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Annapolis 5 years ago

Sinister had ordered the entire staff removed for the day and had all his active Creeds brought out into the courtyard. Lash stood over a Creed writhing in pain on the ground. Sinister stepped up with his thumb jammed down on a button sending horrendous pain throughout the Creed's body via the control chip in his chest. He looked down, "Number 7, on your knees."

He looked over to the mass of Creeds gathered round, "Your brother here decided he would go off on his own despite orders to the contrary. It falls on me to remind you, you are not people. You do not make decisions, you do as you're told."

He then nodded to Lash as he dropped out a tendril and gave it a charge, "Lets say 100."

Lash seemed almost gleeful as Sinister sat off to the side counting off the strikes as number 7 clenched his teeth to keep from screaming. After it was over Sinister allowed him to fall, "You going to be a good little dog from now on?"

7 nodded as he curled into a ball on the ground, "That's what I thought."

At the time 7 couldn't understand the feeling he had or even what he had done to bring this on himself. All he knew is that he wanted to kill his tormentor, it was the first thing he had ever truly wanted for himself. He glared at Lash as he walked by and rage began to fill his mind.

Jonesboro, Arkansas present

7 sits across a fire from David as David reads from a data pad, "So you're absolutely positive the suit isn't going to like try to eat my brain?"

7 rolled his eyes, "I never should have given you those files."

David pointed at the pad, "Seriously, these guys Venom and Carnage were scary as hell cause of these things."

7 sighed, "For the last time, your suit is for all intents and purposes brain dead. Relax and eat your damn dinner."

David looked back down, "Are you sure..."

7 reached over and yanked the data pad out of his hand and started to say something but was interrupted by the roar of an engine. The two jumped to their feet as 7 sniffed the air, he then snarled out a word, "Lash."

He then slid on his gauntlets and grabbed his bag. David looked at him curiously as he slid ring like devices on his arms and legs, "What the hell are those?"

7 glared and David backed up, "Right, later."


Lash stopped his bike by the smoldering fire and checked his scanner, he knew they were near by. As he looked around black tendrils shot down from the trees and wrapped him up. He shot out one of his own and sent massive current through and David screamed from the tree tops and nearly fell but his suit managed to latch on to a branch. As Lash worked his way free 7 came up from behind and ran a shoulder into his lower back.

Lash fell forward and 7 fired a repulser blast, he dodged and turned to punch 7 hard in the face sending the Creed back a few feet. He then slung a tendril out which 7 caught then used to swing him around into a tree. Lash looked over to the rings around 7's biceps, "Muscle enhancers?"

7 nodded as he formed a hard light blade with his projector. Lash hopped to his feet, "Just makes it more fun."

7 charged and swung his blade, Lash dodged but managed to catch a passing gash across the cheek. Lash then swung his right tendril which 7 ducked but Lash followed through with a knife that he plunged into the Creed's knee cap. He then drove an elbow into 7's face that sent him to his knees.

7 then fired a powerful repulser blast into Lash's gut launching him into the air for a second. As he came down 7 delivered a left hook to his face sending him crashing to the ground. Lash then wrapped a tendril around 7's ankle and hauling him off his feet. He then leapt on him and began ferociously punching him in the face and chest until he spat blood. 7 then let out a roar and slashed Lash's chest open with his claws. He then head butted him in the face and threw him off.

David finally made his way down from the tree and went to join but 7 ordered him back, "He's mine."

David nodded seeing signs of the old killer in 7, "Just let me know if you need a hand."

He then backed away as Lash began to chuckle, "Glad to see something lit a fire in you. I was growing tired of the hit and run crap."

7 glared at him, he knew he hated him but couldn't even remember why exactly. Yes he'd tried to kill him on several occasions but it ran deeper. 7 thought to himself perhaps it was from before he was freed, the control chip had a way of keeping memory fuzzy, possibly an intended side effect from Sinister to keep his dogs from learning too much. He had feared Lash in the past because he had been trained to but he'd gotten over it, now he just wanted him dead more than anything.


Shreveport, Louisiana

Sargent Jones stood outside the Iron Army Annex and made a call to General Helfitta, " He seems to be tracking down a Creed who's traveling with a Spider, some kind of vendetta I guess."

Helfitta chuckled, "You may just get yourself a promotion, we've been tracking that Creed for months. May as well let them find each other and give whoever wins a free ride to an execution chamber."

Jones stifled a chuckle at that, "I'll be on my way now, Sir. I'll report back as soon as I make some progress.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe said:

"So you're absolutely positive the suit isn't going to like try to eat my brain?"

Well no, no he's not! All symbiotes should come with a disclaimer :)

@joshmightbe said:

Helfitta chuckled, "You may just get yourself a promotion, we've been tracking that Creed for months. May as well let them find each other and give whoever wins a free ride to an execution chamber."

Tell'em what he's won Johnny? Oh...that's a $#!+ prize...well we are playing Wheel of Death :)

Good chapter

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@batkevin74: Well the game is going to get even worse for them next chapter

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