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(Continued from the previous chapter: Mockingbird the Avenger - Part 6)
Launch Bay, Ferrum Facility, England

Once Will Mercer (who is now calling himself Ion) recovers from the shock of seeing Iron Armor stylized to look like Thor he tries to do the heroic thing. Ion flies straight towards the massive armor but is smacked aside into some crates as if he were an insect.

Mockingbird tries to take in the whole bay at once and decide on the best course of action. The tanks are being loaded on to the VTOL craft which is powering up ready to take off. Thunder seems to be the only thing between us and stopping the craft from escaping through the roof of the launch bay.

"Knight check on Ion and try to keep that craft from launching. Nagual you try to distract Thunder, Mace you're our muscle do you think you can take him?"

"I will try."

Mace responds as Nagual leaps into action running up to Thunder and trying to slash at him with his claws. The claws seem to have no effect on the metal of the suit he moves only just fast enough to avoid being grabbed by Thunder. Ion has recovered quickly and Black Knight is dragging him towards the VTOL craft which is almost ready to take-off.

"You won't hurt any of my friends!"

Mace says as he charges at Thunder in his golden form. Connecting with Thunder they smash into some more crates, which splinter under their assault. But powerful electrical blasts knock Mace away from the cyborg called Thunder. Thunder's armor was dented by Mace's fists but the metal seems to repair itself right before their eyes.

"Try some energy daggers on for size."

Mockingbird has activated her energy shield on her wrist and fired energy daggers at Thunders eyes trying to blind him while Mace recovers. While Thunder recovers Nagual swoops in slashing at him again but gets with the electricity arcing over him he has a hard time getting close enough.

Black Knight leaps on to the loading ramp of the air-craft just in time, it has taken off before the cargo was even secure. Ion manages to follow by flying after them. The technicians loading up the craft run for the cockpit as the Knight pulls himself up. Looking around the bay Arthur can tell that these armors are modeled after classic Avengers like Thunder. There's one that resembles Captain America, another looks like the mutant Quicksilver and still another could be Giant-Man. But he's got other things to worry about so Arthur pulls out his Ebony Blade to try to force his way into the cockpit. Meanwhile Ion has caught up and is checking out some kind of armor that could be the Hulk if it were painted green.



Jr. Tech: "Sir, Thunder has engaged a group of five super-humans. Two of which were prisoners of the Facility in England where the prototypes were being fitted with their cybernetics."

Sr. Tech: "Route the footage here and have it sent to the Chairman as well. He will want to see what Thunder is capable of."

They begin watching the fight from the beginning happy to see that Thunder had no trouble tracking and hitting the one charged with ionic energy. Then comes the so-called Gold Hulk who seems as impervious to Thunder's fists as he was to scanning. The electrical blast seems to knock him back though it causes no damage. The read-outs of Thunder's systems show that the regeneration systems are working perfectly.

Sr. Tech: "They held the Gold Hulk within a static gravity field, have Thunder activate his magnetic lock to immobilize the Gold Hulk. He will have no problem with the remaining two."

Jr. Tech: "Yes sir."

The junior technician sends the commands to Thunder and notices something strange.

Jr. Tech: "Sir? Behemoth and Scarlet have activated as well."

Sr. Tech: "What the hell?! How?"

Jr. Tech: "I don't know sir."


Ferrum Facility, England

Thunder isn't bothered by Nagual's and Mockingbird's attacks. Mockingbird tries more energy daggers, photonic sword, Makluan sword disintegration beam and a few other things in her arsenal. Thunder seems focused on Mace and hits the golden synthezoid with his hammer-like fists. Getting close enough to him Thunder releases a magnetic field trapping the gold creature in a sphere of force, immobile. Thunder then turns to the cat-man and female fighter.

"Uh....crap. You got anything?"

Mockingbird looks to Nagual. Nagual just shrugs and leaps into action sliding under Thunder and leaping on his back. With her photonic sword Mockingbird tries to slash at Thunder's chest while slipping under his swinging arms.

Meanwhile Mace struggles against the magnetic bubble but is held immobile by the fundamental force. His golden form has protected him for these many years, living in Australia despite the radiation but now it is a hindrance. To escape the bubble he needs to revert to his humanoid form which allows him to drop from the magnetic bubble.

Two of the tanks within the air-craft have opened releasing the prototype weapons to face Black Knight and Ion. One is obviously a female form beneath the armor which is painted dark crimson. She advances on Arthur wielding the Ebony Blade attempting to get into the cockpit. While the largest of the armors, patterned after the Hulk, begins to advance on Ion.

"Um....Black Knight....what do I do?" Ion asks.

"I'll go out on a limb and say try punching it."

Arthur responds as he slashes at the scarlet woman though she just waves her hand and his sword is deflected. Ion swings at the Hulk-bot but his fist is caught quite easily in the massive hand and Will starts to feel his energy being drained like the cell he was recently held in.



Jr. Tech: "I don't know how sir but Behemoth and Scarlet activated by themselves and are fighting the heroes."

