissed

“Jessica Mongoose”

“Just like Constantinople,” said Jessica as she unhooked her chain from her waist and gave it a spin “But in reverse”

Leann smiled “Obsess much? Love to stay and chat” She cut a hole in the air with her dark energy fist “But you’re a total bitch!” Jessica lashed out with the chain, catching Sable around the wrist and jerked the staff from her grip. The staff clattered to the floor, landing halfway between the two warrior women.

“Do we have too?” huffed Silver Sable as she formed energy blades around both her fists,shaking off the chain. “I am so tired of kicking your sorry ass!”

“Leann, I’m going to insert that staff in you!” stated Jessica, flicking out her razor blades on her fingers.

“We’re not in the Wild Pack anymore Jess” said Sable with a wry smile on her face.

“You’re just making me regret not ending Taichou when I had the chance,” Jessica flung the chain, grazing Leann across the chin “Won’t be making the same mistake with you!” Silver Sable charged at Jessica and the two women traded blows, kicks and insults. Each time one got the upper hand the other countered; it was part dance, part death match, part whirlwind.

Bdeep blip

Leann glanced down at her belt at the small flashing disc; Jessica took the small opening and smashed her in the face sending her to the floor. Jessica swung the chain quickly around Sable’s neck and pulled tight.

“Any last words?” asked Jessica, tightening her grip. Leann’s hands fumbled and clambered as the air was squeezed out of her, her energy blades faltering as she could keep focus on them. Her hand hit the disc on her belt.

“Where are you mommy?” Ky’s words echoed through the vault. Jessica cocked her quizzically as Leann frantically tried to escape, she was panicked. Jessica threw her to the ground.

“…m-my girls!” wheezed Silver Sable, blood seeping through her teeth “…someone’s…a-after…”

“Do you seriously expect me to fall for that?” asked Jessica as drew her antique.500 Linebaugh handgun “That’s how Enright got her head blown off during that Thanos fiasco!”

Matanzas, Cuba


Scalphunter kicked in the door to the Schmitt house, sending it flying off its hinges. He skipped in. Five metal bars shot out from the wall, almost impaling him but he limbo’d and contorted out of the way.

“Oooo you got one of them D-Room security systems,” he said as he drew a pistol and pumped five shots into the ceiling “It’s good, but its downfall is it’s linked to the sprinkler system.” The bars retreated as the ceiling sparked from the bullets, water spraying from the roof “Stops average thieves, but not the head of the European Assassination Division. So did either of you little starks get a hold of your mom?”

Kiki and Ky huddled together in the kitchen. Ky held the holo-phone tightly, her other hand gripping the sword Aunty Gumi left for them. Kiki trembled as she held onto the SHIELD issue pulse rifle. Both were terrified but instinctively all the drills and games their mother and their Aunt had played with them made sense. Ky had opened the fridge and Kiki had flipped the table to make a well protected fort. The sprinklers continued to pour down on them.

“Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah!” sang Scalphunter as he entered the kitchen. Kiki fired a shot from the pulse rifle catching him square in the chest and slamming him into the cupboards with a bang. “Holy stark balls!” Scalphunter sat up and felt the large burnt indent in his chest “That’s not nice!”

“Mommy where are you?” cried Ky into the holo-phone as she scrolled down to Aunty Gumi in the phone list “Please mommy,…”

Iquique, United Argentine Peninsular

“…he’s in the house!”

“That’s Scalphunter” said Jessica Mongoose as her finger hovered over the trigger of her gun 'What the stark?"

“…k-keep the staff!” gasped Silver Sable as she wobbled to her feet “I d-don’t care!”

Jessica holstered her gun and grabbed Leann by the shoulders “Go!” Silver Sable went to speak but Jessica placed a gentle finger on her lips “We’ll finish this later”

“Thank you” she whispered and tore a black slash in the sky and stepped through.

“I am the biggest starking idiot on planet!” moaned Jessica as she picked up the staff “Still not a total loss” Jessica looked at the fading black tear hanging in mid-air “Oh I’m going to regret this!” And she leapt through after her.

To be finalised

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Cool, I think we need to do a flashback series about this Wildpack, seems like there's a lot of history to explore there

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@joshmightbe: Yeah I floated the idea to and he liked the idea, so maybe an eight part Wild Pack story coming soon, depending on availability of all :)

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Looking good, can't wait for the next part. The fight between Sable and Jessica them was great like siblings going at it. Scalphunter was wonderfully despicable.

Now one to read the other stuff I've missed.

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@Time_Phantom: Yeah there's something there between them two. I think this Constantinople job (I've referenced twice) was the first time they'd seen each other in a while after their time in the Wild Pack (hopefully there was a Domino and a Crippler on the team). Also there's a new chapter of Distain, possibly two, as I am finishing up a new chapter tonight, and my finale on Hawkeye if you get a chance. Enjoy...oh and there's some other stuff, non-Iron Age out there too...if you really want too :)

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@batkevin74: Wow Silver Sable and Scalphunter. This is like a gold mine. Hey @tommythehitman you'd like this albeit only because Stark is a swear-word in this dimension/time/Deadpool's Film Script

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@batkevin74: Wow Silver Sable and Scalphunter. This is like a gold mine. Hey @tommythehitman you'd like this albeit only because Stark is a swear-word in this dimension/time/Deadpool's Film Script

That might work, hey @tommythehitman interested in a cross-universe crossover @sski!ck-athon? Sharpshot vs Scalphunter

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Ah... awesome...