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2033 Manhattan, New York City

Sinister shakes his head while watching the Iron soldiers finish off Spiderman on live television. Afterwards a soldier approaches Sinister and hands him a blood soaked bit of uniform, "Big enough sample for you Doc?"

Sinister nods, "You realize you just made him a martyr? If your boss was smart he would have done this quietly."

The soldier stared at him blankly causing Sinister to shrug as he tossed the bloody rag into a container and slipped away.


Present day Mojave desert

Sinister's assistant stands outside the cave odd lights and sounds emanate from inside, the Doctor's chant in the unknown language had grown louder and unnerving.

Inside Sinister still knelt in the ancient symbol as blood red flames sprung up around him giving off a sound that could only be described as demonic screaming. Spectral forms began swirling around the cave being absorbed into the flame as Essex continued undisturbed.

Doomstadt, New Latveria

A doctor attempts to make Perun lie down, "You've been through massive trauma sir, you need time to heal."

Perun smiled, "I am healed, I just needed a rest, you forget I am a god."

Ares had been called when Perun had awoke. Ares had Perun's weapon in hand, he looked to the doctor, "I'm sure if you check him, you'll find he's well healed."

Perun sighed and allowed the doctor to inspect him as Ares explained what was happening.


Castle Doom Throne room

Carol sits bored on the throne as Ares and Perun enter the two gods then informed her that they were going to stop the Hulk. Something inside her longed to join them. She cursed Doom under her breath for branding her with the title of Queen. They gathered several Shield agents including Fry and Molly Creed and headed off to intercept the Hulk.


People flee in terror as the out of control Hulk charges through crushing everything in his path. The Shield transport landed several yards away from him and Ares leapt out Ax in hand.

The war god shouts, "Banner, I command you to halt."

As the agents exit Molly turns to Fry, "He shouldn't have said that."

Hulk stops and glares at Ares for a moment before roaring, "No Banner."

He then charged as the Agents raised their weapons and opened fire. Hulk wasn't even slowed down as he closed the distance between them. Perun and Ares stood side by side as the charged toward Hulk.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Nice tie into Death of Spider-Man. Love how Sinister just chucks it in box and goes about his day. And now HULK SMASH! I think Ares & Perun are going to get their asses kicked by not Banner, which I'm intrigued to see WHO it is whether its new or linked to the past. Good job

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@batkevin74: I'll explain the No Banner line better in the next chapter

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@joshmightbe: Cool, I do like Carol getting frustrated by the shackles of power :)

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