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Continues from:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-the-thanos-sanction-aftermath/691892/

Matanzas, Cuba

Scalphunter stood on the beach, flanked by the ten Sinister’s clones. The moonlight danced across the waves as a cool breeze swayed the palm trees.

“Huddle up starkers!” barked Scalphunter, wrapping his arms over the nearest two “I’ve had you charming kids for a month now. Training you, moulding you, making you into instruments of death. Tonight we’ll see if you’ve got what it takes. Okay everyone, hands in”

The group placed their hands on each other, Scalphunter going on top “Let’s go kill us a sable!” Scalphunter stopped and looked around “It feels like I’ve been waiting here for two months, like déjà vu…do you clones get déjà vu? Do you speak French? Parlez-vous français? You ten need to lighten up, I know your ‘dad’ is Mr Sinister but seriously, sheesh! It’s not like you were raised in a tube or…sorry my bad, must be the effects of the nano-doo-dahs coff coff oh my stark look at that strange and amazing thing that will take away the awkward” Scalphunter pointed up into the evening sky, all ten followed his finger. Scalphunter glared at them and then clapped his hands.

“Hey! Starks for brains! You can’t be THAT stupid, can you? That is like the oldest trick in the book ‘Hey look over there!’” Scalphunter pointed again and they began to turn when he slapped the nearest clone “Idiots! Starking monkeys! I swear Cut-Throat is smarter than you and he’s a starking idiot! If you ten are seriously retarded then little Miss Silverpants is going to kill all of you, not me, just you ten! Why? Because you’re starking stupid that’s why? Why didn’t I pick up on the fact you were morons, probably coz I was training you all how to fight and you all…followed…orders…to…the…, oh starking awesome!” Scalphunter did an actual backflip “Right, abort this; let’s go kill your dad!”

“Parameter one states we shall never harm our creator!” said Weapon X, his voice full of zealot love for Mr Sinister

“Oh that’s starking horsestark!” whined Scalphunter “I created you! I starking named you! I taught you to fight; to parry; to disembowel; I taught you how to garrotte, that’s gotta be worth something!”

“You are our trainer; that is all!” stated the stunning red head he’d named Wilma.

“The longer we bicker, the more our position is exposed” added Curly, so named because he had no hair and a large oval skull.

“Tactically sound, socially crippled” whimpered Scalphunter wiping imaginary tears from his eyes “They could’a been contenders!”

“Orders?” asked Skunk

“You know what, work it out yourselves!” said Scalphunter as he dropped onto the sand and folded his arms like a petulant child “This isn’t fun anymore!”

“You’re not leading us?” said Norman

“Seriously you need to work stuff out on your own and this is a trial by fire,” said Scalphunter as he began making a sandcastle “My guess is out of you ten, three come back alive and do you want to know why? COZ YOU STARKING STARKED ME OFF! Now get!”

The ten clones looked at each other and then down on the grown man making sandcastles using his katanas to flatten the foundation. He drew a pistol and began pushing it around like a truck, noises included. “Let’s go!” growled Patches, his naked torso a mess of scars holding him together “We don’t need him”

“Let’s go!” mimicked Scalphunter “Put a shirt on!” The ten split into two teams of five and each approached the beach house in a flanking manoeuvre. Scalphunter watched, waited til they were in position and pulled out a broken holo-phone and made a call.

“Hello? Schmitt house?”

“Oh hello sweetheart!” laughed Scalphunter to the little girl on the other end “Is your mommy home?”

“Mommy said never talk to strangers”

“Your mommy’s very smart!”

“Why can’t I see you?”

“I broke my holophone. Is your mommy home?”


“Can you get in touch with her? Because there’s some bad men about to break into your house and they EAT little girls. Are you a little girl?”


“Then I suggest you call your mom!” Scalphunter hung up and threw the phone towards the water “This is gonna be good! Momma bear coming home to protect her cubs and the idiot squad ripping through the house next door” He stood up and dusted himself off and headed up to the next house where the lights had just gone on, two small silhouettes running frantically around.

To be continued…


Who are theThe Ten? Well there's Norman, Norma, Skunk, Clank, Patches, Slashy, Curly, Wilma, Uggo and Weapon X. built from Nicholas Rogers aka Corporal America's DNA and other stuff, trained by Scalphunter and loyal to Mr Sinister aka Dr Essex. ore on them soon.

* * * IRON MONTH is upon us! * * *

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This is looking to be an interesting fight good job

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@joshmightbe: Have an idea to run past and we're away! :)

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@batkevin74: An idea you say? Oh you most run it by me I love those... idea creatures.

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@Time_Phantom: Will PM you what is rattlin about my brain

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casual bump to join part 1

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@batkevin74: Clones? My god this is crazy. Crazy fun that is...

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@batkevin74: Clones? My god this is crazy. Crazy fun that is...

Ha ha yeah clones are always fun, and cost effective

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@batkevin74: Mechanised Combat Troops are cheaper but I guess a computer is only as smart as it's programing unless you invest in heuristic programing but then it's no cheaper then cloning. The motto to this story. Clones Cheap, Mechs Cheaper but you get what you pay for.

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@impurestcheese: They're a little skiddish about A.I. in this world which limits the usefulness of robots.

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@impurestcheese: Basically Ultron murdered around a billion people and it caused a world wide prejudice toward androids and AI.

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@joshmightbe: Ah robots and their homicidal ways. Makes me nostalgic...

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I freaking loved this!