Sr. Tech: "Zoom in on the heroes within the air-craft....that one seems to be wielding an ebony blade, the other is powered by ionic energy. It seems the personalities within our prototypes are not as submerged as we believed. We could use that to our advantage. Let the prototypes attack however they wish, this is interesting."

The junior technician doesn't really understand what his superior is talking about but follows orders and sees something else interesting back on Thunder's screens.

Jr. Tech: "Sir. The Gold Hulk.....he has transformed into a human form. Scanning now."

The scanners reveal much that was unknown so long as the 'Gold Hulk' stayed in his impenetrable gold form.

Jr. Tech: "It seems he is a semi-organic synthezoid with an dermal mimicry layer reminiscent of the Thinker's Awesome Android."

Sr. Tech: "What is that on the scanners? There is an incredibly dense object integrated into its interior. That's....an adamantine mace. That is Hercules' mace. No wonder there was nothing we could do to damage it's golden form, it was made up of the metal of the Gods."

The junior technician still doesn't fully understand. He's heard of adamantium but not adamantine. The senior technician takes over the computer connecting them to Thunder.

Sr. Tech: "I want that mace Thunder. You will retrieve it."


Ferrum Facility, England

The living components of Thunder react. That Mace is his and he will have it back. Though intended for diagnostic purposes only Thunder's face plate retracts revealing a rugged bearded man.

"Have at thee!"

Thunder ignores Nagual and Mockingbird again facing Mace. Thunder's eyes are bloodshot and unsympathetic as he tackles the synthezoid before he can turn back to adamantine form and with one punch buries his hand into the android's abdomen. Mace's eyes begin to tear up, he has been invulnerable for so long he has forgotten that he once knew what pain felt like.

"Oh my God!" Mockingbird exclaims.

"We must help Mace." Nagual says.

"No....I mean that is a God. That is Hercules, the Greek God within Thunder's armor. They've turned the greatest hero ever into a weapon for Ferrum."

Mockingbird is shocked, and the longer the sensation has to sink in the angrier she gets. She glances up at the distancing air-craft. If Hercules is trapped in the Thunder form who was in the other prototypes?

Nagual doesn't really understand what she is talking about. Thunder is currently looking at the golden mace he extracted from their synthezoid friend so Nagual quickly pulls Mace to a safe spot. Though he is made of mostly synthetic materials Mace is likely not to survive such extensive damage. Thunder holds up the adamantine mace then his cybernetics take over again. Thunder points the mace at Mockingbird and fires electricity through it.

The prototype called Behemoth is soaking up ionic energy from the new hero called Ion. Though Ion himself is starting to think this will be the shortest heroic career ever. Arthur the Black Knight is having trouble getting his blade past Scarlet's defenses as well. It could all be lost then he has a thought.

"Ion. Switch partners."

The Black Knight slips past Scarlet and slices into Behemoth's hand holding Ion. It doesn't pass all the way through like he expected but it does cause the massive cyborg to release Ion who repays the favor by smashing Scarlet into the read bulkhead despite her telekinetic shield. The whole air-craft shakes under the assault.



Jr. Tech: "Sir, the air-craft is in trouble. Prototype Scarlet and Behemoth are destabilizing it's flight."

Sr. Tech: "It is just like those two to attack when they should be defending. Order them to get those two to disengage combat protocols and get those two off the air-craft."

Jr. Tech: "Sir I thought you said you wanted to see what they could do while unleashed."

Sr. Tech: "But not at the expense of the other prototypes! With Thunder keeping the others busy he need them to protect the cargo."

The junior technician just nods and changes the prototypes orders.


Ferrum Facility, England

Mockingbird barely gets her photonic shield up in time as the electrical blast comes in. It seems stronger now that it is focused through the golden mace....which was somehow within Mace. Yeah Henry Pym probably thought he was pretty clever creating a synthezoid with mimicking abilities and giving building an indestructible metal into him. Of course now that indestructible mace is in the hands of a blood-thirsty cyborg Hercules that is taking orders from Ferrum.

She dodges behind crates barely avoiding the electrical blasts. With enough of a run she is able to scale launch bay's walls and leap up and over Thunder. When Thunder turns she scratches across his vulnerable face since his face plate is still up. She draws blood but it doesn't slow an Olympian down. He swings his mace at her but she manages to drop below it and slide away.

In the corner Mace is dying, Nagual wishes to help Mockingbird deal with the cybernetic God but Mace reaches out to him touching the cat-man's arm. Mace's arm drops to the ground seemingly lifeless so Nagual leaves his newest friend intending to take out his anger on the creature that did this to him. As Nagual leaves the synthezoid though short coarse fur begins to grow all over Mace's body and slowly his damaged components begin to repair themselves.

Aboard the air-craft the two active prototypes change tactics as their new orders come in. They are no longer supposed to fight these 'Avengers' so they begin pushing both Black Knight and Ion back towards the loading ramp which is still lowered. The wind is whipping through Arthur's hair as he can feel nothing but space behind him. A strong telekinetic push from Scarlet sends both him and Ion into the air. Ion manages to hover for an instant but Arthur falls.

