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Author's Note: Hello everyone you might have noticed the Iron Age starting back up again. If you don't remember/care or don't know was a world inspired by the idea of the world being taken over by the Supreme Commander using Iron man tech.

The archive detailing almost every Iron age story here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-iron-age-archive-669748/

This chapter continues from here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/marvel-iron-age-lady-deathstrike-16-746037/

Oh and if you're interested some original writing: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/3148864/1/Un-Humanities

As always thank you for reading and if it so compels you leave a review in the comments.

Marvel Iron Age: Lady Deathstrike vol. 2

Chapter 1

Castle Doom,

Queen Danvers’ study:

Nine months ago, New Latveria was attacked by a rouge division of the Iron Army called Project Wide-Awake that took the Latverian military by surprise and with the help of the Iron Army repulsed the invaders. Months later New Latveria was attacked again by Thanos. The country is recovering from those near apocalyptic events slowly. The damage from both events almost completely repaired. Those that would profit from the post-war disarray, certainly have. But in the nation’s capital of Doomstadt there are more dangerous things stalking them.

“I don’t like it.” Said a woman speaking to the queen of New Latveria as she clutched a data pad and followed the queen inside her private study. “You have her spending her nights stalking, maiming and killing civilians. What are we the Iron Army being led by the Supreme Comander?”

Carol Danvers glared at the woman, “Dr. Janis Snow these reports on Major Takada are to keep me up to date on her mental health. I don’t care that you don’t like it. While I would have preferred her to use non-lethal tactics two hundred years ago when the world wasn’t taken over by a mad man the times have changed!” Carol scolded. Carol observed her surroundings. The study had books on magic, science and a few were even about Victor Von Doom himself. She hated it. The former Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D Director just knew the making of her as queen was just a sick joke made by Doom. “Crime is down by half in the capitol since the Thanos invasion and that inspires the rest of the country. The DMZ is under control and for the first time in nine months people feel safe.”

Janis Snow bent her knee and lowered her head. “I did not mean to offend my queen. But isn’t it dangerous to enable her psychosis like this? You know she enjoys what she’s doing? Killing? It also it concerns me that she has taken to using the moniker Deathstrike. It might be the sign of a psychological break from reality. ”

“I used to put on a mask and call myself Ms. Marvel.” Carol scoffed. Queen Danvers turned her back on the psychologist, mostly to hide her frustration at the formal display of obedience Snow was showing. She hated being bowed to. “After two hundred years of war you would be surprised by what you’d find comfort in.”



The night had been good to her. She tracked a would be smuggler on his way to a perspective buyer, her to be exact. The man who had set up the deal was more than happy to allow her to go in his stead. After all he wouldn’t be benefiting from this deal with his head missing from his shoulders. “This is it?” She asked looking at the smuggler.

He was a small man with greasy skin that took to wearing dirty suits. On his left and were two other men. “You haven’t even seen the truck. We’ve got guns, drugs and hey if you’re interested we also deal in the flesh. You know war refugees.”

She was disgusted. Even after two hundred years there were still people like this man. The world had changed so much and really had not all at the same time. “I’m surprised you came by yourself. Who are you anyway?” The man asked.

She looked at the men and saw they were armed. Two trucks were parked close by and they were surrounded by several buildings still in disrepair. No civilian inhabitance. It was perfect. “It won’t matter in five seconds.”

The man and his guards raised their weapons to show hostile intent. The woman only said, “You’ll be dead.”

The man laughed, “You’re a little out gunned to be making threats. You came here—“

The woman robotically interrupted, “Three… two…” The woman exploded and covered the group in white light. Their ears rang from the explosion. Gun fired ripped through the night. Pained screams and cries for help were quickly silenced.

The man stirred lowly. His vision was returning to him. His head hurt and the ground beneath him was wet were it hadn’t been before. He looked around, the motionless bodies of his guards lay around him and then he looked up. Across from where the deal had been taking place a single woman wielding what looked like a high-powered rifle waving at him from the roof of the building he was across from. He stumbled to his feet and ran for it.

“Amazing what you can do with a few hard-light projectors.” A muffled, but clearly female voice said patronizingly. The man had gotten ahead a step for he was swept from his feet by something he couldn’t see. He landed chin first on the concrete.

“Where are you?” The man screamed as he rolled over to realize he was in fact now missing a foot. In front of him the lights from the street lights bent and contorted to reveal the form of a woman. The woman from the roof. She was dressed in all black and wore a mask that covered her face. She wielded a sword and held it to the man’s face.

The man’s voice trembled as he tried to plead with his attacker. “Obviously you are very skilled. That was a cloak right? Then you’ve got your hands on some military tech. We can help each other!”

The woman responded by driving the length of her blade between the man’s eyes. She responded coldly, “You’ve already helped.”

That Morning,

Ngumi Takada’s apartment:

“Auntie!” Kylie and Kikone squealed as the two silver haired girls awaited the scrambled eggs, Ngumi insisted on making from scratch.

Ngumi walked into the dining room with two plates of scrambled eggs. “They’re done. I promise they’re better than those instant breakfast meals that you apply water to and microwave.”

“But it’s faster that way!” Kikone whined.

Ngumi smiled and set the plates in front of the girls. “Better this way.” Ngumi said. It has been nine months since Jessica Mongoose gave Kylie and Kikone to Ngumi after their mother Silver Sable was murdered by Scalphunter. Things had gotten better since arriving in New Latveria. The girls don’t waking up screaming half as much and with Janis Snow’s counseling they are beginning to cope much better. Ngumi however was having a harder time. Carol had let her use her nights to stalk the streets to satisfy her dark urges on Doomstadt’s criminal element. That was fine. But she really wanted to take an extended trip to Gotland in the United Kingdom of Scandinavia and cut through every member of the European Assassination Division until Scalphunter himself appeared at the end of her blade.

“Wow these really are good!” Kylie said out loud. Ngumi smiled and walked into the kitchen. Those things could wait. Scalphunter could wait. She had two girls to raise now and if her continued survival was any indication they were the reason she was still alive.

To be continued

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Great job, and I like that Carol is pretty much sanctioning a Punisher type vigilante. I also like the spot of domestic life at the end.

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@time_phantom: “I used to put on a mask and call myself Ms. Marvel.” Carol scoffed. Queen Danvers turned her back on the psychologist, mostly to hide her frustration at the formal display of obedience Snow was showing. She hated being bowed to. “After two hundred years of war you would be surprised by what you’d find comfort in.”

Love it! Times change

Welcome back Ngumi. Scalphunter is looking forward to a rematch :)

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@batkevin74: Yes they do and The queen doesn't take the questioning of this particular thing very well.

@joshmightbe: Yeah she is.

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Carol seems to have a soft spot for Ngumi, wonder how much blood it'll take to change her mind

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@time_phantom: How would you feel about a Deathstrike/ Hardy and Creed crossover. If you're in to it I'll PM you what I have in mind.

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Very nice! :)