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Maryland Institute, Annapolis

Ed Gold and a young lab tech named Bill Smith wait outside an elevator. Bill is looking over a cart he'd brought with him to make sure everything Dr. Essex had requested was there, "What's on T floor? I've never seen it on any order forms or building schematics." Ed looks over to him,"No one but Essex knows for sure, he'll make us wear neural inhibitors in there and will more than likely do short term memory wipe on our way back. I know I've been down there 4 times but I couldn't tell you what I saw if I wanted to."

The door opened with Essex standing inside as Smith and Gold rolled the cart in. Essex entered a code into a wall pad and the elevator went down for what seemed like an hour in silence. When the doors opened Smith and Gold were surprised to see a massive mostly empty room. In the center there was a large humanoid creature shackled at the hands and feet. His mouth was muzzled and he was surrounded by 4 large plasma cannons aimed at him and set to fire if any of the shackles are opened. He glared at Essex with rage filled eyes as he pulled the cart over and lifted a large empty syringe tipped with an adamantium needle.

Sinister ordered Gold to activate a machine as he loaded the syringe into it and had Smith switch on the monitoring equipment. The machine inserted the needle into his arm having a little trouble breaking the skin. Sinister then turned on a pump that pulled a few quarts of blood out. He then ordered Smith to grab a stool and do a routine check to ensure the shackles and power inhibitor were working properly. When the young lab tech reached for the inhibitor the creature smashed his head into the young man's forehead killing him instantly to Ed's horror.

Sinister waved Ed on to finish the check as he spoke,"I know being held captive by a lowly Earthling like me must enrage you but lets be civil here." Sinister's hand hung above a button. Ed nervously finished his work as Sinister tossed the body of the young lab tech in a chute leading to an incinerator and beckoned Gold to follow him. The 2 entered the elevator as Ed looked back fearfully. As the doors closed Ed had a blank expression then looked to Sinister," Don't you usually bring 2 techs with you to T floor? " Sinister grinned ,"You do such a good job around here, I figured you could handle it on your own."

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Bumped cause it will tie in to the Doom Story arc

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@tomdickharry1984: It'll make sense within the next 3 chapters

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And bumped!