"Hey kid....little help?!"

Arthur yells up to the 18 year old with ionic powers. Will was ready to pursue the air-craft but decides he should probably save the guy that helped get him out of the Ferrum Facility in the first place. He flies down snatching Black Knight from the air and takes them back to the Facility through the still opened roof of the launch bay.

Back in the launch bay both Nagual and Mockingbird are engaging in strike and retreat tactics against Thunder. While one has his attention the other attacks from behind, when Thunder switches targets the heroes trade tactics. Ion drops Arthur next to Mace who is slowly recovering and still covered with fur.

"Mace, what happened?"

Arthur asks as Ion attempts to attack Thunder again. But like before Thunder is able to smack Ion from the air, specially now that he has reacquired his adamantine mace.

"Damaged.....Adamantine source removed....acquired feline regeneration to cope....will be operational in.....fifty six minutes."

"No offense buddy but I don't think we have that long."

Thunder is getting fed up with these tactics and he has taken to the air. He is hovering higher and higher until he is actually above the facility. He is swinging his mace in faster and faster circles generating greater and greater amounts of electricity. The electricity is striking everywhere in the launch bay getting closer and closer to the heroes.

"Mockingbird we need to get out of here now. We can't take that thing." Arthur yells to her.

"That's not a thing. That's an Avenger....it used to be an Avenger. That's Hercules in there."

She points at the armor stylized like Thor. Probably one last insult to both Thor and Hercules by encasing one in the shell of another.

"Well regardless I'm getting us out of here."

Arthur pulls his pendant out and begins to the chanting of the spell that would take them to safety by way of Avalon. Of course there is a reason they didn't use the pendant to try to get into the facility. They have shielding that even interferes with magic. But Arthur figures that any place would be better than here.

As the magic amps up Mockingbird and Nagual make their way to Black Knight and Mace dodging lightning bolts the entire way. Ion is still trying to get close to Thunder but is having a hard time what with the lightning knocking him out of the sky again and again.

"Ion, unless you want to end up Las Vegas' new power source we're leaving!"

Mockingbird calls to her new ally.

"Hey BK didn't you say that teleporting in a combat situation is dangerous? And that they have technology that interferes with your magic?"

Arthur just nods as he finishes the spell and light envelops them all including Ion who joined them just in time. Seeing that his opponents have disappeared Thunder stops his assault and descends back to the launch bay to await further orders from Ferrum.



Jr. Tech: "Well that seems to be a successful test run sir. No damage, the other prototypes are en route, and Thunder acquired an adamantium mace."

Sr. Tech: "It isn't adamantium, it's adamantine. The indestructible metal of the Gods which adamantium is named after. I think our Thunder has got it's own personal Mjolnir. Now tell me how the hell did Sersi and Williams activate themselves on that transport?!"

The junior technician glances at the readouts of Scarlet and Behemoth and has no explanation. This will need some analysis to come up with an answer the senior technician will accept.
(The end of this arc. But where have Mockingbird and her team gone? Find out in the next arc.)

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I loved this arc and can hardly wait for the next one. Great job

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Ho! Lee! $#!+! That is amazing! Round of applause, I read it twice! I love who's stuck in Thunder and also the other two, wondering who is in the other cyborgs. Love the discussion between the Snr & Jnr technicians about adamantium & adamantine. Where have they teleported to? GREAT WORK!

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@batkevin74: Yeah I knew I wanted to use people like Wonder Man and Hercules against the heroes but had to decide whether Simon was gonna be in Thunder or Herc. I figure it made more sense to have the God inside Thunder not only as an insult to Thor but to insult Herc as well. And the only 'immortal' with connections to the Avengers that could approximate Scarlet Witch's powers in a cyborg sense would be Sersi. As for the reason why. Those two activated Sersi had a relationship with a previous Black Knight and Ion is kinda the new Wonder Man so they still have memories but Ferrum is using those memories to control them. It's no coincidence that these certain 'immortals' are known for acting impulsively. As for where they're off to next I do have another arc partially planned out but it might have to wait. I've got some more Spider-Man stories planned out, might tell a story of how each of the prototypes were captured and turned plus I've got my own team of mutants figured out to premiere soon. So basically lots more stories to come from me.

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@PrinceIMC: Hercules! Hercules! Hercules! That was cool, extremley cool!

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@batkevin74: I'm actually planning a crossover after my first Exiles arc and my second Mockingbird arc. But what that will entail.......seeeecret.
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@batkevin74: Though I kinda think of my Avengers as Secret Avengers, not exactly Earth's Mightiest Heroes. You've kinda got an Iron Man, Thor and Captain America on the way. Mine are just a Mockingbird, Black Knight, Tigra (kinda), Wonder Man (kinda) and uh....I guess Mace is kinda like Vision. Maybe we can work together and do some Avengers though.
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@joshmightbe: Well Distain is always up for a killing :)