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Shreveport, Louisiana Iron Army Annex

Two soldiers on guard duty wander around the small armory and communication depot. The sound of an engine roars as one notices a motorcycle approaching fast, he readies his repulsers but a tendril stabs into him when he came close enough to fire on. The other guard flew in quickly but met the same fate. Lash then pulled the bike up to the building and stepped to the door.

He then kicked the door off the hinges and stepped in. A technician was walking out of the monitor room to grab a cup of coffee when Lash caught him by the leg and dragged him to him, "A Creed and a Spider were here a little over a week ago, correct?"

The man nodded, "Yes, sir. They had an android with them as well."

Lash lowered another tendril to the man's face, "And where were they headed when they left?"

The man gulped, "I'm not sure."

Lash shook his head," Bad news for you."

The man fought back panic," Wait, I can help you find out."

The tendril stopped less than a centimeter from his eye, "Go on."

As Lash dropped him to the floor he fumbled out,"The Creed uses Hunter gauntlets with vibranium power cores along with hard light projectors, they both produce a unique low level radiation and I can rig up a scanner to track the combination."

Lash nodded, "Well get to work then, and if you call for help I'll tear your heart out."


The Technician came up after about a half hour and presented Lash with the tracking device that was beeping softly, "Follow the indicator and it will keep you on the trail."

Lash snatched the device from his hand, "If this doesn't work or leads me into a trap I'm going to kill you."

The man nodded as Lash walked away. He instantly called his superiors as he watched Lash ride off following the tracker.


The Vault

Sargent Jones arrived in a personalized suit of tracking armor, he looked around at the visibly upset officers barking orders at the grunt soldiers rebuilding the outer walls. A corporal marched up, "I-Dent now."

Jones pointed to the stripes on his arm, "Watch your tone soldier."

The corporal instantly changed his posture and gave a salute, "Apologies, Sir, we've been a bit on edge around here."

Jones nodded, "I can understand that. I'm looking for one of the people responsible for the break out, one of Zemo's crew. He went out using the rush of prisoners as a cover while the rest went another way. The big boys want to know why."

The corporal nodded and called his Captain over. Captain Ted March came over, "Long time, no see Jones. How's the wife?"

Jones chuckled, "Just fine, Her new husband is a Ferrum exec."

March shook his head, "I hadn't heard."

Jones nodded as the Captain continued, "Well anyway, don't know how much help I can be here but you have full access."

Jones looked over, "Just need the main gate and a screen shot from the monitors."


Jones stood by the exit with a screen shot on his data pad and synced it to his tracking equipment as he matched a foot print with Lash's size and visible path from the footage. Once his calibrations were done he thanked the Captain and flew off.


A few hours later Jones arrived and found evidence that some kind of temporary construction had been here. There were track marks made by a generator and Lash's tracks lead him over to tire marks from an old fashioned motorcycle.

(To be connnnned)

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@joshmightbe said:

"Long time, no see Jones. How's the wife?"

Jones chuckled, "Just fine, Her new husband is a Ferrum exec."

Now that's one household I want to see!

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Just read! Can 7 and Lash duke it out already? Oh and I just posted!

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@Time_Phantom: It will be within the next 2 chapters

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