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(This follows on from the end of http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/marvel-iron-age-war-machine/654752/#13 so read that first then read this, go on)

Ngumi gazed at the moon for ages, pondering what Danvers had just said to her. She came back to reality when her portable radar picked up an incoming patrol flying near her location. She stepped into the shadows and watched as the quartet of Iron Soldiers flew across the sky, highlighted by the moon. She wiped the general’s blood off her sword and crumpled the bloodied handkerchief into her pocket.

She headed back to the transport that was hiding behind a billboard advertising “I Want You To Join The Iron Army”. Ngumi paused, it was quiet...too quiet. Something was off. The sword was in her hand and she took a defensive stance, scanning for the trouble. The night was still. She waited patiently for about half an hour in the one spot. It was only then she was sure it was just her being too cautious. She sheathed the sword and opened the door to the transport via her remote key. The door opened

“About Starking time!”

Ngumi had the sword out in half a heartbeat. Standing casually in the doorway for her transport was Scalphunter, the head of the Iron Army’s European Assassination Division

“There is absolutely nothing to do in there” he said as he pulled a long nosed revolver from his side holster and scratched his temple with it “Where have you been young lady? It’s waaay past curfew”

Ngumi stepped forward and sliced at him, but he easily leapt aside and onto the ground

“Nice sword” he complimented “It’s gonna look great in my hands”

“After you take it from my cold, dead ones” she replied as she thrust at his gut

Scalphunter spun out of the way and down the length of the blade and cracked her on the forehead with the butt of the revolver “Pretty much why I’m here china doll”

Ngumi shook her head in anger; the blow wasn’t hard but annoying and got her blood up. She swung wildly at his head which he easily parried upwards and the thumped her in the ribs with his fist, cracking a rib

“Y’see some bastard Darius Stane, do you know him?” asked Scalphunter as he back flipped away from her strikes “Yes? No? Whatever! Anyhoo he stole mine! And being a sword owner yourself you can imagine how much it’d suck when someone steals it, so to save you what I’m going through, I’m going to kill you”

“What kind of idiot loses a sword?” sniggered Ngumi as she halted her attack to calm herself, she was rushing and that was what he wanted

“Oooooo you’ve done it now sushi face” snapped Scalphunter as he opened fire at Agent Takada, the gunfire ripping through the quiet night. Ngumi leapt away, a bullet grazed thigh. She crouched low to the ground watching her opponent.

“Where did you get the sword from?” asked Scalphunter as he put the pistol away and drew out a small butterfly knife and spun it in his hands “Looks early seventeenth century by my guess”

“You are correct” She stood up taking another defensive stance, watching him carefully for only a fool or an expert brings a dagger to a sword fight

“Of course I’m correct panda lover” he walked confidently towards her “I’m the king baby”

“Let me adjust your crown” She brought the sword down trying to split him in half. Scalphunter simple stepped six inches to the left and the sword crashed down into his right collarbone, shattering it and lodging in his body

“That’s sharp!” he roared as he clamped his right hand over her hands on the hilt of her sword and flicked the knife up across the back of her right palm, splitting it open like a ripe fruit. Ngumi cried out and let go of her sword. Scalphunter pulled it out of his body and spun it

“Nice weight, good balance, terrible colour though” he critiqued

She swore at his him in Japanese

“Sorry sweetheart I only speaks American, English, Australian and French. But my guess is that it wasn’t that you want get married and settle down huh” he chuckled

Ngumi leapt forward and chopped Scalphunter across the throat and then raked her fingers down his face. Scalphunter replied with a head butt

“Ouch! That’s Krav Maga!” scolded Scalphunter “Asian’s can’t learn Jewish martial arts! It’s like a white guy rapping or a black guy playing golf...UNHEARD OF!”

Ngumi threw a kick which Scalphunter countered with his own kick “That’s better!” he laughed “Bit of the hockey-choppy-socky”. Ngumi threw a series of strikes but he simple sidestepped out the way then whacked her on the head with the flat of the blade

“You lack discipline!” he put on a voice as he fake chastised her “You too slow!”

Ngumi screamed in frustration as she leapt into the air and knee’d Scalphunter in the face, sending him to the floor “SHUT! UP!” she screamed

“Oh it’s on now chopstick” as he embedded the sword into the billboard “You want the sword. Come and get it!”

