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Annapolis 2185

Sinister looks on a tank that an excited assistant brought him to, "Ah, the Russian's DNA finally bore fruit. Get him to OR 15 for upgrades.

1 month later

A young assistant stands ready for a test to begin, "Lash...Sorry, Omega 74 has been preforming exceptionally and I still believe the electricity is a perfectly fine compensation for his lack of the death spores."

Sinister grinned,"Lash? I like it, reminds me of the old days when all my minions had silly nicknames. How are his mental faculties progressing?"

The assistant looked at his pad, "Quite well, he's no genius but he's slightly above average, as for his telepathic resistance he sent five Greys into aneurysm when they tried a full power scan, so I'd assume he can withstand any level of attack and TK has virtually no effect on him."

Sinister nodded, "All good news, I'll be running him through his paces next week see how he deals with combat."

1 week later

A battalion of Iron soldiers stood outside a camp of mutants who'd been sighted a few weeks ago, one of the soldiers looked back to the large man with chalky white skin that was unloaded from the transport, "So what's the story with ghost face over there?"

His buddy shrugged, "Heard he's some kind of science project, he's having a test run today."

The first soldier looked on," Where are his weapons."

The second shook his head, "Essex probably gave him eye lasers or something, he loves that crazy stuff."

They were cut off by their C.O., "Enough talk, orders say we're on clean up if son of pale face over there screws up, be on your guard."

He then gave a nod to the lab tech Essex had sent with them, he looked to Lash, "Show these tin goons how worthless they are."

He grinned then shot a tendril into a tree before hauling himself up and disappearing. The C.O. approached the lab tech, "What's he up to Fisk?"

He chuckled,"Just sit back and watch."

In the camp two men sat watch telling each other jokes to stay awake one suddenly stopped speaking and was yanked away by an unseen force. The other jumped up to raise the alert but a tendril slammed through his head. Lash then stepped out and calmly walked down the path to the campsite.

Several people were just waking up as he entered, he looked around then threw out a tendril from each hand like a pair of bull whips and charged them with electricity. The first man who saw this fired an energy beam from his mouth that Lash easily dodged but the resulting noise woke up the entire camp. Dozens of mutants flooded out of tents.

On the hill over looking the camp the Iron soldiers looked down in awe of a slaughter even they were unprepared for. Lash cut through men, women and children as if he were harvesting wheat, no remorse or mercy. The C.O. looked over to Fisk, "Remind me to never piss off Essex."

Fisk nodded, "Seems like a wise decision."


The Vault, present

The cell doors all ripped themselves free of their hinges as Absorbing man sat merged with the roof, he then forced all the outer doors open as Shift made his way to the control room to deactivate all the restraint collars. Lash tossed a small device to Arson, "This will take the transport back to Zemo and keep the Iron starks off your trail."

Arson looked confused, "So where are you going?"

He grinned, "Got some personal business to attend to, the boss knows how to find me if he needs to. So watch your asses and try not to get killed while I'm away."

he then dropped down into the chaotic rush out of the prison, taking a second to chuckle at the panicked guards as the prisoners overwhelmed them with ease. He then slipped away from the crowd unnoticed and took off headed east to kill a Creed.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Oh something tells me he's gunning for Hardy & Creed! Good stuff!

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@batkevin74: He can hold a grudge for a long time, Also the Lab tech is Desmond Fisk, figured him being one of Sinister's protege's would be a good way to tell people he knows how to play dirty on a higher level than maybe even Stryfe isn't totally prepared for.

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