Ngumi pressed her attack and the two traded blows from nearly every style of martial arts. Ngumi was getting tired as she noticed his wound had almost healed completely, she had to end this one way or the other and somehow shut him up

“...and that’s why I own a gibbon as opposed to a chimpanzee. I also have a family of lemurs that I dress up as waiters when I have guests”

Ngumi grabbed Scalphunter’s wrist and hyper-extended his arm as she thrust her palm up and bent his elbow in the complete opposite direction with a loud snap!

“Maybe you should have taught them medicine” she joked with no emotion

“MOTHER!” screamed Scalphunter as he backhanded her “That’s not right” He flicked his arm back into the normal position “That is gonna sting for a week”

Ngumi went for a leg sweep but Scalphunter leapt up and then came down on her, driving both knees into her back “Ground floor!” Ngumi gasped as all the air in her lungs shot out and she was winded. Scalphunter grabbed her left hand and bent it up behind her “All out, all change!” He stabbed the knife through her palm and pinned it to her back, she screamed in agony

“Y’know the only problem with killing an Asian person is?” asked Scalphunter as he pulled another knife his belt and hacked off her little finger “Is that half an hour later you want kill another one!”

Ngumi screamed and bucked him off. Scalphunter calmly walked over and removed the sword from the billboard “Time to die Ngumi Takada”

Ngumi knelt in defeat, twisted like a pretzel and accepting of her fate, almost eagerly. It was time to kiss the face of her god. Scalphunter raised the sword

<Go softly upon the wings of angels> he said in perfect Japanese

<Never!> Ngumi gasped and put her right hand up to protect herself, the blade slicing through it like butter taking off her little and second finger <I will not go softly> Ngumi rolled into a standing position and pulled her hand off the knife on her back doing serious damage

“Look who’s back” cried Scalphunter “Tell he what she’s won Johnny”

Ngumi ran to the edge of the building, blood leaking from her hands like horrific stigmata

“Looks like she’s won death from great height Gerald” Scalphunter ran after her swinging the sword like he was hacking his way through the jungle “Nice prize” Ngumi stopped, reefed the knife from her back and jammed it into the soft flesh under his chin.

“Yooo blitch!” he mumbled through a mouthful of blood as he rammed her sword into her stomach and out her back. Ngumi slid off the sword and fell, tumbling to the ground and landing in a dumpster with a loud crash. Scalphunter pulled the knife out and dripped blood down onto her

“That’s all we got time for Gerald, see you next week” he waved the sword at the prone body four stories below before walking off.

Ngumi’s eyes fluttered, everything hurt meaning she was not dead

“Damn” she whispered

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Scalphunter is an A$$hole and I loved the uncle sam poster

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@joshmightbe: You don't get to become head of the European Assassination Division or anywhere in the Iron Army/Ferrum without being an a$$h0le I think! Scalphunter is lot's of fun to write

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@batkevin74: I like that he's an a$$hole and seems to really enjoy being an a$$hole

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@joshmightbe: Well you gotta love what you do and Scalphunter aka Gerald loves what he does with a passion! May PM you an idea about him going after Hardy & Creed or even Ares since he's here in the US causing chaos

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@batkevin74: I'd love to see this guy cross over with either, though what I'm planning with Thomas might be a bit too much for him to handle, but at some point I'll have to show Thomas losing control of M and Scalphunter may be a good catalysis for it

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@joshmightbe: Look Scalphunter has been napalmed in the face, shot in the mouth with chlorine and stabbed in the throat and still come back for more! I think he can handle one little psychic with a talking migraine :) Sure let's tee it up and if Scalphunter can be of "assistance" then let's do it!

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WOW! Scalphunter kicks a$$! She lost how many fingers, three? Great fight, waiting on a rematch

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@tomdickharry1984: Ngumi lost one finger off her left hand and two off her right, got stabbed through the gut, broken ribs, stabbed in the back, slashed open on the back of her right palm and fell about 50-60ft into a garbage bin! And she's alive...broken but alive much to her disgust. Scalphunter on the other hand who heals like a certain Canadian mutant got a broken elbow, stabbed in the collarbone and a knife in the throat! Pretty fair amount of punishment to each I feel

Thanks for reading anyways

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Bumped due to doing Lady Deathstrike...have you read that yet? Well go on!